Honey, I found my clitoris!

I’m embarassed to say, but it’s been three whole months too long since I last removed hair from my beaver. Generally speaking, I’m a bad slave because I only remove hair when that part of me is going to be on display and since we haven’t been anywhere to play in public for three months, it had been going feral.

In the intervening time it had grown to a length where I could plait it and quite possibly there might of been a colony of sea monkeys or something living in there. I really wouldn’t know because my bush was that thick. Funnily enough, the longer the hair is, the more it hurts because it gets wrapped around the rings and pulls and yeah, I thought it was time I did something about it.

So I thought I’d grace you with a pic of my clean pussy – sans one barbell.

Clean beaver

I can see a few stray hairs there, but I think I did a pretty good job for a slave who is desperately out of hair removal practice. As you can see, I haven’t taken the other barbell out because I really don’t know what to do, so for a while longer I will be lop-sided.

As I was laying in the bath I was thinking, Should I? Can I be bothered to remove it? Can I live with the itchiness and ouchiness as it grows back in a couple of days? (that prickly feeling between your ass cheeks as you walk along is just the worst!) But then I thought of Master. I thought that he’d enjoy a hair-free slut in boots since he hadn’t been well. And it turns out that he really did enjoy the surprise. Once I emerged from the bath, I was promptly taken to his bed and ravished 🙂

Poodle pup

(Yes, we have a poodle who loves to be in the thick of things.)

Looking at my cunt, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pretty unique. I have no inner labia to speak of and the outer labia are like these big, thick lips. It’s definitely not the most femine or attractive one I’ve seen and I’ve seen a few. Perhaps putting some jewellery through it was the kindest thing to do 😉

(And is it just me or do my ass cheeks hanging down in the background make me look like I’ve got balls?)

(Day 2 info for the pantry challenge is also up!)


22 thoughts on “Honey, I found my clitoris!

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  1. actually sweetie, i hink your ass looks lovely- and good job on the hair removal…lol.. i myself like a clean shaven pussy- i shave every other day here at home, but daily when im with Master…im a little anal that way..lol. i wanted to congratulate you on your diet/weight loss also- you look beautiful!

    1. question! how do you manage to shave that often and not get razor burn?!?!?! Master loves me shaved and smooth but being italian I have dark hair…and if I shave too soon (within 4-6 days) I get this hideous razor burn which is worse that fuzz, in my opinion! please help?

      1. I know! I could never shave myself so often either. My hair is black and like steel wool down there and the actual feeling of running a razor over those hairs is like scraping your fingernails down a chalkboard for me – totally freaks me ou!

        1. a razor doesn’t bother me, but it is a pain to get in there and de-fuzz myself considering I’ve got to wrangle my tits out of the way (damn G cups!)

          I think I’m almost to the point of considering a waxing *eeep!*

  2. that word was “think”- not hink….. goshhhhhh, i re read before i hit submit too…lol.. duhhh…lol

    1. Fanks! I really hate that there is no ‘edit’ button for comments…it’s so annoying sometimes!

      You’re a very good girl for shaving every other day….I’m a baaaad, bad girl who shaves infrequently and would like to live on a hippy colony.

    1. I use Nair. I can’t stand the feeling of a razor down there – it does totally freaks me out. I know they say not to use Nair on your private bits, but as long as I use the sensitive skin one, I don’t have any problems (except when I accidently get some on my clit and it burns like hell! lol)

      Jacque is cute, but he’s a little too interested in my pussy for my liking 🙂

      1. yeah i had a squirm when i saw the pic but its still cute lol.

        i used to use nair but got lazy and started having the brazillian done.

  3. The top picture is just one of those things that people either love or hate, with very little middle ground. I’ve seen people respond to similar images (in more general adult areas) with comments like “OMG, why? Get rid of the metal, it’s ruining a good thing!” plus a rare few who complain about the lack of pubic hair. However, I’m one of those people who is more like, “It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.”

    1. *blushes* thank you 🙂

      Personally, I think an unadulterated, hair-free pussy looks best. There’s something about metal down there that detracts from the femininity of the area. I don’t think it ‘ruins’ it, but simple can be the best.

  4. Looks beewtiful 😀 and yup I use Nair too … it freekin sucks when it burns. I do the nutty ow dance when that happens. I ahte the smell of that stuff though but hell it works a treat.

    1. The smell is definitely gross. I love the spatula that comes with some of the tubes – it makes the removal so much nicer than using a flannel.

  5. Have you looked back any time recently at your photo taken almost 3 years ago when your piercings were new? You say now, “… and the outer labia are like these big, thick lips” but they didn’t look that way back then.

    1. I’ve always had ‘thick lips’ and even when I had them pierced the piercer commented that he had never had someone with lips as thick as mine before. He really had a hard time getting the needles through.

      Maybe it’s just the angle of the photos.

  6. Just wanted to say – my vagina looks almost identical to yours! no inner labia, those nice thick piercable outer labia – woohoo!

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