I am what I am

Hi and welcome to my blog. In case you didn’t notice the very key point I’m making here, I’ll repeat it again – *my blog*.

The beauty of a blog as opposed to a forum is that I get to shoot the breeze about whatever takes my fancy and I can say whatever the hell I want about it.

That means I can say, ‘Slaves are x,y,z’ or ‘Doms are blah,blah,blah’ or even ‘Actors playing spock should be able to do the vulcan salute without the need for glue’.

I can bitch about Master. I can say I’m a poor excuse for a slave. I can whine about this, that or the other.

That’s the beauty of it being *my blog*.

I think people get a little confused sometimes. I’m not writing intellectual essays or opening up the floor for debate. I’m not writing a cohesive narrative that is logical and evolves as the months go by. I flit from one topic to the next, often repeating myself and sometimes saying one thing one day and then saying the complete opposite thing the next.

I use my blog to think out-loud, to mull, to ponder and to question. Every entry is like I’ve peeled back my scalp and given you a little glimpse of what’s going on inside. It’s not complete or polished and never, ever the whole story.

The ultimate benefit of it being a blog though, is that as a reader you don’t have to like it or lump it. If you don’t want to read, you can just click and I’ll be gone.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

Oh, and thought for the day:

Mastering others takes strength, Mastering yourself is TWUE POWER 🙂


2 thoughts on “I am what I am

Add yours

    1. I always think of my blog as my ‘doodle book’ (and I don’t mean that in a wude way either 😉 )

      Thank you for reading and enjoying.

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