Mid-week Movie

In the vein of HNT, I’d like to introduce MWM!

So break out your popcorn and choc-tops and have a gander at this week’s offering:


Master seems to be going through a cane phase at the moment – which I think is better than a tawse phase or a nipple-cripple phase.

You’ll also notice he takes a few moments to drink in the boots – which I think shows where his priorities lay.


15 thoughts on “Mid-week Movie

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  1. Ha. Another One who doesn’t understand the concept of “process time” in which there should be breathing room between strokes so one can “process” the pain.

    They are so doing it wrong at Dom school.

    1. ‘Process time’ I believe they covered that in the same class as ‘Aftercare’ and ‘How not to give a shit when your slave whines’ 🙂

      1. Must have gone fishing on those days, l gotta admit I passed Statistical Method onthird attempt at University

  2. Heh the side to side bum wiggle when it gets too much. I smiled. Lol I sooo know that feeling. What a cute bottom … and fecking hawt boots! x

    1. Thanks! I’m actually starting to grow a bit fond of these boots too. I always used to hate them because they are really stiff PVC and you can’t really bend your knees or anything, but they’re slowly starting to soften up.

      I guess with a cane it depends on how hard you want to use it. In this vid he’s not really using it hard – I’ve seen it used much, much worse – but it’s hard enough for me fortunately/unfortunately 🙂

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