Things I often wonder about…

* Is it wrong to spend upwards of an hour on an exercise bike watching…the food channel?

* When men say they like a woman with ‘a bit of meat on her bones’, do they really mean it or do they only say it because they think that’s what we want to hear? I mean, I’ve never seen a woman with ‘a bit of meat on her bones’ in playboy, a porn movie or on anything on tv except “The Biggest Loser”.

* Should I make creme brulee, tart tatin, a flourless chocolate cake, a lemon meringue, a caramel tart, a citrus tart or a cheesecake for dessert on Sunday?

* If food and bondage came together in a wonderful fusion, would it be called Foodage?

* Do I spend too much time thinking about food?

*What it will be like having Master home every night from now on…it’s been nearly two years, so it’s kind of like learning to live together all over again.

* Was I as annoying when I was a teenager as the 30 or so teenagers I have the unfortunate pleasure of sharing the bus with every morning?

* Does Kim Kardashian’s butt look as big in real life as it does on tv?

* Can I psyche myself into cleaning the house if I drink enough caffeine?

* Why does the poodle pup insists on sitting in front of the fire until he overheats and starts panting…and why he doesn’t move away so I can get some heat FFS!!!??

* How much butter is in a stick? (our butter comes in 250g packets)

* In the same vein, how much ice cream is in a quart? (our ice cream comes in 2 litre, 4 litre and 6 litre tubs)

* Why do people in the UK still talk about weight in pounds and stones, but in the US it’s only pounds?

* Is corn syrup made of corn? (for the record, we don’t really use it in Australia and it’s quite hard to find)

* Why is most cheese in the US a disturbing shade of orange and is it true you can get cheese in cans?

*Do I spend too much time looking at recipes and food blogs?

*Do I spend too much time wondering about really random stuff?


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  1. Cheeze Whiz is a cheese product, which means it’s not REAL cheese.

    Butter sticks are 8 tbsp or 1/2 cup, I think the conversion is 230 grams, I will have to relearn to cook if we ever move to Australia or NZ like we want.

    Corn syrup is made from corn! It’s also bad for you, no matter what the commercials tell you.

    Kim Kardashian’s ass is huge, and she is so hott. I wish I looked just like her…grrr

    And all teenagers are annoying.

    1. So Cheese Whiz is kind of a ‘ I *CAN* believe it’s not cheese!’ situation?? Lol.

      What’s really confusing in Australia is that older cookbooks are all in pounds & ounces with oven temps in fahrenheit or gas marks…I’m hoping a stick doesn’t have 230g in it, because I see a lot of recipes requiring 2 sticks of butter which would work out to be like a pound of butter EEEEP!!

      I remember seeing Whoopi on The View saying that corn syrup is a product of the devil…lol.

      I have to agree that Kim is very hot. What I find amusing though is how the other sisters and her mum try to act like they are as hot as her.

      I seriously don’t think I was that annoying – *makes mental note to check with her mother re. teenage years*

  2. Marilyn Monroe had meat on her bones, and she was worshipped!

    Yes, the canned cheese is great for squirting on celery. Or inside the dog’s rubber Kong toy. (Honest, you can buy it in pet shops.)

    We don’t say pounds or stone here in Canada. We say kilograms. Unless you’re over40 then you say pounds.

    A pound of butter = 4 sticks. One stick = 1/2 cup or 250 ml. A pound of butter in Canada (cuz we don’t have pounds any more) is 454 grams.

    A quart has 5 cups or 40 ounces in the old Canadian measurement, but 4 cups or 32 ounces in the US.


    1. Somehow I think Marilyn had other things going for her as well as some meat on her bones! Lol.

      Older people here still use feet & inches and pounds & ounches too, but I just find it interesting that in the US they don’t use stones for weight, just pounds & ounces.

      If you’re using melted butter, the 1/2 cup or 250ml is easy to measure, but if you need softened or hard butter, it gets a bit tough. I hate that things aren’t standardised!

      So a quart of ice cream would be about a litre… I guess that makes sense when people say they ate *a whole quart* of ice cream and now feel guilty 😉

      Thanks for the answers Hermoine! ( and yes, I could of googled everything, but like talking to people better)

  3. Women who are in playboy and typical porn work hard to look the way they do. Not just in terms of weight, but general appearance. And then they often pay big money for plastic surgery, stretch mark removal, whatever. Most women cannot afford the time and money to look like this unless they’ve got a rich husband and don’t need to work, or else it’s their job to look good (i.e. model, porn star). Even fewer do so naturally. As a tiny “elite” (and I use that term loosely) who are greatly desirable to a large chunk of the populace, supply and demand is such that considerable money can be made off of their images. Whereas more normal people can be seen everywhere, so even if a lot of people prefer them over the “elites”, their images aren’t worth nearly as much.

