A big part of why I do this thing called 'slavery' is that I have a need for the feeling of being kept & protected. I wrote previously about the relationship security that I get from being someone's property, but I've also recently noticed that feeling safe and secure - both mentally and physically - play a... Continue Reading →


You may be a bad slave if…

(1) The floor of your bedroom slavecell looks like this: (gonzo may be under there somewhere....) (2) You call your Master, Owner and Deity: 'Pumpkin' 'Sweetiepie' 'Honeybunch' 'Bitch............................owner' (4) You respond to every request, order or demand from your Master with:  'Why?' (5) Your idea of getting 'down and dirty' involves you planting a herb... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Master is a very sexual being. He needs at least a daily ravishing and has absolutely no problems talking about how I make him feel. He indulges,  pretty much without fail, in his word porn during every interrogation session and basically, is just very comfortable with the reality of sex between two people. Me? I... Continue Reading →

A slave worth playing with

I read an interesting little article that was doing the rounds of Fet a while ago but has resurfaced recently. It was essentially a beginners guide to bdsm spelling out how to avoid wanker doms and what to do and not do when playing.  Amongst the ho-hum-not-again talk of safecalls and safewords, there was a section... Continue Reading →

A potato is a potato is a potato

How many times have you started reading a blog, talked with someone online or met someone in r/l and all you've wanted to know about them is 'what' they are? Are they sub, slave, switch, dom, domme, top, bottom, trans, bi, tri...?? The list goes on... Generally 'what' someone is, is the first thing I want to... Continue Reading →

The Secret Time

Wanna know the secret of how to have a successful bdsm relationship?? Do ya? Do ya? I'm not saying my relationship is the be all and end all of bdsm relationships, the one to be emulated and the one on which the Great Book of BDSM will be written, but from my observations, a 24/7... Continue Reading →

Diet time

A few people have been asking me recently how I've managed to lose the weight so here's a bit of a run-down. This entry is totally skippable if you haven't the slightest interest in food & diet...there's also no porn or nakedness don't say I didn't warn you! It's been exactly 6 months since... Continue Reading →

Bad karma time

Everything I touch or even just glance at out of the corner of my eye these past couple of days has just gone wrong. My usual two-hour walk home yesterday turned into a 2 & 1/2 hr battle with the elements as I got thrashed by ridiculous wind, rain and ended up so soaked I had to take refuge in Bunnings... Continue Reading →

Quiz time

I had an email waiting for me when I got home from work today from one of my friends in Japan saying that the food parcel I had sent her had arrived today. I'm always impressed with how quickly mail leaves Australia as I only sent it on Saturday afternoon (today is Wednesday) but the mystery... Continue Reading →

Party time?

So Master has officially left the state and I'm alone for the next 5 days while he visits family in Melbourne. As we snuggled last night he asked what I was planning on doing while he was away: "Oh, you know, have a few facebook-announced orgies and see how many people turn up & then dye... Continue Reading →

Whenever, however

Being a slave, one of the really tough things to deal with is what to do when there's something wrong with your man. Of course, in day-to-day life you deal with colds and tummy upsets and other sorts of medical things that be-fall menfolk and generally they act like they're dying for a few days... Continue Reading →

Is it a phase?

I wonder if a slave in a consensual bdsm relationship has ever woken up one day and thought, "I don't want to be a slave anymore". Not because they weren't having their itches scratched, because their domly one had done anything wrong or because there was something wrong with their relationship. Simply because they decided that... Continue Reading →

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