Body fluids and all that jazz – slightly nauseating topic

The last couple of days I’ve noticed a slightly disturbing trend in the search terms people are using to ‘find’ my blog. Here are just a few of the more worrying ones:

snot blowing bdsm women

master shitting on his slavegirl

vomit slavegirl cleaning

slavegirl toilet

shitting herself

consensual labia removal

Notice the trend? Yes, that’s correct, no-one has mentioned the word bondage in any of them and I’m all about the bondage 😉

(And as for the last one, I just had to list it because it’s worrying for an ENTIRELY different reason and probably deserves an entire post dedicated to it…)

So there seems to be a significant portion of my readership who are interesting in all the grosse things that come out of the human body. Fascinating.

A little while back I mentioned the period blood fetish that some people seem to have and the fact that there are websites about it. I guess based on that, I really shouldn’t be surprised that there are people into things dealing with other bodily fluids. But if anyone can explain to me their fascination with snot, please drop me a line. I’m absolutely aching to understand how anyone can get off watching someone blowing snot out of their nose (and I’m hoping to god that there is a a box of tissues involved.)

Bodily fluids are a bit of a gray area in bdsm. You’ll find a great deal of people list ‘scat, children and animals’ in their list of hard limits, but I’ve rarely seen ‘snot, vomit or piss’. Does that mean that snot-blowing, vomit-eating and piss-drinking are all on the menu?? I doubt it, but I guess most subbly folk assume that they won’t be asked to do any of those things because, well, they’re just grosse. But theoretically, if you’re allowed hard limits and you haven’t listed everything in there, you could be required to do exactly one of those things.

Everyone seems to think that piss is okay, and yes, I’d have to list golden showers as one of my all-time favourite acts that make me feel submissive in a sexual way, but when it comes to drinking, the standard line seems to be, ‘Well, urine is sterile so it’s okay’. A fairly important fact that a lot of people miss, however,  is that urine is only sterile to the person it came out of and not simply to anyone who may drink it. It’s also a fairly big concern if the person who is providing the piss is on any sort of medication, as what goes in, must come out to a certain degree.

Personally, along with scat, children, animals, snot, vomit, piss and spit, I’d be listing a hell of a lot of things on my hard limit list- if I had one-including,

‘Listening to Tom Jones’

‘Watching war shit or anything in black & white on tv’

‘Boots that make me feel like I’m going to break my ankle at any moment’

Unfortunately, I don’t have hard limits, a contract or anything else that governs what I will or will not do. So, in effect, I live in constant fear that Master will make me do something that I don’t want to do. It’s at this point that I would like to smugly say that I know he wouldn’t make me doing anything that’s on my imaginary hard limit list, and therefore it’s not an issue, but quite honestly, I don’t know what he’s going to have for lunch, let alone what he’s going to want to do to me from any given moment to given moment.

It’s also at this point that I’d like to say that I trust him enough that he wouldn’t make me do anything on my hard limit list, but the reality is that I don’t. Of course, it’s within his interests not to do anything to me that sends me to hospital, results in the hacking off of a limb (as then I wouldn’t be able to clean the house sufficiently) or that would get him a jail sentence, but theoretically he still could do it –  especially if I was tied down and couldn’t get the hell away from him.

So the lot of a slavegirl is to live in fear and to try to get on with life as best as you can, ignoring the possibilities of what could happen to you…that and to have a good exit plan when things start looking a bit hairy 😉


10 thoughts on “Body fluids and all that jazz – slightly nauseating topic

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  1. i once visited my then sir while he was in canberra, at that point in time i was drinking the old golden ale :), we were out the back and he pushed me to my knees and got his todger out, he started to pee, i would have normally drank it but at that very point in time, i had a light bulb moment and spat the very big mouthfull of piss all over him, he had been rather ill with shingles and was taking some very heavy medication, my light bulb moment was exactly like you put it kitten, what he injested would come out in his pee and could effect me, i have a penicylin allergy and traces of his medications would have affected me. he wasnt impressed that i sprayed his pee all over him but once i explained my reasoning he accepted that it wasnt just because i didnt want to do it. i still ingdulge in the odd golden shower or two lol but it never passes my lips.

    1. That would of been a close call if you hadn’t twigged when you did carina.

      I’m kind of laughing at you spitting his pee back all over him…teehee!

      1. after the shock of having sprayed him with his own pee and his going off at me, i cracked up all hysterical like, i lost total control, he at that time had gone back in the house, so i was safe to loose it for a bit, hehe.

    1. How can you not know how to check your blog stats???? I check mine about a billion times a day for endless amusement. You should find everything you need to know in your Dashboard>> Blog Stats.

        1. correction ….. I don’t see anything under search terms 😛 I just went for a peek and saw where you were talking about. How did I miss that on my blog stats page? *shakes head*

  2. Yanno… Reading this:

    “Does that mean that snot-blowing, vomit-eating and piss-drinking are all on the menu?? I doubt it, but I guess most subbly folk assume that they won’t be asked to do any of those things because, well, they’re just grosse.”

    I practically blushed.

    First off, I was all “Well, yes, I drink piss. He says so, I do. It’s foul, but anytime I say that, he’ll make me tell him I love it.” And as long as he’s healthy, it’s low-risk.

    Second… During a rough face-fuck (read: all of them) I swear it’s his mission to make me puke, and then gag me with his dick, all covered in my puke.

    A lot of snot pours outta me too, and ends up in my mouth. Not his, so far, though… So that’s good, I suppose?

    But I guess I’m told to do some gross stuff! Heh.


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