Domestic goddess-ness

After all my recent forays into home baking, food porn and general domestic goddess-ness, Master and I for the month of August are going to take the $100 penny pinching pantry challenge. Rules of the Challenge 1. Make a list of everything you've got in your pantry to start with. 2. Spend no more than... Continue Reading →


That thing called ‘choice’

Hello and welcome to part two of our series, "What's in it for me?" In part one several weeks ago, we discussed how I like the feeling of security I get from being property and in part two we'll discuss my little problem with making choices and how being a slave fixes that. Near the... Continue Reading →

Q & A time

How did you become a slave? I've pretty much answered this one in the "About" tab at the top of the page, but in a nutshell: bondage interest → marriage→bondage interest ignited with internet→on-line D/s stuff→divorce→slave to axe murderer→leave axe murderer→slave to Master→happy Have you ever had thoughts of running away, or have you ever... Continue Reading →

Spot the tart

In the vein of Guess Her Muff introduced to me by the delightful Mr Upton Ogood , I've posted some pics so you can spot the tart. Guess which picture shows the tart? a) b) c) d) And the answer is??? . . . d) of course. Did you get it right? I was trying on the... Continue Reading →

I’m just too monkey for you

I think it's kind of funny that Master thinks I'm sexy. I'm also genuinely a.m.a.z.e.d. that I can make him horny/cum/be in the mood to beat my ass (I'll ignore the contribution that thigh-high stiletto boots make to his enjoyment just because...well...if I don't, this will be a post with zero content...) I've never thought of myself... Continue Reading →

A little poll

You know you need to blog when: a) You answer the nightly phonecall from Master and the first thing he says (after our ritual 30 seconds where no-one talks and we just do heavy breathing to each other 'cause we're quirky like that) is, 'Have you blogged bitch?' b) You start chatting with Master on msn and... Continue Reading →

Pets are people too

A couple of weeks back at the coffee night we went to, I had an extended chat with a friend I'm going call, 'Devoted' because she is - devoted, that is. She's the kind of person I just stand back and watch or listen to and think, 'WOW!' She's heavily into body modification and we... Continue Reading →

I’m an unbeliever

Master and I finally got to watch The Pet on the weekend (thanks carina for providing us with the dvd!) I haven't seen a 'kinky' video since I last watched Secretary so you can imagine that I was getting all juicy at the prospect of having something that would run longer than my usual 25... Continue Reading →

People are colourful

I've said it once and I'll say it again, there are some people with truly colourful interests in the world. Here are some amusing search terms for this week: take away your clothes slavegirls - are you looking for slavegirls with OCD laundry habits? Because if you are, I guess this is not the best... Continue Reading →

Of porn and bondage

From the looks of things it seems like I've managed to conquer my chocolate addiction (at least four months since I last ate some), my WoW addiction (over two months since I last played) and my obsessive cleaning addiction when people come over (I've got a friend coming over for coffee this afternoon and so far... Continue Reading →


Anyone else find it hard to comment on domly one's blogs? In fact, I find it hard to even exchange a few jovial lines in an email with someone if I know they're of the domly orientation. I find it hard to interact with them regardless of the fact that they are not my domly one,... Continue Reading →

Proving yourself

So you have a collar around your neck and a domly one to whom you say, 'I'm your slave, your property, you can do what you wish to me.' But how do you make the differentiation between being a slave and being a kinky sex partner with chunky jewellery? Just because you say you're a slave doesn't... Continue Reading →

Unfortunate Face Friday

I have something deep and meaningful brewing on my brain, but I haven't quite managed to give birth to a post yet. So in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy something I like to call,  "Faces to pull when you are so sick of your domly one taking photos" (The next one is for those... Continue Reading →

RIP cunt piercing

After much struggling over the past three years, one of my piercings finally gave up the ghost. Last week when I was cleaning it I noticed it was a bit of strange colour. Further inspection lead me to realise that it was actually the colour of the stainless post I could see through the skin.... Continue Reading →

Why I am what I am

Four years ago I became a slave. I made the decision to be a slave very quickly and simply almost like deciding what to have for dinner: "Should I have pasta or pizza? Actually, I think I'll become a slave." You would think that such a momentous decision as giving up control of your life... Continue Reading →


I'm generally okay with people telling me how crap I am or who express different opinions to mine, but what I do not like is people using my blog as a springboard to bully other people. I'd hoped that Ubu could of been less juvenile and his/her/its diatribe would of remained directed at me instead... Continue Reading →

Ruling on the rules

There is one thing that I really, really hate and that is being treated like I'm stupid. And there is one way to easily treat me like I'm stupid and that is to take away my ability to function as an adult. Now I might be going out on a limb here by announcing this, but here goes: "I... Continue Reading →

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