Diet slave gruel

I thought I’d share some food porn of a couple of dishes I ate this week (all low calorie and perfect for the dieting slavegirl) just to show it’s not all about the whips and chains, but also the gourmet too!

Tuna & salmon sashimi, rice with seaweed sprinkles, salmon & potato cooked with miso and butter and miso soup
Sashimi and Sakejaga

Panfried chicken & vegetable gyoza (dumplings)

The goodies inside

Chicken mince, cabbage, leek, garlic, shiitake mushrooms.

The little suckers all wrapped up:
All done up and to the frypan we go

After cooking:
Cooked gyoza
You make the bottoms extra crunchy by adding some extra flour to the water you put in the fry pan. 323cal (per 5 pieces with dipping sauce)

This last thing isn’t exactly ‘diet’ food but Master came home with a bag of yummy looking lemons so I decided to make him a lemon meringue pie because it is his favourite thing in the worldย (yep, I even made the crust and all!)
lemon meringue pie
474cal (1/8th of the 23cm pie). Unfortunately, this slave girl won’t be partaking of any of it…

See, you can still be on a diet and make your pie too ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “Diet slave gruel

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  1. OMG I want to marry you, I LOVE lemon meringue. Drooooooools lots and lots. It looks very yummy, as do your main meals.

    1. It was the first time I made the crust as well (normally I would buy one, but Master likes his pie *just so*)

  2. Hmm…they’re drooling over the pie, while I’m drooling over the gyoza thinking…holy crap, she can *make* those??? We American’s are silly, lol.

    1. Hehehehe…I hadn’t made gyoza in years and on Friday night I had the biggest craving so made up a batch. I’ve got another 10 in the freezer for when I need my gyoza fix again.

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