Just call me quasimodo

So along with being rather light in the hair department at the moment, I’m also growing a second head on my forehead. That’s the name Master has given the enormous zit growing on my forehead – ‘the second head’. He even made the sign to avert the devil when I approached him on Sunday morning, being that the second head had doubled in size overnight…I’m 32 years old for Christ’s sake! Enough with the zits, god, k?

I’m plaguing, growing a second head and still mourning the loss of my hair…anyone want to make a fork joke to cheer me up?

But while I am still tempted to burn a scarlet “F” in Master’s forehead for failure to haircut, I’m kind of coming to terms with it. I mean, it’s not like I’m bald or have the kind of hair cut a two-year-old gives their Barbie, it’s just that I used to have lots of hair (i.e. down to my waist) and now I have considerably less (i.e. at my shoulder-blades). I had imagined a ‘trim’ and got a ‘hack job’ so that was enough of a shock to me that I would cry for several hours about it.

**pauses for the choruses of, “But you’re a slave, and you’re his property therefore he can do whatever he wants to you and you have to love it because you’re a slave and he is your owner and you should be happy that you were given the chance to serve him!!!” **

I think what disturbed me the most about it, was that Master didn’t *mean* to do it and he didn’t *not mean* to do it – he just totally had a  zero care factor on the whole thing. I would feel better about it if it was an honest mistake like his hand slipped or something. I imagine I would also feel better about it if he was being a hard-ass dom and cut my hair that way because that was what he wanted or it was punishment or something. As it was though, he just didn’t care one way or another, he just barely glanced at my hair before snipping and thrusting the offending 8 inches in my hand and said, “There you go” as though he had cut a loose thread off a shirt or something.

But, you know, it wasn’t a loose thread, it was MY HAIR!!!!!

I hated his cavalier attitude and while it enraged me for about ten seconds after it happened, I was mostly just really sad…sad that he didn’t care and sad that he didn’t have the patience to do it properly for me.

Now I’ll admit I could of paid the $20 and gone to Just Cuts and had my hair trimmed like I usually do. But seriously, cutting my hair is not brain surgery and it takes 5 mins. I have no style. It’s just comb it down, cut straight across the bottom and wham-bham-thank-you-ma’am you’re done. I’ve even had my ex and my brother-in-law cut my hair several times and I’ve had the same result as going to the hairdresser and paying $80 for the privilege.

For some reason, going to the hairdresser is kind of like going to the dentist for me. I put it off and put it off and then finally go when I can’t wait any longer. I guess I fear that they’re going to make some comments about split ends or lack of conditioning or something. Just like at the dentist when they ask you if you’ve been flossing regularly and you say yes, even though you flossed for the first time in 3 months the night before (just because you were going to the dentist…) I even hate having to sit in that stupid seat and make polite conversation.

So in summary, yeah, it was my own stupid fault for being a frugal wuss and putting the scissors in Master’s hands, but I dunno…I just expected something more.


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  1. I am not into censorship so l am going to let you keep on ranting about your hair cut as it seems you need to keep on venting about it.

    But just for your information l do care and l made a decision to cut your hair based on the square line across your back on the shortest strand of hair showing and it didn’t look like an 8 inch cut to me when l was doing it more like 3 inches and if l had known you wanted 2 inches excatly no more no less l would have got a ruler and used it as a template to cut across with the scissors.

    Your going on as if you a disasterous experience and terrible looking hair head style and even if you did the difference between a bad haircut and good one is as they say in the hairdressing game 6 weeks.

    You have had your tears and tantrum you have drummed up your supporters in the subbie girl harem club and it won’t change what happened but l don’t appreciate the Master doesn’t care political line as it’s not true and you know it and you know you get one of the best damned caring system in place for a slave or subbie or even vanilla person.

    If you won’t to put it in the Master’s top ten mistakes along side the MArs bar in the twat incident that’s fine, we can all laugh and joke at my expense but don’t ever accuse me of not caring.

        1. This soooooo cracked me up 🙂

          It also brought to mind ‘Family Ties’ because I always remember that being at the end of it. Ahhh… Alex P. Keaton, I had a picture of you…

  2. While I agree with some of what you said Ubu, I wouldn’t say that the Master is necessarily lacking, rather that he is over-using his license to be an ass – a problem common among Doms in general (as good Doms, ones who know how to balance the fine point between being an asshole and radiating Domly self-confidence, are far less common than people think). Of course, being an ass isn’t always a problem, it’s just a problem for people when it reaches an amount you can’t stomach. I think it’s delicious to read about what Master has done this time.

    Quite frankly if anything Subtletimes is the real problem, perhaps not in real life, after all as readers we’re only given the public face of the relationship – no matter how uncensored it might seem to be – perhaps she isn’t as bad. But her never-ending whine is beginning to grate.

