Nature is a glorious thing


We’re back! (I can see from my blog stats that you’ve all been amusing yourselves in my absence by looking at my unfortunate butt-plug video..methinks it’s time to take it down….lol.)

Well, we had a wonderful time. I swum with couple of rather large (3m & 8m long) whalesharks, two delightful sea turtles, several rays and a zillion fishies in all colours of the rainbow. There was also a leopard shark and white tipped reef shark, but they seemed more scared of us than we were of them, so all was good.

As you can see, I was proudly presented with an official whale shark swimmer certificate which Master kindly corrected to reflect my real names. I also have a dvd of the whaleshark swimming and when I can figure out how to rip some stills from it or at least how to rip a cop to my hard-drive and post it to youtube I will.

And for all you latex nylon and neoprene fans, here’s a rather sexy pic of my….wetsuit! Here I was heading down to swim with the fishies and the crabs near the oyster stacks just as the tide was coming in.















I won’t bore you with all the details of the golden sandy beaches, dolphins frolicking in the emerald seas and picture perfect weather that we had, suffice to say it was magical.

sandy bay

Other than the brief time I spent koala-ing Master at Turquoise Bay, he had a tiring time doing all the driving (approx. 2800kms or 1740miles) dodging emus, cows, goats, sheep and a kangaroo complete with joey. He even managed the return drive in a 14hr marathon drive back, arriving home at nearly 11pm. (Dodging everything on the road is bad enough in the day time, so you really don’t want to be driving at night-time on country roads.) What was even worse though, was about 200kms into the journey I seriously ran out of things to talk about, so thank god for the ipod!

We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programme of kink when I float back to earth.


10 thoughts on “Nature is a glorious thing

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  1. I didn’t know there was a video until you mentioned it in this post, which of course then meant that I had to go see it. I wonder how many other people will do the same


  2. Welcome back, looks like it was a wonderful time. And it looks gorgeous! I’m officially jealous… lol 🙂

  3. I’ll get over my jealousy kitten, but I might cry on the way…PMSL

    I am glad it was a great holiday and thank you so much for sharing, I always enjoy your stories and piccies… 🙂

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