I’m a spoilt girl

Look what is coming in the mail for me!



Apparently after my abortive attempt to put on some thigh-high ballet boots being sold in a local adult shop on the weekend (two sizes two small and ridiculously over-priced) Master decided that he really *needed* some ballet boots in his collection, so onto ebay he hopped and soon they shall be in my hot little paws.

Although, perhaps I shouldn’t be too excited about them. I mean, seriously, how the fuck are you supposed to walk in them?

“I didn’t buy them for you to walk around in sweetie”, said the Masterly one.

Of course.

Having a poke around Youtube reveals some very talented ballet boot-wearers. My favourite one was ballet boots on cross-trainer:

All ballet boots are not made alike though, and you’ll notice that the ones in the video have a thicker heel and toe and are made to ‘walk’ in – or burn up some calories on the cross-trainer if you are so inclined. My boots, however, aren’t. So Master will just have to enjoy them where he likes them best, in his bed 🙂


14 thoughts on “I’m a spoilt girl

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  1. wow! they are gorgeous! but its a good thing your Master just plans on you wearing them in bed- otherwise He might have a slave girlie with two broken ankles..lol. be careful in them..lol.

    1. I did mention to him that I have weak ankles and have sprained them numerous times, but he still seems intent that, “One day you will walk!” (like it’s something I have control over…lol)

    1. Ankled boots are still boots! (Well, that’s the defence I use when I need a bit of comfort and wear ankle boots.) Can you walk in them??

      1. God no, can’t walk in them at all or even stand up in them. I have dicky ankles. I remember going to party years ago with my other boots and almost breaking my ankle and they had a chunky heel, although they are 15in platforms. I think that’s how high they are.

  2. Oooh i find those boots weirdly creepy. I think it’s the angles. I’m so influenced by angles. But I know you’ll love them, and your Master. Excellent purchase!

    1. Master loves them and they haven’t even arrived yet. As for me…the things a girl has to do to please her man. (I think they look kind of creepy too…like they are ‘wrong’ in some way.)

  3. My feet hurt just looking at those. Then again I’m a clutz and would probably break my ankles and every bone in my foot if I tried to wear them let alone walk in them.

    1. Well, when I tried on the pair last weekend, I could at least get my feet into them. As to whether there will be any movement, I think somer *serious* training is in order!

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