    I question whether she is really a sub deep down or whether it was ‘merely a phase’ that she has become bored of – much as you can become bored or begin to dislike any activity or behaviour over time. Or perhaps she merely has a higher expectation from her Master that she has failed to communicate – in which case the fault lies with her being a bad sub and saying nothing, instead allowing resentment to simmer away and drawing like-minded subs to her. After all good negotiation is key in the long term survival of these sorts of things.

  3. Um….by the time I read the post, all of this other discussion happened and I have nothing to add to that conversation.

    I just wanted to say that it sucks being in your early 30s and still having zits. I’m 29, have a good numbers of gray hair, laugh lines, age spots, and…STILL have zits. Not fair having to deal with teenage issues and old age too!

    Continue as you were…

  4. Personally, I think all this arm chair psychology going on here is utter bullshit. I’ve been around the M/s, D/s community online long enough to know that there are very few slave blogs out there which show the true face of a relationship. All too often, you hear slaves going on and on about how wonderful and perfect their relationships are, only to find out later that it was total bs and their either too afraid to express their real feelings because their afraid of wounding their master’s fragile ego’s or because they want to seem holier than thou to the rest of the community.

    I think that it’s awesome that kitten and her master have the type of relationship where they can both be honest and real, both with each other, and with their readers. I’m sorry, but I’m one of those slaves for whom slavery doesn’t come easily and it’s nice to see someone else who struggles with it…but doesn’t give up.

    I don’t care how much experience either of you have in your lives but for you to come in here with your negative opinions and advice for two people that you don’t even know beyond this screen is just ridiculous. Most often, blogs are an expression of two things…unhappiness that needs to be vented, and extreme happiness that people want to share. It’s an unhappy reality that often times there are fewer of the latter than there are of the former.

    Regardless of how it happened, kitten has every right to be highly upset about her hair. I think that any girl who felt an attachment to her hair would commiserate with her. That doesn’t mean that we all feel that her Master is inept or horrible. Mistakes happen. My Master is a fallible man, just like any other and lord knows that there have been plenty of times where he’s made mistakes that have affected me negatively and I haven’t been able to just swallow the “You’re a slave, it doesn’t matter!” party line. In my opinion, no one should be expected to. We’re human. I’ve been extremely upset with him. We’ve worked through it, gotten over it, and gotten on with life…just as they will.

    I commend Kitten’s master for allowing her to work through it in the way that’s best for her. They choose to share their relationship with the public. Personally, I’m grateful for that. If that means that there are times when talking about the real, nitty gritty problems of the relationship makes one or the other of them look less than perfect, well…then I say thank you for the honesty because it’s important. I feel a hell of a lot less alone with the foibles of my own relationship knowing that there’s someone else out there who’s relationship can be healthy and happy, even when a mistake happens.

    And it’s people like you that make people want to hide their mistakes from the world and cover their M/s up with flowers and “Oh, I’m such a perfect slave who never struggles with anything and my Master is the most perfectest Master in the world!”

    Shame on you. Your negativity, your presence, and your thinly veiled “No direct offense meant. Sorry if you took it that way.” is ridiculous. Of course there was offense meant, otherwise you wouldn’t have “shared.”

    I truly hope that both Kitten and her master understand the value of what they choose to share and that your comments haven’t affected how open and real they want to be with the rest of us in the least.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      That was one of the nicest, most insightfully written comments I’ve ever received! Thank you for taking the time to write it – it put a huge smile on my face (and no forks were mentioned!)

  5. im sorry about your hair, but i’m still jealous of how long you say it is even post-haircut. my hair is super curly and so even if it does grow it just bounces right back up! grr.
    and i’ve not only let other people cut my hair but have cut my hair myself… needless to say i’ve had would could very well be considered a hack-job in my past. while it might seem insane that your master can confuse 2 or 3 inches with a full 8 inches, i’ve done it to myself with my own hair before lol. lucky for you you’re hair is still long and golden and beautiful anyways =)

    it seems a little nuts that people are having an all out debate on the health of your relationship in your comments section. i guess when you post stuff about your life on the internet its inevitable. but i think, since it is YOUR relationship after-all, that maybe people should consider that maybe they don’t know best and shouldnt judge the relationshipi of people they do not know personally or what-have-you. You were upset, you vented your feelings honestly and candidly about your experience, this is your place to do so. Anyone who thinks that a female isn’t going to have times where they whine or get upset or feel insecure etc is not in touch with the real world. But for them to assume that they have some special insight that you and your Master don’t have on your own relationship based on an emotional recount is just unfair i think.

  6. I couldn’t even be bothered reading all that running commentary from ubu .. I bet he trained in the Yurpeen Hooses. Isn’t it funny how people make such huge assumptions from a journal. Fucking moronic really. Aaaanywaay … sheesh.

    The only fork joke I could come up with is Forked pig on a spit anyone? … yano with swine flu and fork jokes abound of late.

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