Willy wankers

Thanks everyone for the input on the polls! I found it all excellent food-for-thought except the comments that mentioned ‘forks’ – of course if I was a pain-slut, I would be joining your fan club and having your first born at the mention of forks, but alas I ain’t, so enough with the forks! 🙂

But before I end the question segment of this show, I’d like to ask just one more:

Have you ever seen your significant other wank?

I was over at vanimp’s and she was discussing the results of her orgasm meme and I got to thinking about whether I’ve ever seen someone wank. I have to report that I have never seen a live wank, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has.

Master has seen me release a few times. Of course, that was in pre-hitachi days so there wasn’t a lot to see. Just me with a hand lodged between my tightly closed thighs, clutching a pillow and trying with all my might to cum. I could always hear him breathing and moving even though I had my eyes closed and knowing he was ‘waiting’ for it always upped the ante.

I lived with my ex for 8+ years and never saw or heard anything remotely like a wank. I have to admit that sometimes I would masturbate while laying beside him in bed as he slept after turning him down for sex (again!) though. Other than my ex, I’ve only lived with two other men and I don’t believe (I’m hoping) that either of my owners have had a need to wank – seeing that there has always been one-wearing-a-shiny-thingie nearby(CarrieAnn says I’m being naiive…yeah, I’m sure I am too…) I’ve just never seen or heard anything – so my tally on wank viewing/wank suspicion is zero.

Thinking about this has really perked my interest for some reason though. If anyone is willing to leave me a comment or email I need details like:

Are socks the weapon of choice?

What do you do to control the squirt?

Does it make you blind?

Tell me some really funny names for the deed (I’ve got a boring day at work lined up tomorrow and I need entertainment!!)


25 thoughts on “Willy wankers

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    1. Yeah, seriously, if I was a guy, I don’t think I could be bothered to fuck someone…lol. Thanks for the wakeup call.

  1. I have never infront of someone else, I just can’t lol it doesn’t work. I get stage fright hehe. Its fecking Winter here my feet are morphed into socks. As for guys a friend once told me when my son reaches wanking age go buy large packs of cheap socks and leave them with a note on the bed .. dirty these … not the sheets. Hehe.

    1. Being that we are both in the southern hemisphere, it’s winter over here too, you know 🙂 I’ve got my purples uggies to keep me warm.

      You know I just realised from your comment that I’ve always thought about guys using socks in the wrong way! I’ve though of them using the sock like bread on a sausage sizzle, not as tube-on-dick situation. Wow….wtf was I thinking?

      1. Heh tis prolly slightly warmer there 😦 2-6 degrees in the mornings here atm … ugh ughits. Hehe I have black uggies *beam*

        Lol I never thought of socks in that way either till one of my darling OCD neat freak friends tainted my innocent mind. Now I never look at guys socks the same.

        1. Lowest we’ve been so far this season has been 2 degrees in lil ol’ Perth….I originally hail from mountain territory where it was crazy cold like -13 and I froze my tits off (that’s my story for why I have liddle bitty titties and I’m sticking with it)

          Personally, I think anything under about 22 is “chilly” 🙂

          I want some socks with toes!

  2. Ironically my oldest and favorite thing to fantasize about whilst masturbating is that a whole group of men are watching me masturbate. However, the reality has not been as hot.

    My husband touches himself quite often in front of me, and will even touch himself when we are in a group with people we meet on http://www.muah.com; nobody ever minds. I don’t mind masturbating in front of JUST him, in fact I’ll ask him to talk to me while I touch myself. Actually, the only way I can get off through touching myself (rather than using toys) is if he’s there.

    1. I always suffer from performance anxiety if anyone is watching me…fantasy or not 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

    1. You are an interesting little soul, aren’t you? I really don’t know where I’d look if someone was masturbating in front me and I think I’d feel the need to discuss the weather or something…

  3. It’s a regular event in our house…we often do it together or pup is given time in the shoe cupboard if he has been particularly good…I think mutual masturbation requires a greater level of intimacy than sometimes making love…and we love any form of touching eachother (which is no secret to anyone who knows us lol)…doesn’t matter how, what or when. 😉

      1. yep it can be extremely erotic … almost like tantric sex but with touching…I can’t believe you guys haven’t tried it…you guys surely have had phone sex while your Master has been away where you both masturbate while talking to eachother over the phone…surely he doesn’t go “dry” while he is away from you…go on give a JM (joint masturbation) session this weekend a try..nice and cosy in front of the fire and only touching yourselves in front of eachother and not touching the other person…extremely erotic….nice blog research to 😉

      1. I think it’s erotic. Instead of being distracted by my own doings or by having to participate and do it for him, I get to sit back and just watch.. his face, his body movements, the twitches when he hits a good spot, the way he tenses up when he’s getting close.

