The question

It took nearly three months but I was finally asked ‘the question’ by my boss at work today. Actually it was six questions and some random comments about my collar, but it did include the most classic of questions:

Does he snap a leash on it and take you for a walk?”

I’ve mentioned before that asking people you don’t really know really personal questions is the norm in Japan and once again my cultural observations were proven correct.

It all started innocently enough as we were walking to the carpark:

“That thing around your neck…does it come off?

I’m not sure whether it was the long Easter break that gave him too much time to think up questions or what it was, but once the floodgates were opened, they all just came gushing out:

“How do you take it off?”

“Did M give it to you?”

“Where do you buy one?”

“Don’t you want to take it off?”

All culminating in the double whammy of:

“It looks like a collar. Does he snap a leash on it and take you for a walk? Walkies?!?”

I turned a deep crimson and did the Japanese girlie laugh (which amused him even more), explained that it was an eternity necklace that could be taken off, but I didn’t want to take it off and that no, M doesn’t snap a leash on it and take me for walks.

“Why didn’t you just tell him it is a collar and that I do snap on leashes and take you for walks???”

Master demanded to know why I hadn’t set my boss straight in our evening phone call when I told him what had happened.

Now, I’m not stupid enough that I would out blatantly tell my boss about my lifestyle choice. I’ve read all the stories buzzing in the newspapers about how many people have been fired from their jobs for having funky status lines on their facebook or for bad-mouthing their workplace or employer in their blog. I even read poor luna’s story about how she lost her job by having a co-worker, who she thought was a friend, see her looking at some kinky stuff at work.

I mean, you just never know how a person is going to react to that sort of information and there’s nothing worse than telling someone (who you think you can trust) only to have them poke fun at you every time you see them, or worse fire you/have you fired.

That is why in the “Occupation” line on forms I don’t write “Sex slave” and also why I tell people I did, “Nothing” last night instead of saying, “Well, I tied myself up, stuck a dildo up my ass, put gonzo on my clit, put on a ball-gag, used the prisoner shackles, attached clover clamps to my nipples and had a deep guttural orgasm…. How about you?”

I’d been waiting for the day that ‘the question’ would be asked and I supposed a part of me was surprised that it took this long. Now I’m wondering whether there will be any follow-up questions. Time will tell I guess.


6 thoughts on “The question

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  1. I get a lot of questions where I work about my collar. (Stripper.) Occasionally outside of work. My replies tend to be:

    “It’s got a magnet in it for my back pain.”
    “I like heavy steel jewelry.”
    “It’s my shock collar. M has the remote.” (Bonus points if Master is standing there and they give him a funny look!)
    “I squeeze it on over my head.” (If asked how i get it on/off)
    “He put it on me. He chains me to a wall and doesn’t feed me. Please send help!” (Only if Master is standing there. Cheesy grin must be added for effect.)
    “It’s a tracking device.”
    “I’m a bondage slave.” (Must be said like it’s outlandish. Fool them with the truth.)

    1. Lololololol.

      I’ve actually thought about using the magnet one. I mean, it kind of sounds plausible!

      I love the “I squeeze it on over my head” 🙂

  2. Getting fired sucked. Yeah well it was still my fault for bypassing the firewall and looking at that stuff at work in the first place. It was hard, but in the long run I am happier now as a stay at home. Bliss in the making!

  3. The thing I dread most is that one day Master will ORDER me to tell the truth at work. I think that for all his warnings that he is going to go public, Master is really very careful to make sure that we don’t go places where either of us will meet our respective workplace colleagues.
    But fear of being ordered to tell my work boss what this elegant piece of jewelry really means is a huge weapon Master has. Because I know that if it comes to it, I have only ONE Boss. And he does not work at my office.

    1. “I have only one boss and he doesn’t work at my office”

      Truer words have never been spoken.

      The thought has crossed my mind that one day Master might order me to spill the beans to someone. It’s another one of the weapons he’s got hiding up his sleeve.

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