7 things about me

Just in case you haven’t had enough useless trivia about me, Lexi tagged me, so I’ve got to share another seven nuggets for your reading pleasure.

1. I used to be a member of the Star Trek fan club and I’ve even attended a convention (where I saw Worf sans klingon skullcap). I also have in my possession the Klingon Dictionary (with audio tape) and numerous books including schematics of the Enterprise-D. And before anyone asks, no, I don’t possess Deanna Troi’s First Season costume.
2. I’ve never done a tim tam slam.Even though I am decidedly OCD when it comes to eating things in layers – in that I have to eat individual layers separately instead of together – I’ve never bitten the ends of a tim tam and sucked my coffee up through it. Oh, and if you’ve never eaten a tim tam before, what the bloody hell are you waiting for?
3. I haven’t eaten red meat (beef, lamb, pork) since I was fourteen. It’s a bit of a long story as to why I stopped, but I find people are generally okay when I say I don’t eat it. While I was living in Japan though, explaining to people why I didn’t eat it was a nightmare. Conversations would generally go like this:
“Let’s go eat yakiniku barbeque!”
“Okay, but I only eat seafood and chicken.”
“I just don’t eat red meat.”
“Don’t you like it?”
“Yes, I like it.”
“Why don’t you eat it then?”
“I just don’t.”
In the end I used to tell people I was ‘vegetarian’ but ate fish and chicken (for some reason, people in Japan were okay with that!)
4. I always read on the toilet. Am I the only person who finds those few minutes doing nature’s business to be mind-numbingly boring without reading material? I’ve even hidden catalogues under my shirt to take with me into the toilet at work! That’s how desperate I am to avoid being bored on the toilet.
5. My mother is gay and my father has been having an illicit affair with the wife of a priest for several years. My mother came out about ten years or so ago and I’m still amazed that she managed to ‘live the lie’ for so long. Since she found happiness by leaving my father and finding a partner, she’s a totally different person to the depressed, smoking, scarily angry woman she often was while I was growing up.
As far as my ‘father’ is concerned (and I lose that term loosely), I try to have as little to do with him as possible.
6. There are pictures of me in a big white dress and of my cunt on the innernets. Funnily enough, yesterday while discussing the up-coming nuptials of a friend, I innocently sent a link to the church I got married in in Japan and found a picture of my wedding on their homepage! I was…stunned. It was a picture inside the church where my hubby was lifting my veil to do ‘the kiss’. I have to say, I had a great dress…lol.
As far as my cunt is concerned, yeah, you’ve all seen it. But the place where I got it pierced also has a pic in their gallery on their homepage – which is kinda nice too 🙂
7. My illustrious working life started with an after school job at KFC, which in those days was still known as Kentucky Fried Chicken (before they decided that an anagram would remove that ‘nasty’ word ‘fried’ from their name). I then moved up the fast food chain to Pizza Hut. I remember the bacon fights we used to have and also the night one of the ‘cooks’ came in and was stoned off his face. He had a massive attack of the munchies and we found him in the coolroom with his hands in a bucket of chocolate mousse. I just kind of laughed in a knowing fashion when that whole domino’s video drama hit the news a few weeks ago. People do bad shit to food before it hits your table.

If anyone hasn’t done this yet – you have been tagged!


7 thoughts on “7 things about me

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  1. Ok…so does that make you a (water) closet reader?

    Oddly enough…-alllll- my kids read in the bathroom. It’s one of the joys/proofs of paternity for me. While they all look like the postman, they have my habits.


  2. Oooo have you seen the new trekkie movie? I quite enjoyed it. And nope you are not alone of the reading in the loo thing LOL I do too … actually i read just about anywhere but yep sat on the loo is boring without something to read. they reckon you go into your , I think, alpha brainwave state, whilst doing the thang. Best state to be in for learning apparently … yes a useless random fact hehe. xxx

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