Why women don’t bother asking men to help around the house…


Because generally speaking, they do a really half-assed job of it.

I was hanging out some clothes yesterday and was bringing in the dry ones when I saw this Masterful display of hanging out by my domlier half. I just had to take a picture and share it because it was so truly half-assed.

Apparently in a study of 12 developed nations Australia took the prestigious last place in the egalitarian stakes – even behind Japan the country where  ‘women walk three steps behind the men’!!! So pretty much, Australian women have sweet-fuck-all chance of getting the menfolk to do anything around the house.

Master enjoys washing clothes. He’s very good at putting clothes in the machine and turning it on. He’s not so good at the hanging out, bringing in, folding, ironing or putting away that is supposed to go along with the ‘washing of the clothes’. Often he’ll put a load of washing on at 6pm, which, thanks to our uberly slow front-loading washing machine, means the cycle finishes somewhere between 8:30 and 9pm. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be standing outside in the freezing cold hanging out washing in the dark at that time, so I generally leave the hanging out until the next day. And sometimes I forget and that’s what prompted Master to take matters into his own hands and display his finely-tuned, half-assed hanging out skills.

Now if women displayed such half-assed skills doing something that really mattered to the menfolk, like changing the oil in the car or getting scum out from between the buttons on the tv remote control, I’m sure they would be feeling as stressed as women who find a shirt precariously hanging on for dear life on their washing line.

Women: if only half of the women did things half as half-assed as the men, the world would come to a grinding halt.


15 thoughts on “Why women don’t bother asking men to help around the house…

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    1. Nope! Which I why I generally don’t. It’s much quicker and painless if I just do it and talk to myself under my breath the entire time 🙂

  1. i have this thing about clothes being hung correctly because i do NOT iron but hang them out, fold and hang up when dry, seeing something like that demonstration makes my blood boil, my housemate is a shocker for it and i have to turn a blind eye.

      1. lol living with someone no matter what the dynamic is, is bound to have one or the other climbing the walls, in this case its me doing the climbing.

  2. Ok, just to be clear, and also to be your obliging contrarian, men do a dandy job of house-what-ever. We really do. It’s just a matter of finding out what exactly it is that we do do well…and yes, I did say do-do.

    My excelling at laundry by way of using a drier rather than a line obviates the opportunity for asymetricism, as I note from your picture is your objection.

    The other obvious short-coming in all this hoo-rah is this: beer. The quality, quantity and availabilty of beer is in direct correlation to a man’s ability to perform menial (to his mind) tasks. The US and Japan both have decent beers, while down under has excellent beers. Quantities are equivalent. It’s only in the matter of availability that there is a distinction. Since Australian and New Zealand both tax the shit out of everything, men need to be more active in their pursuit of beer by way of work or the dole or whatever. As a consequence, they spend more time drinking the nectar than most men so as to make it less available to others who would consume it first. In the US, Obam-unism is only now coming to the realization that beer, as a taxable commodity, is ripe for ruination. Americans -will- be soon in stride with their brothers from down yonder.

    Upton, one-in-unity-with-his-bro’s, Ogood

    1. So beer is the x-factor in all things manly…I should of known. Unfortunately my domlier half has drank a number of beers this year that I can quite literally count on the fingers of one hand… Do you have any other excuses for men being half-assed? 😉

    1. Well, I was going to take pictures of the towels in their various states of disarray as well, but I thought the shirt was the funniest.

    1. Well, it was dry before I realised how half-assed it was, so all I did was take the shirt out of its suffering and brought it inside…

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