    Now if 90% of women looked like porn stars, 5% were “average”, and 5% were fat; and fat women were considered desirable by, say, 35% of the populace, then in that reality fat women would dominate mainstream porn. It doesn’t even matter if 40%-60% prefer the “porn stars”, they’d be the common ones so there would be much less demand for their images. I’m not just guessing at this; at some points of history fat women *were* a highly desired “commodity” in some circles because only well-fed (read: very wealthy) women even had a chance of becoming non-thin.

    Also, consider yourself lucky not to be exposed to corn syrup. It’s not only made from corn, but from the so-called #2 corn, a breed which is mostly inedible to humans. It gets broken down into it’s raw components which are reassembled into various kinds of sugars and chemicals, which are used to manufacture things that are referred to as “food” but in some ways more closely resemble “toxic waste”. (For example, in America, most brands of “chicken nuggets”, whether from a restaurant or a store, contain more corn-based chemicals than actual chicken.)

    Anyway, corn syrup is bad because it’s a form of sugar that doesn’t get partially consumed by our gut bacteria (they need a bit of sugar, and if they don’t get any they suffer and so do we, symbiosis and all that) and then it gets sucked up by the fat cells like a vacuum cleaner so that the body doesn’t even get a chance to use some of it as energy first. And also it gets absorbed through the gut in preference to the body’s other needs (i.e. protein & nutrients & such), so you’re not getting enough of the things you really need and will still be hungry unless you eat a lot of the stuff. So you eat even more. Which is a vicious circle that makes you fat really easily. And since food that contains corn syrup probably contains a lot of other corn-based junk, you’re going to get a double or triple dose of a lot of other bad things too.

    Cheese in the US, canned or otherwise, often contains annatto, a spice made from the seed of the achiote tree, which grows mainly in Central and South America. It’s mostly used in the US as a food coloring to turn things orange. It also (in my opinion anyway) screws up the flavor of most of the things it’s put in. I have to pay extra for cheese which actually tastes like cheese. (Mozzarella is relatively cheap here, but doesn’t count, because it doesn’t taste like much really.) Again, you’re lucky, in a way, to not have this. I’ve had Australian imports and your cheese is better than ours.

    1. Amen on the corn syrup! We spend a lot of time looking at the ingredient list on the food we buy to avoid corn syrup, cuts out about 80% of processed foods. The only thing we consciously ingest with corn syrup is Pepsi as it goes well with rum! When we get back to Perth later this year it’s going to be interesting to see the difference in food from Texas.

      1. In Perth you’ll find a lot of mediocre over-priced food and ridiculously over-priced seafood. We, of course, have our fair share of processed foods and junk, but fortunately most people don’t add corn syrup to things that they cook at home.

    2. Thank you for all the info and taking the time to write such a lengthy comment!

      I often wonder if showing ‘real women’ in the media would encourage more women to be over-weight (as showing thin women doesn’t seem to be encouraging women to be thin) or maybe the images in the media don’t really affect people and it’s just the availability of over-processed food that is to blame…

  4. I’m glad that Hermiione brought up the Marilyn Monroe. I, for one, love women with meat on their bones. I want curves on a women. But too many women and men have been brainwashed by their skinny fashion models who all appear to have an eating disorder. Bring back Marilyn Monroe size women. Or look at the women in the Rueben paintings The strange thing is that few women exist outside the fashion magazines who llook like fashion models. The average American woman is size 12 and something like 150 pounds.


    1. The thing I find the most amusing is that women were loved for being *fluffy* back then because it was a status thing. If you were poor, you obviously couldn’t afford to feed yourself fat! So the rich ppl went for the chunkers because it was a sign of wealth to be able to afford to pad yourself thus.

      Now a days its just realistic. If you want a woman, date a WOMAN! not something that looks like puberty passed it by. I, for one, don’t want to even attempt anything intimate with a woman if I feel like one good thrust is going to crack something or bruise me from the effort. As a fleshy woman, I appreciate meat on all ppl…be they man or woman. I want something to cuddle with and be able to take the force with which, pardon my french, I prefer to fuck with.

      Will someone pass me the corn syrup? My size 14 jeans are feeling a bit loose….

  5. Thin (skinny) women = sharp pointy hip bones.

    Worries that the chains may be grinding into her bony wrist, or concerns about bruising the bone when giving her a good beating.

    Or simply the lack of pleasure at the dinner table cause she starving herself for that hollywood, runway model role.

    Not fun.

    A woman should feel like a hot water bottle full of Devinshire creme, not a half empty bag of coat hangers.

    Oh summer is on its way, it started getting chilly at night up here. Please send it back at the earliest possible moment.

    Be safe

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