Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most submissive one of all?

Married Man’s Fucktoy was asking a question over on her blog about what act you’ve performed that made you feel the most submissive. The usual submissive act subjects of being used as a toilet and public humiliation were offered up and I thought too that drinking piss and public insertion of butt plug were high up on my list. Then I had a bit more of a think about it and realised that even though those acts made me feel ‘used’, the acts that really made me feel submissive were the simple everyday ones like changing his sheets and cleaning his toilet.

Why do these seemingly simple acts make me feel submissive?

Because I don’t get anything out of them on any level. They don’t scratch my bondage itch, my humiliation and degradation itch or my wanton slut itch. They are just things that need to be done. They are what I would call ‘pure service’ acts that I do simple because I’m the slave and he’s my owner and obeying is what I do.

I don’t get a ‘good girl’ out of them. I don’t get pretty trophies to take photos of and post to my blog. I get nothing out of them except the ability to say, ‘Yes, I have’ when he asks, “Did you clean my bathroom bitch?”

If I was service-orientated, I’d most definitely get my service itch scratched by washing his clothes or cleaning up his messes or putting his stuff away, but unfortunately I don’t have a service itch and if I wasn’t his slave, I’d be telling him to do his own shit because, “I’m not your mother fucktard!” So the fact that I do these things regardless of how I feel about them and, generally speaking, without bitching and moaning incessantly about them is directly due to the fact that I’m wearing the shiny thing.

And weirdly enough, when I don’t bitch and moan about what I have to do, when I do them like it’s the most natural thing in the world, that’s when I feel really, really insanely submissive.

As MM’s Fucktoy says though, this question is totally subjective and each person’s answer will be totally different. What pushes my buttons won’t push another person’s buttons and whoever the mirror shows will depend on who is looking in it.


9 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most submissive one of all?

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  1. as someone with a service itch *chuckles* as well as all the other lovely itches, I would have to say I feel the most submissive when I get to scratch them. Maybe thats because I’m still in a long distance relationship for the next 11 days…..guess we’ll find out!

    1. Don’t you feel more submissive having to do things you don’t want to do? Generally I find how submissive I feel is in direct proportion to how much I don’t enjoy the act 🙂

  2. It might sound dumb, but sometimes the most submissive I feel is not from an act on my part, but an act on his. And a TINY one at that. It’s when he bites my tongue.

    I have a tongue ring, and sometimes when we’re kissing he bites down on my tongue just behind the tongue ring. And I’m utterly trapped. His hands, arms, legs, and entire body are FREE and technically mine are too, but for some reason there is slight stress when my tongue is trapped outside my body, and all of me feels a bit trapped, enclosed, owned, and in a state of submission. A I can’t pull it through his teeth, even if I tried. That steel barbell is holding me in place. It’s almost symbolic. It’s (sort of) my choice to have that tongue ring in – I like it and it feels right. I had it before Antonio (it just never got put to any good use!) Just like being submissive. I always had it in me, it just never got used properly before – never felt SO right until he came along. And – with the tongue ring and my submissive nature, it’s there so he can use it to his advantage. And I LOVE that.

    I’m just totally helpless with my tongue stuck outside my mouth, clamped in his teeth.. Pressed right against his face, I can’t think straight, I have no ability to talk, and no way to move away from him even a centimeter. It always makes me feel incredibly possessed and submissive.

    But, then again, I’m a bit of a weirdo. 🙂


    1. no, i totally understand that! i have an on/off button….my hair being pulled just the right way. i can’t think or even barely breath when He does it and He knows it!! I love it tho and i crave it, even if the rest of me is completely free i become putty, complete submissiveness.

    2. Tongue & belly button piercings just totally freak me out. I would be scared of catching them on things (like other people’s teeth…lol.)

      Being restrained in any way shape or form is a great way of feeling submissive, but as I said, because I ‘enjoy’ it I don’t feel as submissive as when I’m scrubbing his shower screen with a toothbrush 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s very different because everyone is wired differently. I think it also depends on your mood and your relationship and a whole variety of other things. At the moment, this is what makes me feel submissive – next week might be different 😉

  3. the requirement of honesty. it can even be as small as him asking me “how do you feel?”, and i can’t escape the question at all no matter what mood i’m in or how much i feel like sharing at that moment. I tend to want to keep my feelings private, to hold them in until it drives me mad. With the requirement of true and open honesty, our relationship has overcome many bumps in the road.

    1. haha I was reading this saying “hmm that sounds familiar, I was going to say the same thing.” Then I read the name. Good girl.

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