        I’ve learned how to touch his cock in exactly the way he likes it by watching how he touches himself. I know what rhythm works and what one doesn’t.

        Sometimes I assist, sometimes I just watch. Sometimes I get the “result” on my face or in my mouth. Sometimes, I’m not invited in the room and he just wants to do it alone.

        Sometimes, so do I. No skin off my nose either way.

        He doesn’t do it into a sock though. If I’m not there to catch it, a kleenex works just fine.

        I really do think it’s odd that you’ve never seen it. I haven’t ever been with a guy who *doesn’t* masturbate. I’m curious now to hear from your M. Does he never do it or does he just not share it with you?

        M? Any comments? 😉

        1. It’s great that you’ve used it as a learning tool!

          Sometimes I think I’d like a bit more…direction. I know I should be asking stuff like, ‘Do you like it when I do this?’ etc. but it seems a bit too near the ‘talking dirty’ thing and I get all embarassed.

          Yeah, I’m totally clueless as to knowing how a guy wanks. The only stuff I’ve ever seen has been in porn and we all know that’s never a good thing to do research with 😉

  4. I think it’s hot. Well, to watch him. It’s different when he’s watching me. I have a tendency to go all out when I’m doing myself and I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to go as far when he’s watching. It hit’s my humiliation button a little bit, so it’s still kinda hot for him to watch me.

    So, mutual masturbation = yummy (either at the same time or one at a time during the same session, maybe touching each other, maybe not)

    Him masturbating without me…honestly, I usually feel it’s a blessing. Master’s sex drive is WAY higher than mine and sleeping is a huge thing for me. I have a really hard time getting any. If he’s opted to jack off, then he’s granting me mercy by letting me stay asleep, because he knows that I won’t be able to go back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up anyways, briefly, just long enough to hear him finish in the bathroom. (He’s a neat guy, no socks or kleenex for him!) And just hearing it through the door is enough to make me wet…and then I go back to sleep smiling.

    1. My ex used to sometimes take a really long time in the bath and I would wonder… But then I thought, “Hey he’s Japanese and there’s a lot of scrubbing and soaking, scrubbing and soaking to be done that’s why he is taking so long…”

      I think my humiliation button tends to make me angry more than anything else so being watched doesn’t really work for me. I start to think, ‘Just let me do my thing for ffs!’…lol.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Dan has watched me masturbate plenty of times, on direct order, the first time back when we were still dating. I was shy about it at first but now I’m used to it. But he can’t masturbate in front of me, it’s funny. I’ve asked to see because I think it would be very sexy and he’s tried but I distract him too much, he says. ahahahaha

    Sometimes we do mutually masturbate, although he goes into another room. Sometimes neither one of us feels making love or giving/getting a blowjob or whatever; we just want to orgasm. Sometimes it’s nice just to do it for yourself. 🙂

    It’s triply nice when your partner understands this; when my ex found out I was masturbating, he threw out my vibrator and told me to “never do that again”.

    Asshole. Heh

    1. I suppose some guys might see a vibrator as indicative of some sort of ‘inadequacy’ on their part? (even though as you say, sometimes it’s just nice to do it yourself and has nothing to do with the guy.)

      It’s cute that Dan gets all shy about it…hehehehe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Subtletimes, yes, I’m sure my ex thought it meant he was inadequate. Funny thing is, after I learned *how* to orgasm in my late 30’s, I finally had one with him during sex and he got upset about that too. Rolled off me and wanted to know with a pissy face, “what was that all about”, I said, I don’t know (orgasms were still new to me, I had been surprised by it and I was embarrassed and shy because of the way he was reacting) and he just kinda sneered, got up and walked off. He didn’t even come himself!

    Needless to say, I never had another one with him. Not even close.

    I have only recently *finally* come to terms with the fact he was more screwed up in more ways than I understood at the time.

    And I wish Dan would get over feeling shy about it, heh. 🙂 You know, I haven’t asked him for a long time, maybe I should again, maybe he’d let me watch now! 🙂

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