Snot beats slavery

You know what happens when I’m sick?

My slavery exits stage left and doesn’t come back until the snot stops flowing.

I woke up this morning and immediately got dressed in three layers of clothing.  I suppose that’s not unusual except there’s an unwritten rule that I’m to pay a naked bootie call to Master’s bed by 9am on Saturday mornings.

This morning I didn’t even think about getting naked and booted and heading to Master’s bed for our usual Saturday morning ravishing. I was feeling as slavey and sexy as the soggy tissues in my pocket and it just wasn’t going to happen.

“Bitch! Where’s my nakedness and boots?”

Master had spotted me and had the look – the horny look which means something is going to get pinched, slapped or licked unless I get out of there quickly.

As he twisted my arm behind my back to stop any pre-emptive slave escapes, he took a long look at my snotty red nose, the third eye growing off the side of my face and my plague underwear and I could see him struggling with the choice before him:

Do I take this sad excuse for a slave to my bed and have my way with her, or do I give a sick and plaguing girlie some slack?

Even though he’d shaved and had cheeks as smooth as a baby’s bottie (because I always complain about losing several layers of skin during ravishings thanks to his stubble) in anticipation of an hour or so of quality Master-on-slave time, he let me go. So we had coffee and crumpets and chilled in the chilly morning.

I was thankful.

After breathing through my mouth all night thanks to my lovely stuffy nose, my jaw was killing me and I had a pounding headache. I’d had feverish dreams of Master publishing several cookbooks and me complaining that there weren’t any food porn pics in them, just words.

Once the coffee was imbibed and pills popped I felt slightly more human and we started our day.

I just had the divine brazillian pumpkin soup Master made for me and some toasted turkish bread. I’ve got a full tummy and a cozy fire to blow my nose in front of. I don’t think Master or I are in any condition to go to the play party tonight. It’s a shame, but at least I’ve already got my outfit for the next one 😉

(I’ve added Day 1 of the pantry challenge to the tabs.)


2 thoughts on “Snot beats slavery

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  1. better to have you well rather than sick and its no fun tormenting a sick girl, was a fun night, you were both missed.

  2. I’m glad you had fun! I saw the pics you posted on Fet…love the outfit! Hopefully we’ll make it to at least one party befor summer 😉

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