Just call me quasimodo

So along with being rather light in the hair department at the moment, I'm also growing a second head on my forehead. That's the name Master has given the enormous zit growing on my forehead - 'the second head'. He even made the sign to avert the devil when I approached him on Sunday morning,... Continue Reading →


I had a good butt day

I always find it interesting when I have one of those rare occasions that a butt plug doesn't hurt. I don't know why some days are good and some days are bad as there doesn't seem to be a pattern i.e. no amount of 'training' makes a bad butt day good, and a good butt... Continue Reading →

Diet slave gruel

I thought I'd share some food porn of a couple of dishes I ate this week (all low calorie and perfect for the dieting slavegirl) just to show it's not all about the whips and chains, but also the gourmet too! Tuna & salmon sashimi, rice with seaweed sprinkles, salmon & potato cooked with miso... Continue Reading →

BDSM the Strine Way

I had a request on my polls the other day for some more 'Australian' content so as a special treat (??) and in lieu of anything smutty to write about, I offer this once off manual to BDSM the Strine (Australian) way. If none of this makes any sense to you whatsoever, you're obviously not Strine and... Continue Reading →

Changeable changes

I had the pleasure of Master's company for an extra night this week and it reminded me that I'm going to need to adjust back into the 'at his beck and call' mindset when he finishes up working away from Perth shortly. For nearly the last two years he has spent half of every week... Continue Reading →

Regrettable regrets

It' s been raining constantly for three days, it's cold and I'm feeling 'abrasive'. I really should ban myself from the internet when I'm in one of these moods. I've already had a few PMs on the forums I frequent telling me I'm an uber bitch, so just in case I leave a drive by... Continue Reading →

Willy wankers

Thanks everyone for the input on the polls! I found it all excellent food-for-thought except the comments that mentioned 'forks' - of course if I was a pain-slut, I would be joining your fan club and having your first born at the mention of forks, but alas I ain't, so enough with the forks! 🙂 But before I end the... Continue Reading →


I spent my chilling weekend doing some blog housecleaning. I imported all my old entries from LJ and comments with a click. Have I mentioned that I love, love Wordpress? I had a bit of a look through some of my older entries and laughed and did a fair bit of cringing too. I often say that... Continue Reading →

Japan Four-year Anniversary

In a couple of weeks it's going to be exactly 4 years since I departed the land of the rising sun never (so far) to return again. If you haven't been reading me very long, I'll just give you a quick run down of why I left: An ex-con who did something like twenty years... Continue Reading →

Good week news

I'd have to rate last week as a 9/10 on the scale of good-week-ness. Positives: * I reached my second weight loss goal (*does a little happy dance) !!! * I got to see the 'girl with fork and thumbtacks' pic before the people involved chucked a wobbly and kaya had a sad. * I recorded the... Continue Reading →

Am I a bit sick?

No, I don't have swine flu. Although my boss did the very cute Japanese thing and came to work wearing a mask today. Personally, I think he could do much better with his mask selection...perhaps the leopard print or something with Hello Kitty on it instead of boring, hospital white. Anyways, Master and I were... Continue Reading →

Mid-week Movie

In the vein of HNT, I'd like to introduce MWM! So break out your popcorn and choc-tops and have a gander at this week's offering: Master seems to be going through a cane phase at the moment - which I think is better than a tawse phase or a nipple-cripple phase. You'll also notice he... Continue Reading →

Ballet boots have entered the building

Guess what arrived???!! And it was such perfect timing too- mid-ravishing there's the sound of the doorbell! (well I guess it wasn't such great timing because we were both naked and I'd barely finished giving Master some much needed relaxation therapy...but anyway...) This time the size 7.5 boots from the wonderful folks over at Rubberotica... Continue Reading →

I hereby declare it ICOMONYOU day

Or International Comment on Every Blog you Read Day. I swear I am the biggest drive-by-blog-reader there ever was. I have 62 blogs in my feed reader and another 30 odd bookmarks - not including the blogs I read on my lj friends page. Sadly, even though I get so much entertainment and thought-provoking reading from so... Continue Reading →

Just call me Dr. Ruth

It's a very rare occurrence when I get sent an email, and even rarer when I get asked for advice, but below are some excerpts of a recent email I received (posted with the author's permission): i know you have a steel collar locked around your neck as i do. i have worn mine almost constantly for... Continue Reading →

So what do you do when…

...you're not feeling very slavey? Do you meditate in your slave corner until you feel the warm glow of being owned? Assume the Nadu position and ruminate on how well-watered you are like a good kajira? Or do you go 'meh' and slap on another dvd, 'cause it's just another ol' day in unslavey-ville? If you guessed that... Continue Reading →

I am what I am

Hi and welcome to my blog. In case you didn't notice the very key point I'm making here, I'll repeat it again - *my blog*. The beauty of a blog as opposed to a forum is that I get to shoot the breeze about whatever takes my fancy and I can say whatever the hell I... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the BDSM spelling bee where collar is spelled s.h.i.n.y.t.h.i.n.g and slave is spelled i.s.u.c.k.a.t.b.e.i.n.g.o.n.e. Today's topic is surrendering or as it's most commonly known 'giving yourself to someone' as in 'I gave myself to Master two years, ten months and a few days ago'. I only start counting my period of surrendering from the... Continue Reading →

Slave gruel

I woke up this morning with a craving for some of the hard-core black stuff... Apparently you can't really call yourself an Australian "officially" unless you eat it 2-3 times a week, but I only spread a little of the black gold maybe once every 2-3 months. You can see evidence of this by the... Continue Reading →


I was sitting in front of the fire watching some more Japanese tv on dvds that I borrowed from my boss last night and today I've got the 'God, I miss Japan pangs!' again. I really should have learned by now, shouldn't I? As far as Japan is concerned though, I'm a definite self-harmer. One... Continue Reading →


*I'm thinking about changing my profile on Fetlife to say, 'Just here to get entertainment from clueless fuckwits'. Seriously. People on a *bdsm* website starting threads about why people treat them differently when they go to play parties wearing a collar??? Or my recent favourite, "I didn't realise a corset would be uncomfortable"...I know we're... Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse

God it's hard to get your mojo back when you go away for a while. Having  no innernets for a week was both a blessing and a curse - it's great to get away from life, but hard to get back into life when you return. It's also officially winter (since June 1st) and I'm... Continue Reading →

Nature is a glorious thing

  We're back! (I can see from my blog stats that you've all been amusing yourselves in my absence by looking at my unfortunate butt-plug video..methinks it's time to take it down....lol.) Well, we had a wonderful time. I swum with couple of rather large (3m & 8m long) whalesharks, two delightful sea turtles, several... Continue Reading →

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