All things good and proper

I have a question:

Does flipping Master the bird make me a ‘bad’ slave?

I see a lot of things written about ‘brattiness’ and what is ‘proper’ for a slave to do. I also see ‘tone’ and ‘attitude’ being mentioned a lot in relation to being suitably submissive. Every time I read something like that I wonder whether it really makes a difference. I mean, isn’t a domly one supposed to be secure enough in his dominance not to need to worry about stuff like that?

Master and I were having a little chat yesterday and I brought up this particular topic and his feelings surprised me. Some part of me thought that he would be ‘above’ genuflecting and that he wouldn’t care one way or another, because I was under the impression that as long as I did what I was told, I was a ‘good slave’. But his opinion was decidedly different – apparently I should ‘know my place’ and show him the respect that he is ‘entitled to’.

I don’t really flip him the bird or call him an asshole and although I don’t generally call him “Master” to his face, I’m aware of my place (at his feet) and I do show him respect. I do, however, sometimes feel the need to make some snappy comebacks when I’m feeling playful or when I need to vent my displeasure at doing something.

My favourites are:

“Do I look like your slave or something?”

“Next time, could you ask for something that takes longer to make?”

“What is it with all this ordering around and shit you do?”

Does that make me a bad slave? Does what I say matter, when what I do is right? And on the flip-side, if everything on the surface is ‘correct’, but everything within is ‘wrong’, am I still a good slave?

I’m very aware of how language is used to represent status and relationships and can navigate my way through the seemingly endless levels of honorific, humble and polite language that Japanese requires. (Oh and I can’t resist mentioning here that the -san on Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji) is not the same as the honorific –san that you put on people’s names. San is another reading of the kanji for ‘mountain’. I hate it when people go, ‘Oh, how cute, they put a –san on Mt. Fuji!) /rant

But if there are two things I’ve learned about being a slave, they would have to be these:

1. A collar does not a slave make

2. The outside is rarely a reflection of within

So I think I’d rather be correct on the inside and FAIL on the outside than the other way around. If I know and accept my place and have internalized that I am a slave, is that not enough?

Ideally, I know I’d be all demure and submissive, not making eye contact and saying nothing but, ‘Yes, Master’ or ‘More please Master’, but I need a little more interaction in my life.

I’m a slave, not dumb and dumber.


5 thoughts on “All things good and proper

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  1. It sounds to me as if you are asking for trouble when you say things like thatt. And I mean it literally. Maybe it is your way of asking to be put in your place or even to risk punishment.
    At least, that’s why I used to do it. And I stopped because Master made it very plain that I wasn’t just “risking” punishment by being cheeky, I was assuring myself of it.
    I think your remark about a collar not making a slave is very perceptive. On iots own it doesn’t. But a collar is a necessary condition for being a slave even if it isn’t a sufficient one. And Meekness to My Master has been very thoroughly drilled in to me by now. It’s all part of the abandonment of self which makes life so much easier than when I was “free.”

    1. No, I don’t think I particularly am acting out to get punished. It’s more of a remanent from my free days when I believed that you should do your own shit yourself. I just can’t help emphasing that calling me in from a separate room just so I can pass the remote control that is sitting one foot away from you is a bit…well…do it yourself kind of stuff.

      Maybe I need some more meekness drilled into me 😉

  2. sweetie as l said l don’t object to you commenting or expressing a view, what l object to is the tone that you use.

    I don’t object to being told l was a moron for putting a mars bar in your cunt and leaving it there till it melted, or any other myrid of things you have corrected me about.

    But the tone should always be respectful, lashing of sweetie pumpkin included even though l know thats code for stupid Master


  3. I guess I figure punishing brattiness is part of the fun as long as you don’t go over the top with it.

  4. yeah it is *do it yourself* kinda stuff, but im thinking its more on the lines of *just because he can*.

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