Unfortunate Face Friday

I have something deep and meaningful brewing on my brain, but I haven’t quite managed to give birth to a post yet.

So in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy something I like to call,

 “Faces to pull when you are so sick of your domly one taking photos”

I smell a wabbit

(The next one is for those who miss the king of pop – I think it looks a tad Thriller-ish)


(Are you beginning to see a pattern??)

Just wrong

(The next one is titled “Slavegirl with a side of yokel”)

Stoopid slavegirl of gor

And my absolute favourite one:

Don't mess with this bunny

Last time I looked I think Master had something like 5000 pics under his ‘kitten photo’ file and I’ve got to tell you, you start to run out of sexy poses after about 2000 and then you just start pulling faces. There’s also another 1000 photos or so of me where for some reason I just look like I’m off my face drunk.

P.S I just had two releases so I’m feeling a bit euphoric. Yay for the hitachi!!!

P.PS The poodle pup is breathing onto my foot and it’s freaking me out (I’ve mentioned my hate of seeing or feeling people’s breath right? And yes, that includes animals.)

P.PPS I didn’t get a comment from ubu yesterday and now I haz a sad. (She’s been sending me at least one a day cause she’s my genu-whine stalker – so kaya says 🙂 )

P.PPPS I think it’s time I stopped with the post scripts.


12 thoughts on “Unfortunate Face Friday

Add yours

  1. i love this post lol. i envy the fact that you can put the silly looking photos up as well as the sexy ones. plus it makes us all smile =P. I think my favorite one is the deliriously happy face picture where you’re holding the glass of wine.

    and hot dog breathe on my foot would freak me out too, ewwie.

    1. Yeah, I’m into the whole self humiliation thing…lol. Actually I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to stop taking myself so seriously.

      I’ve had exactly 3 glasses of wine this year. Not that I’m a huge alcohol drinker, but it’s nice to be allowed some every now and then 🙂

  2. yay!!! I’m back in proper cyber-land after getting a brand new laptop…anyway…have enjoyed reading your blogs when I could and looking forward to a nice long read catching up on all the ones I have missed! Maybe you could do a blog on “ubu-erisms”
    Catch up soon xxx Ms Blair

    1. WB 🙂 I tend to start nodding off when I read ubu-erisms so I’m not sure I’d be able to do a whole post of them….but it is a thought!

  3. Don’t know which one l enjoy the more but the bunny ears and white boots are cute and you can never have enough photos of a slave girlie in my opinion, 5000 you say that’s only the beginning of my collection.

    1. No I’m living in fear of what other delights you’re going to show the blog community. Damn wordpress….


  4. Ubu-isms are just sooo … meh I can’t think of anything nice to say. Hehe that last one is saying … “fer the love of gawd have you NOT enough pics yet” … you look so cute x Did I just post or am I imagining things >.<

    1. Sorry, I think your comment might of got caught in the ‘ubu’ filter!

      I hate having my photo taken at the best of times and sometimes it really is a ‘fer the love of gawd…’ moment 🙂

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