Domestic goddess-ness

After all my recent forays into home baking, food porn and general domestic goddess-ness, Master and I for the month of August are going to take the $100 penny pinching pantry challenge.

Rules of the Challenge

1. Make a list of everything you’ve got in your pantry to start with.

2. Spend no more than $100 on food for a month (includes eating out/groceries/take away).

3. Detail what you spend your $100 on and what you eat.

4. Make a list of everything you’ve got left in your pantry at the end.

I won’t force everyone to read about it ’cause I know half of you are only here for the smut and don’t care about the domestic goddess inside me, so I’ll be posting about our challenge in a page buried way somewhere, but there’s a tab up the top for those who are interested in reading about it.

I so do enjoy a good challenge – now I’ve just got to break Master of his $12 a week chicken burger addiction…lol.


11 thoughts on “Domestic goddess-ness

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  1. I WANT TO DO IT!!!! And read about it too! I LOVE stuff like this, and this is a kick in the ass for me to actually act do something proactive about food…

    Do I have to lower the amount of money ’cause it’s just me eating? Shall I halve it? Can I really exist on that little money? Where did you get the idea? SHOW ME HELP ME DETAILS I WANNA DO IT GIMMIE TELL ME WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOO?


    Good Christ, it’s time for me to go bed.

    ~Chloe, SLIGHTLY tired.

    1. I think it’s time you went to bed Chloe…lol.

      In terms of deciding on a figure, I think you’ve got to choose something that you think is do-able based on what you already spend and how much stuff you’ve got in your pantry. We have a LOT of stuff, so I think 1/4 of what we usually spend in a month is a good figure.

      When I was living alone, I did a 10,000 yen a month food budget thing and it was tough (but once again it depends on the costs of things and exchange rates and whatnot).

      Have a look at the tab for some more details…and sleep. 😉

  2. im excited about how this works out for you too! ( although i think chloe is a bit more excited than i feed 10 people here everyday, so 100.00 absolutely would not work- but maybe i can change it up a bit. anyway, i will be checking back (like im not here every day good luck girly girl!

  3. I’m very interested in finding out what meals you can put together. I don’t think we could take this challenge though, he sneaks way too many trips to Burger King, LOL!

    1. Many, many moons ago I used to sneak away to McDonalds a fair amount, but then Master banned me from it and my addiction was broken…lol.

  4. I love it, and want to read about it!

    I wonder how that translates for us in Canada. We spend $125 a week, usually, for the two of us, and eating fast food or even prepared or packaged meals is very rare. We both cook from scratch. Maybe with the stuff growing in the garden, we can spend less next month. Too bad sausages, steaks and boneless chicken breasts didn’t grow like zucchini (courgettes).


  5. Ha ha ha… no. If it were just me, that would be way too easy, as my personal food budget is around $60 per month. I wouldn’t even need to try. If it were the entire household, well… my mother is on a medically restricted and somewhat expensive diet, eats like a horse and snacks all day long, yet is thin and frequently whines about “starving to death”. I currently spend around $220 a month on her, and assuming she would be willing to participate (almost certainly not) then getting our combined expenses down to $250 would be a more realistic (and fairly difficult) challenge.

    1. $60 a month? Wow, that’s impressive! I don’t think I’ve spent that little even when I lived alone. It does make things considerably more difficult when there are special dietary requirements etc.

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