Slave gruel

I woke up this morning with a craving for some of the hard-core black stuff…

There's black stuff in dem der bottle

Apparently you can’t really call yourself an Australian “officially” unless you eat it 2-3 times a week, but I only spread a little of the black gold maybe once every 2-3 months. You can see evidence of this by the fact that only just recently we finished off a jar that expired in April 2006.

Spread a little on your two slices of Helga’s mountain grain and seed bread Noble rise’s mountain pepper and grain bread (note to self: write blogs after caffeine intake) and if you’re using any more vegemite than this you’re doing it wrong…

On toast

On the subject of using too much vegemite, I remember when a chick out of my Year 4 class decided it would be really cool to scrape the vegemite off her sandwich, rub it all over her mouth and run around the playground giving people ‘kissies’. 15 minutes later when she had had enough fun and tried to remove it because it began to hurt, we found that the stuff had literally burned her lips off! Might I suggest not using it on your nether regions…

So back to brekky…top with grated cheese (Diet tip: grating your cheese makes it seem like you’ve got more than you actually have!)…

With cheese

Grill and serve with kitten’s ‘standard size’ cappuccino and voila, you’ve got slave gruel!

Slave gruel

Life as a slave is just sooooooooo hard.

P.S And yes, I’m sorry Master for promising to take your crumpets out of the freezer on my way to bed and completely forgetting.

PP.S And yes being greeted with “Crumpets bitch” when I said ‘Good morning’ to you helped me remember my indiscretion.

PPP.S And yes, I’m a bad slave…but in my defence…life as a slave is sooooooooooooooo hard (see above)

PPPP.S Don’t you just love how I add the word ‘slave’ to the most ‘un-slave-related’ stuff just so I can justify to myself putting it in my ‘slave blog’??

PPPPP.S This brekky was a major blow-out on my diet as it contains about double the calories I normally have…Methinks I will be doing some hard-core exercise this afternoon to work it off…But it was yummy and worth it 🙂


7 thoughts on “Slave gruel

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  1. I’m still finding my way in the life and because of that perhaps I’m still eager to try any new kinky thing Master wants to try out. His word is law and exploring new things is exciting. But there are limits. Sometimes when I bitch that my life is getting too vanilla again he threatens me with Vegemite-flavoured ice cream.
    I guess the reason that you Australians seem never to be afraid of anything is that after taking that black stuff into your system anything else seems tame. Fortunately, Master has so far not gone nuclear and forced me to eat it, settling for 100 strokes of the cane instead. He’s very good to me really.

    1. You don’t know what you’re missing 🙂

      I’m just curious, but when you say you’re still finding your way, how long have you been ‘doing the life’?

  2. Ewwww vegemite is gross, Marmite is muuuch better 😀 I love marmite on toast with hot butter nom nom … people downunder are weird 😉 x

    1. My mum is into promite, but I never really got into anything olther than good old vegemite.

      Hey, aren’t you also classified as being ‘down under’ since you’re down and under the rest of the world too???

  3. I love vagina mite as my Mum calls it. LOL
    I haven’t had in ages though, now I want some on toast. Mmmmmmm toast

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