Going AWOL

For the next week Master and I will be relaxing in the sunshine and hopefully I'll be snorkelling with one of these:                 That's a whale shark and luckily it eats plankton and smaller fishies and not people, 'cause damn that's big. See you when we get back!


I’m blog-arthic

You know, lethargic about blogging...i.e. I've got fuck all to say and absolutely no energy to do it. So of course, like all good bloggers, I write a blog about it...about the fact that I've got nothing to write about and can't be bothered writing anything 🙂 I spent the entire weekend cleaning and gardening.... Continue Reading →

What’s the best thing about blogging?

The entertainment people give me. Seriously, I nearly pee myself sometimes with the things people say. Like yesterday, I opened up my inbox and there was the question to end all questions: "hi. i have a question.  do masochists enjoy getting periods?" /facepalm Now, I'm sorry if that was your question dear reader, but I really... Continue Reading →

What’s hard about slavery?

This question might seem like a bit of a no-brainer because a lot of people think being a slave is cushy- my domly one included. In fact, I've lost count of the times he has said to me,  'But all you have to do is be obedient! How hard is that??' Well, here's a bit of a... Continue Reading →

7 things about me

Just in case you haven't had enough useless trivia about me, Lexi tagged me, so I've got to share another seven nuggets for your reading pleasure. 1. I used to be a member of the Star Trek fan club and I've even attended a convention (where I saw Worf sans klingon skullcap). I also have... Continue Reading →

I’m a spoilt girl

Look what is coming in the mail for me! Squeeeeeee! Apparently after my abortive attempt to put on some thigh-high ballet boots being sold in a local adult shop on the weekend (two sizes two small and ridiculously over-priced) Master decided that he really *needed* some ballet boots in his collection, so onto ebay he hopped and soon they... Continue Reading →


I feel a bit funny after posting that video. Kind of naked and exposed in a slightly discerning way. It's a little bit similar to the feeling I get every so often when my collar suddenly feels like it has shrunk an inch over night (either that or my neck has gone the way of the... Continue Reading →

Gratuitous porn

Thanks to the 'overwhelming' one response to my question (thanks DL's fucktoy!) it appears that in 2009 there is only one way to post free porn to a blog. And that's by having a blogger account!!???!! WTF??? Fortunately, I've had one of those for a couple of years, but I'm wondering whether a butt plug... Continue Reading →

A question

Anyone know where I can post some videos and embed them in this blog for free? WordPress doesn't allow videos on 'adult content' nor does flickr. I've already been banned from photobucket. Pornotube is not co-operating with uploads. Any ideas?

Humiliation=$12.95, Mind-fuck=Priceless

In this our third installment of, "kitten-is-shitting-herself-over-public-masturbation", I thought I'd touch on the conversation I had with Master yesterday. It's a shame most of it was done on msn at 'work' where I can't keep a log of the conversation. After chatting for a while with him about my hang-ups and fears, I remember coming... Continue Reading →

Dildo on a stick

I have a question for the men-folk...does seeing a woman cum, even if you're not the 'instrument' responsible for the act, turn you on? The reason I have to ask this is because I've noticed a certain pattern in 'bdsm' porn and that is, tie the girl up and make her cum. I can understand... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Wall

I came home from work this afternoon and had a think about what I should do. Should I stack the dishwasher? Do some laundry? Peruse blogs? Have a cup of tea and watch some tv? Or should I just do what I normally do when I've got the house to myself and I'm feeling antsy...watch porn... Continue Reading →

Booty call? U r doin it rong

I paid Master a visit at 1:49am this morning. I heard him stir and thought it would be a nice surprise for him to have a booty call from his slavegirl. Of course, booty calls in our household involve me in boots, calling in on Master. All those people who think a booty call involves... Continue Reading →

Two things

I was reading a newspaper blog the other day where the writer introduced the "Two Things" theory. Basically it works on the premise that for any subject, there are really only two things that you need to know to sum it up. For example: Pornography: 1. Cable guy, oral, oral, doggy, ass, facial. Next scene,... Continue Reading →

The gag reflex

I keep finding things in my muesli. Last week it was a green wormy-thing and this week it's a wad of hair (and not mine!) I might add that this is from two completely different bags!  Is somebody, somewhere trying to tell me something? Although the green wormy-thing (totally alive and found after I'd already eaten... Continue Reading →

All things good and proper

I have a question: Does flipping Master the bird make me a 'bad' slave? I see a lot of things written about 'brattiness' and what is 'proper' for a slave to do. I also see 'tone' and 'attitude' being mentioned a lot in relation to being suitably submissive. Every time I read something like that I wonder whether it... Continue Reading →

Saturday night lick-a-thon

After several showers and baths, I think I've finally managed to wash off the tongue juice of several 'friends' who accosted me at the play party we attended. Next party I attend, I swear I'm going in a muumuu. Note to self: Never, ever, ever tell people what *you* don't like. I also now know why... Continue Reading →

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