I’m an unbeliever

Master and I finally got to watch The Pet on the weekend (thanks carina for providing us with the dvd!)

I haven’t seen a ‘kinky’ video since I last watched Secretary so you can imagine that I was getting all juicy at the prospect of having something that would run longer than my usual 25 second free porn fare.

The dvd for some reason didn’t like our dvd player, but fortunately we’ve got no fewer than five devices that will play dvds in the house, so we knew that eventually one of them would work and it did.

And we watched.

And I cringed.

At the newbie pet-to-be girlie sitting on the floor in a restaurant as her I’ve-only-talked-to-you-for-ten-minutes-and-I-have-no-idea-who-the-hell-you-are owner-to-be hand fed her.

At the naked girlie crawling on her knees across concrete and rock for several days.

At the naked girlie sleeping in a cage smaller than the width of my stewie-ass that had bars on the bottom.

And I said,

“Pfffffft…..!!! As if that would happen!”

I’ve got this problem where I can’t just sit and watch a movie anymore. I have to sit there, pick it apart, point out all the inconsistencies and somehow pass down my judgement on it as though it’s a documentary, when it’s really just a movie and I should be able to accept that.

I do it with movies, books and even blogs. Because I guess, unless I see unbelievable stuff happening in front of my eyes, in the flesh, I find it hard to accept.

But now I’m beginning to wonder whether I don’t believe it simply because *I* can’t do it, and therefore don’t want to accept that anyone else could do it either.

Let’s take the sleeping in the cage example. I’ve spent a sum total of one whole night in my cage because after 8hrs or so I was so cramped up and aching and totally pissed off that I was almost in tears. That is how utterly uncomfortable it was for me. I might add that my cage is about 3 times the size of the smaller-than-my-stewie-ass cage in The Pet and my cage has two inches of foam on the bottom and I had a blanket and a pillow in there.

How can the naked girlie in The Pet be totally butt naked and contorted up ala cirque du soleil, while laying on bars with cold marble underneath and still be happy and chirpy in the morning???

I don’t think I could do it. But does that mean it is impossible?

I see and hear of people doing a lot of things that I feel would be beyond the scope of  my ability (being that I’m a slave and all, I’m not supposed to say that I *can’t* do them…apparently that’s bad form for someone without any limits 🙂 ) Blood and needles and things make me squeamish. I also believe that forks are for eating (sorry, couldn’t resist!) But these are things that I really can’t imagine myself ever doing, so I don’t have a, ‘That isn’t possible!’ opinion about them because…well…I’ve never done them and therefore really don’t know.

But when it comes to things I have done or have experienced (perhaps in some other way or in a similar way) I feel like I have the right to pass judgement based on what I felt and thought. Thus the, “Pfffffft…..!!! As if that would happen!”

I might be tempted to label my feelings as slave pride; like I’ve somehow made a yardstick in my mind based on what I can do/endure and anything that exceeds that is automatically put in the ‘impossible’ bin.

I’m guessing this sort of thing is also bad form for a slave. But how does an A+++, over-achiever, endurance-orientated slave overcome this?

Are forks the only answer???!!??


4 thoughts on “I’m an unbeliever

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  1. How can the naked girlie in The Pet be totally butt naked and contorted up ala cirque du soleil, while laying on bars with cold marble underneath and still be happy and chirpy in the morning???

    Perhaps she can be chirpy in the morning, because she really spent very litlle time in the cage. It is movie making techniques to trick the mind. Is what you saw really what you saw? In the porn world it is all about making money, and in reality protecting the slave, model , so he or she will come back for another day’s pretend slave stuff. The sad part of these porn flicks is that it gives wanna be ‘masters’ inflated ideas to be inflicted on their wife or girl friend.

    I think your readers have experienced about everything possible and still be alive. It would be interesting to share their real experiences. i have slept in a small cage, and could hardly move in the morning. Felt like crap the rest of the day. Sure glad when I graduated to a closet.

    1. I know it’s a movie and so it all looks perfect and easy, but i would have just liked a little bit of reality…like she spends a few minutes stretching out or looks a bit surly or something. Her beaming smile and, ‘Let’s go and play fetch!’ look pissed me off…lol!

      Perhaps we need to have a poll where people can list their real experiences verses the fantasy. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I couldn’t wait to see that movie, the clips that were shown on the website were tantalizing. Then we finally saw it a few months ago and we both cringed.

    Because it was so terrible. Terrible acting, terrible story line, just…terrible. As far as the things she did, what bothered me as a sub was *why* did she have to act like an animal? Yeah, I get it, “The Pet”. And I’m sure there is a fetish for that too (and if someone is reading this that enjoys running around pretending they are a dog 24/7, I’m not putting it down).

    But why couldn’t she have been a *human* pet? How many subs run around on all fours all damn day fetching a stick?

    I was so disappointed.

    1. Yep, I cringed for the ‘actors’ as well. It was like watching an under-rehearsed high school play:)

      I’m guessing they took the ‘doggy action’ angle because the real life of a ‘human pet’ is not movie-worthy material i.e. ‘ooohh, this is a pet….washing the car! ooohh this is a pet…hanging out the laundry!’

      It was disappointing and more importantly I want to know why every domly guy in these movies wears crisp suits and the girls are all clueless!

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