The gag reflex

I keep finding things in my muesli. Last week it was a green wormy-thing and this week it’s a wad of hair (and not mine!) I might add that this is from two completely different bags!  Is somebody, somewhere trying to tell me something?

Although the green wormy-thing (totally alive and found after I’d already eaten half the bowl of muesli) made me want to gag, I’ve got another type of gag on the brain.

I’ve spoken before about my love of spider gags. I’m also a big fan of a plain old ‘o’ ring gag, but there is just a certain je ne sais quoi about those meaningless bits of metal on a spider gag. The whole package is just damn hot.

(And as I’m writing this and getting all juicy at the thought of spider gags, I’m making a mental note to myself not to write these juice-inducing blogs at work – although I guess the privacy screen under my desk would hide my hand if it all got too much for me…or there’s always the toilet ala Secretary.)

I’ve been thinking for quite a while about buying a head-harness gag. There is one you can buy that has a detachable gag allowing you to interchange the ball-gag with an ‘o’ ring gag or another delightful gag. Every time I think about it, the realities of gag wearing while suffering from TMJ hit me across the face and the idea goes on the back-burner again…for a while…until I start lusting after a gag again and the cycle continues. I think this has been going on for at least six months now in my brain.

I’m thinking I’d like to wear the head harness gag to a party and I’m thinking I’d like to look unattractive in it. Because, let’s face it, a head-harness doesn’t make you look good, but damn is it hot.

I’m not normally a big fan of the humiliation game. Licking boots or grovelling around on the floor doesn’t get me all hot and juicy. I’ve never been turned on by mortification or embarrassment in any way shape or form. But at the moment, I can’t get the head harness gag out of my mind.


Wearing the head harness.

On my knees.

On a leash.

With a small patch of drool forming at the creases of my mouth.

And the skin pulled tight across my cheeks from the gag in my mouth.

And my eyes, pulled wide with the gag in my mouth.

*hunts in her handbag for the keys to the office toilet*


2 thoughts on “The gag reflex

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  1. another case of fantasy against reality of your lock jaw

    maybe though the idea of stiletto ballet boots is do able even if prolonged gag play isnt


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