People are colourful

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there are some people with truly colourful interests in the world. Here are some amusing search terms for this week:

take away your clothes slavegirls – are you looking for slavegirls with OCD laundry habits? Because if you are, I guess this is not the best time to tell you that I recently got around to washing one of Master’s shirts that he wore in…March…

sex while wearing heavy rubber waders in – I know what they say about safe sex and all, but I’m pretty sure waders would make things V.E.R.Y difficult.

bondage january february october sleep – Is this the opening line for the book, “Hibernation for Kinky Bears“?

pictures of the ear with sharp things in – now if you’d said ‘pictures of the cunt’ I could of helped, but ear? No, sorry, nothing here to see, please move along.

treat me like shit + slavery – greedy, greedy! You’re wanting to be treated like shit AND be a slave?

gonzo bondage – dude you’re doing it wrong…how do you expect gonzo to get in your cunt if you tie him up?

ballet boots criple – I’m glad to see my readers have a keen interest in Occupational Health & Safety. Now all we need to work on is the spelling…

bdsm spit – Am I the only one who thinks this person may also have searched for “two girls, one cup”

mature slave inspection on table – what have I told you people about using the word ‘mature’ around me??? I’m thirty fucking two!

face slapped pussy kicked – I’m hoping you don’t have anger management issues and a cat. Have you met i enjoy being slapped in the face ?

Along with the fifty million searches for ‘retard’ that have hit my blog since I posted my ‘retard wallpaper’ a while back, and the bazillion hits for ‘whale shark’ since I discussed my swim with the whalesharks in May, I’ve also had a disturbing number of searches for haircut slavegirl and bald headed slavegirl since my ‘visit’ to Salon Master.

Maybe Master was right when he said my haircut could of been worse, because it appears that a large number of folk have an interest in trimming the locks of innocent slavegirls….

Be afraid slavegirls….be very afraid.


7 thoughts on “People are colourful

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  1. I enjoy being slapped (gently) in the face. A lot.

    But I wasn’t the one searching, honest! I don’t have to look for it, I already gotz it. hehehe

    And actually doing laundry does show up in one of my fantasies sometimes. Yeah, I’m weird.

    LOL at “be afraid, be very afraid” Heh.

    1. Doing laundry and being slapped (gently) in the face shows up in your fantasies???

      *quietly removes Amber from her friends list….*

      Just kidding 😉

      1. *lulz*

        Well, it’s a bit more complicated than THAT, ahahaha! I’m forced to do the laundry, it’s part of a whole “I’ve been kidnapped and raped” thing. I’m also forced to do all kinds of other stuff, sexual stuff…


        /runs away crying


    1. Hermione

      Australia doesn’t have any bears at all

      Koalas sleep like 22 hours a day, they think becasue the gum leaves have such low nutrional values, but whilst tourists call them Koala Bears, they ain’t bears and are just Koalas.

  2. “Gonzo” is not just the name of a muppet, it’s also a word meaning “exaggerated and/or unconventional style”. In modern times, it’s normally used in only two phrases – “gonzo journalism” and “gonzo porn”. Just in case you were wondering.

    1. And here I was thinking gonzo was just the name of my favourite hitachi attachment!

      Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

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