Quiz time

I had an email waiting for me when I got home from work today from one of my friends in Japan saying that the food parcel I had sent her had arrived today. I’m always impressed with how quickly mail leaves Australia as I only sent it on Saturday afternoon (today is Wednesday) but the mystery still remains of why anything sent from the east coast of Australia takes a shit load of time a.k.a. 7-10 days to get over here to the west side.

But I digress…

In my food parcel I sent an eclectic collection of things that you can’t easily buy in Japan like creme brulee flavoured timtam biscuits, a tiramisu-flavoured block of chocolate, potato chips in a plastic tube, cheese spread, laksa-flavoured instant ramen, a huge anaconda snake made out of gumi, instant cappuccino mix with a chocolate shaker, macadamia nuts, and a few other things.

A couple of months ago she sent me another food package from Japan jam-packed with all the goodies I love. Being the food-blog-obsessed person that I am, I immediately laid everything out on the floor and took a picture – well, actually several pictures.

goodies from Japan

Unfortunately I’ve since eaten 99.9% of everything that was in the package, but I still have some delicious memories.

Now here comes the quiz, I’ve numbered 10 of the items in the photo and I want you to guess what they are. For the things that have English on them, you’ll need to explain what the thing is (i.e. just saying ‘that’s a box of Pockys’ isn’t enough – what the hell is a Pocky?).

Goodies from afar

Here’s a close-up of number four:

Close up

You can click on the pics which will take you to my flickr page where you can see bigger versions (as if that helps! I hear the choruses already…lol.)

The person with the most correct answers will be named the know-it-all-god-of-the-internet-quiz and we will all bow down and worship you (now if that isn’t enough reason for you take the time to answer the quiz, I don’t know what is…)

Happy guessing!


5 thoughts on “Quiz time

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  1. I can’t quite get all of them, but since I can read some Japanese and have encountered some of them at an asian grocery store…

    1. The leftmost one says “something meat” (don’t recognize the first kanji) and has a picture of sushi on it, so I’m going to assume that it’s some sort of preserved meat meant for making sushi with. The one to the right of it appears to be instant rice.

    2. No idea. Looks sort of like some kind of cake.

    3. “Sugar ko??n 3-food pack” …A variety snack pack maybe?

    4. I’ve seen those before, but don’t actually have any idea what they are.

    5. Nori. Roast seaweed sheets.

    6. Chicken curry. It was only after I read it that I noticed it said “Indian Chicken Curry” on the top in english too. In case you actually expect me to explain that one, it’s rice, meat, and curry sauce. Curry is a kind of spice.

    7. Melon buns.

    8. Probably some kind of instant cup soup. Too blurry to get more specific than that.

    9. Pocky. Candy-coated biscuit sticks. In the U.S., they’re semi-popular and are sold in normal supermarkets.

    10. Appear to be instant soup mixes.

    1. 1. Bai niku – it’s a tube of pickled plum paste. (niku can be meat or flesh)

      2. Kasutera – sponge cake that I believe is Spanish in origin.

      3. Satou no gohan – a 3 pack of cooked rice you can reheat in the microwave.

      4. Baum kuhen – a sponge cake that is cooked on big rollers that they spin while adding more mix so that it cooks in layers. It’s a german thing apparently and my absolute favourite thing in the cake world!

      5. Bingo!

      6. Lol – thank you for explaining chicken curry 🙂

      7. Yep- it’s the covering mix that you can just put on the top of already baked buns to turn them into melon bread.

      8. Chocolate covered potato chips.

      9. Bingo!

      10. Bingo – these are instant rice-porridge mixes.

      Congratulations! I officially proclaim you to be the know-it-all-god-of-the-internet-quiz! Thanks for playing!! 🙂

    1. Dork…lol. I used to like the ones with crushed almonds on the outside. These ones were chestnut cream flavoured and were very nom, nom, nom.

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