I was sitting in front of the fire watching some more Japanese tv on dvds that I borrowed from my boss last night and today I’ve got the ‘God, I miss Japan pangs!’ again. I really should have learned by now, shouldn’t I? As far as Japan is concerned though, I’m a definite self-harmer.

One of my biggest kokoronokori (lit. ‘something that remains in your heart’) is the fact that I can’t share jp stuff with Master. I can’t sit and watch a dvd with him and laugh together. I can’t have in-jokes or throw the occasional jp word into our convo just because it seems to ‘fit’ better. For this reason, I still don’t feel like he really knows or understands me 100%.

I had exactly the same situation with my ex-husband. We’d watch a movie and laugh at different parts (because he was reading subtitles and I’d be listening to the English). I’d want to share a joke with him or swear or do any of the simplest things that involved English and it just wouldn’t happen.

I’m a big fan of in-jokes. Even though I can’t have jp ones with Master, our latest English one is:

‘When do you get off?’

We saw it in the preview of Year One when Micheal Cera has become a slave and not realising the whole ‘eternal factor’ in being a slave, turns to another hot slave chick and wanting to do something with her ‘after work’ asks her, ‘When do you get off?’ to which she replies, “Never”. I think it’s one of those jokes that you’ve really got to be a slave to appreciate 🙂

I asked Master this morning for a little more clarification on the type of chastity belt he wants i.e. one with a bum-crack strap or without. Apparently he is liking this one from extreme restraints with separate locking mechanism for ass strap. Those helpful folk suggest adding a large butt plug before locking it on….

“Ummm…when do I get off?”


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