I feel a bit funny after posting that video. Kind of naked and exposed in a slightly discerning way. It’s a little bit similar to the feeling I get every so often when my collar suddenly feels like it has shrunk an inch over night (either that or my neck has gone the way of the Michelin man) and it just doesn’t sit right.

I mean I wasn’t peeing myself, having giant boogers dangling out of my nose or wearing menstrual blood (have I mentioned that he likes to stick his finger ‘in there’ and then wipe *whatever comes out* all over my thighs during TToTM?) so there wasn’t anything really ‘bad’ about showing it to the people of the internets, but I dunno, I just feel a bit ‘funny’.

But speaking of being naked, a couple of weekends ago I was invited to celebrate the first-year anniversary of  a neighbourly kinky couple by going to a day spa with the subbly-half of the relationship. When the day culminated in a bubble bath in a candle-lit spa room I was a little bit hazy as to why I was there instead of her domly-half, but what preceded that was actually hilarious.

We were told to strip off and lay on our backs, as the package was starting with a facial and sixty-minute full-body massage. So, being that we had been to numerous play parties together and I’ve seen her getting fisted and she’s seen me every-which-way of naked, we had no qualms about what was required.

A few minutes later the staff came back in and in a slightly shrill and panicky voice, told us that she didn’t need to see our jewels and to cover ourselves up!

It hadn’t dawned on either one of us to cover ourselves with the towels that had been left on the benches for that very purpose.

There we were just letting it all hang loose as we chatted away.

We couldn’t stop laughing about it afterwards, but for some reason our domly-halves didn’t find it half as funny as we did. I guess you just had to be there or something 🙂


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  1. hey sweetie, get rid of your nervous feelings about your video.. it was hot! you were beautiful in it! i cant believe im gonna say this- but what the heck- you even have a beautiful little asshole…lol… never thought those words would come out of my
    lots of hugs,

  2. did they actually literally say to “cover up your jewels”? either way it sounds hilarious to me. but also admirable, because i cant imagine going outside in public with a skirt that hits above the knees, nevermind being totally stripped (towel or not) in a day spa. i get nervous enough when sir makes me flash him or ride next to him in the car with my bits out for any attentive passerby to notice. *shivers*

    1. I’m much more nervous about nakedness in cars or out in real public than nakedness where it is ‘expected’. After living in Japan for so long I became quite blase about bathing while being surrounded by other naked girls and sometimes boys 🙂

      1. I know what you mean!
        I don’t have a problem being naked around my girlfriends when we change now, where I used to cover up the important bits before. If I can stand in line naked with about 30 other naked Japanese women (with their perfect little bodies and pert bottoms!) while waiting for the shower and onsen in the middle of winter, then I surely I can change outfits without any qualms…

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