Learning to love what you don’t

Over the years as I’ve matured and my tastes have changed, I’ve discovered that I like things that I never used to.

For example, the list of foods I never used to eat was long and included some of the best foods known to man: olives, tomatoes, mangoes, any fish that wasn’t covered in bread crumbs & shaped like little fingers, anchovies, mandarins, seaweed, miso and pretty much anything that didn’t come out of a bottle, packet or the freezer.

My tastes in music have also been tempered and I find myself enjoying a bit of Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean and the Australian icon John Farnham from time to time.

But after four years of being a slave, I still haven’t managed to gain an appreciation for service and it’s a continuing reason for me doubting whether I actually am a slave or not. See, I really do think that to be classed as a slave you do have to be into service. I mean, who the hell has ever heard of a slave who wasn’t into serving her owner???

It’s almost an oxymoron: non-service-orientated-slave. It sounds almost as bad as a blood-phobic-surgeon or a star-trek-hating-geek. It’s just not a description you hear everyday and on my slave resume it doesn’t exactly look glowing:

‘Can cook a mean-ass dinner, but you can serve it your fucking self.’

I guess I also have a problem with deciding exactly what constitutes service to begin with. Does it only refer to the sexual stuff or the domestic stuff, or a little bit of both? Is licking your owner’s feet service, but polishing his boots is not? How about making him coffee? (’cause I do that a billion times a day, so am I actually fulfilling my required service quota just by mixing the right amount of coffee with milk and stirring it the prescribed number of times?)

When you’re a live-in slave all the defining lines get a bit blurry. If you only meet on weekends and spend the time together as Master & slave then I guess everything you do can be counted as service, but when you’re doing the M/s thing 24/7 then where do you draw the line between slave stuff & girlfriend/room-mate/domestic help bitch stuff? Surely everything I do as his slave is not service, so what is and what isn’t?

I describe myself as non-service-orientated because I don’t enjoy doing a lot of stuff for Master. Take today, I spent my morning sucking cock and being ravished, but then had to make his porridge & cut his toenails.  The morning bit was good, the stuff after that was not so good. I’d class the sexual stuff as use and the domestic stuff as service, but that’s just me.

I still have yet to gain an appreciation for any alcohol that doesn’t have a cute name like ‘breezer’, blue cheese and slimy things like oysters, fish roe & fermented soya beans (natto) so maybe there will be a time when cutting his toenails makes me go weak at knees as well. One can only hope.


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  1. I don’t think you HAVE to have a service itch to be a proper slave, just like you don’t have to have amazing culinary skills to be a wife 😛 it helps, sure! But its not mandatory. As much as I get a kick and a thrill out all types of service to my Master, I am right there with you on the feet thing!! I can barely stand to touch someones feet let alone clip their toenails for them…my hats off to you!

    1. I dunno…I don’t really feel like a ‘twue’ slave without a service kink…

      The cutting of the toenails thing wasn’t too bad because I know how much he hates having his feet touched so I got a twisted sense of pleasure from it…lol.

  2. I think whether or not you’re service-oriented, hate it or love it, even if you’re bitching and moaning about it…. you’re still doing it. you still made his porridge and cut his toenails. I think that defines you as a slave. I mean, in all of history, have you ever heard of slaves enjoying their work??? I think its only natural that there will be things you hate… but doing them anyway because you’re devoted to your master is what counts.

    and btw, you’re a better woman than I’ll ever be, because i HATE feet and toes, having any physical contact with them… I’d be the whiniest bitch ever if I had to cut my Sir’s toenials *cringe*

    1. Toes aren’t really my thing, but I do like a lot of other gross stuff like ear cleaning and scab-scratching so it wasn’t too bad. I really don’t like the licking of the feet though.

      True, I’ve never heard of slaves enjoying work, but I think there is a bit difference between slaves and consensual slaves.

      1. ok, well than take enduntured servants… they willingly slaved over their masters, but im sure they didnt enjoy it all the time.

        i still think you deserve save girlie recognition for doing what you hate because you love your master and you’re doing your job though. so props to you =)

  3. Maybe that makes you a better slave than you realize? I do certain things for J that I HATE! But I do it because I must, and he loves the fact that I do what I hate for him just because I have to. Hope that helps to make your day 🙂

  4. i tend to sexualize/gain pleasure from household tasks in a similar fashion to the way i take pain that i’m not necessarily able to convert into immediate pleasure – by focusing on the fact that i’m doing it – i’m being “made” to do it – i’m submitting to it. Left to my own devices, would i *like* to spend the afternoon scrubbing a floor or cleaning out the fridge? Erm, no! If i focus on the cleaning, scrubbing, how long it’s taking, how boring or rote or icky it is, then i generally have a miserable time at it. However, if i MAKE myself focus on the fact that i’m ‘subjugating’ myself to do this task for Him, and if i can bring myself into the moment and focus only on this task and doing it (well) to please Him, then i can really get into it. Usually not immediately, but within a few minutes i’m overtaken by a sense of (a) unnatural calm and contentment, or (b) sometimes even sexual arousal. (The dirtier or harder the task, the more likely i’ll find it sexually arousing – kinda like pain or humiliation in other areas.) It doesn’t come naturally, it’s mental work. But it’s worth it!

    BTW, i give my Daddy a full foot treatment once a week – set up a foot massaging bath thingie with hot water & salts, He soaks awhile & then i sit at His feet & massage, buff, slough, lotion and pat dry with a special towel. No icky feets around here! 🙂

    1. Maybe I need to work on a little more mental training and internalising. I have to say I’ve been quite slack in that area, so I definitely need some more focus. Thanks for the advice!

      1. I was going to say that it’s not pronounced that way, unless it’s some Australian thing I haven’t heard before, but I looked it up in the dictionary to be absolutely certain. Apparently “slough” is pronounced three different ways depending on which definition you’re using (there are five different definitions, and I was only aware of two) and that is one of them. Okay then.

        1. Just out of curiousity, I slough skin with my loofah…what do you do with yours? (purely a question from a linguaphile and not intended to be smutty…)

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