Karma boots

Day 14 of continual rain in Perth and what does a girlie do to cheer herself up? Shopping!!! Squeeee!!!! I think I have a wee addiction to buying boots: Disturbingly enough I went shopping for jeans and tights and somehow came home with boots. I'm guessing this is some sort of indication of the penetration... Continue Reading →

Things that go bump in the night

I'm officially over the rain. It's been raining for 12 days straight in Perth and I'm announcing that I'm officially over it. Maybe the rain is what is contributing to my crabby mood...well, at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it. Either that or my plague is coming early. Over the last... Continue Reading →

Out of the chrysalis

I'm in an irate mood. One of those ones where everything just grates on your nerves. I thought I was sending out enough vibes to the universe for Master not to ruffle my feathers the wrong way, but no...he still felt the urge to drag his fingernails down my proverbial chalkboard. It's been a while... Continue Reading →

Why the collars and beatings?

Being inquisitively minded and all like I am, I often think about why things are as they are. I wonder about the origins of customs and question why, in a lot of cases, we simply do things because 'they've always been done that way' even though it may not be the most economical or efficient way... Continue Reading →

Pink elephants

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes on our anniversary! We appreciated all the comments 🙂 Along with living with the grumpy man and his particular ways Master for three years, I've been living with a lump of metal around my neck for almost the same period (3 years minus 10 days to be exact). It's quite mind-boggling to... Continue Reading →

Three years and counting

It's our three year anniversary today and we celebrated it in grand fashion: I announced that it was our anniversary on the phone. Master confirmed the fact that indeed it was. He then asked me what I bought him. I asked him what he'd bought me. He said slaves don't get presents. I said I'm... Continue Reading →

By the way side

Last night Master did something that he has not done for a very long time - he came into my room after I'd gone to bed and checked whether I was sleeping with my bed chain attached to my collar. I can't remember the last time he did that...four months ago? six months ago? last... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning with kitten

I've had my big-mother cup of cappuccino to get me started, done my pantry challenge update and now I think I'm awake enough to tackle a blog post. And I wait for the inspiration.... Still waiting.... *whistles while she waits.....* Let me entertain you with further thoughts on food and me while I wait for inspiration: I read... Continue Reading →

A weighty matter

Today I reached my goal weight of 60kg and on my 165cm frame that gives me a slap-bang-in-the-middle-of-the-healthy-BMI-range BMI of 22. That's considerably lower than the BMI of 28 that I started with, but I have to say I'm not happy with the results. You know how when you're overweight and you think, "If I... Continue Reading →

Dom Wanted: Apply within.

Position vacant: Dom Must have: Experience, financial stability, police clearance, care factor for property, own shit together Desirable: A castle, crisp suits, red sportscar, maid Nightfall left an interesting observation on my previous post saying that women (whether submissive or domme) want a man with experience and that it is hard to get that experience. Of course... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned

One thing I learned from my abortive first slavery experience was, it's hard to be a slave to someone who doesn't have their shit together. I mean really... how can you respect someone and trust them to do what's right for you when they can't even look after themselves? Take it from me, it just... Continue Reading →

It cuts like a knife

Some time on Sunday afternoon I jumped on top of Master as he lay on the couch (which is just something I like to do every now and then when I'm feeling 'lonely'), kissed him a few times and asked him how he was feeling. He looked up at me and said ever-so-casually, "I was thinking about advertising... Continue Reading →

Honey, I found my clitoris!

I'm embarassed to say, but it's been three whole months too long since I last removed hair from my beaver. Generally speaking, I'm a bad slave because I only remove hair when that part of me is going to be on display and since we haven't been anywhere to play in public for three months,... Continue Reading →

Snot beats slavery

You know what happens when I'm sick? My slavery exits stage left and doesn't come back until the snot stops flowing. I woke up this morning and immediately got dressed in three layers of clothing.  I suppose that's not unusual except there's an unwritten rule that I'm to pay a naked bootie call to Master's bed... Continue Reading →

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