Ballet boots have entered the building

Guess what arrived???!!

And it was such perfect timing too- mid-ravishing there’s the sound of the doorbell! (well I guess it wasn’t such great timing because we were both naked and I’d barely finished giving Master some much needed relaxation therapy…but anyway…)

This time the size 7.5 boots from the wonderful folks over at Rubberotica fit like a charm.

Adjusting the laces

Yes I need to clean my desk

Yes, I know I need to clean my desk…

Evil heels

The ballet boot!

I didn’t have them on for long, but my calves certainly noticed and now feel like they’ve had a hard day. Obviously some training is required before a wearing of more than 10 minutes.

(Just wanted to say that I was soooo impressed by the customer service at Rubberotica. They were more than happy to do a size exchange for me and even posted back the new size back free of charge! Thank you!

And if anyone is thinking of purchasing these boots, just keep in mind when choosing a size that they are quite ample so are great for people like me who have bigger calves/ankles.)


12 thoughts on “Ballet boots have entered the building

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  1. Those are truly lovely, although the heels look quite dangerous. You and I have similar desk-tidying habits too.

    Why are they called ballet boots? I had a picture in my mind of something else entirely.


    1. Desk-tidying?? What’s that?? 🙂

      Were you thinking of ribbons up the calves or something similar? They are called ballet boots because they have the flat toes like ballet shoes and your weight rests on your toes, not the balls of your feet so it’s pretty close to being ‘en pointe’. I think I need some toe pads owww!

  2. Noooooooooo why did you mention a web site and then why did I have to go and look and then find stuff I want to buy. Nooooooooooooo LOL

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