Bad karma time

Everything I touch or even just glance at out of the corner of my eye these past couple of days has just gone wrong.

My usual two-hour walk home yesterday turned into a 2 & 1/2 hr battle with the elements as I got thrashed by ridiculous wind, rain and ended up so soaked I had to take refuge in Bunnings ( a hardware store) while I wrung the water out of my socks so I could last the remaining hour. I actually sat on one of their outdoor furniture displays in the middle of the store while I took off my shoes and socks, squeezed what water I could out of my socks and rooted around in my backpack for the pair that I had originally been wearing and had changed out of and put them on instead. There were some people giving me very funny looks for some reason….

I made it home with a heel rubbed raw from wearing wet shoes and was starving so I started cooking dinner and then the power went out…. Have you ever cooked lentil curry in your kitchen using a torch?

The day before I was waiting for the train and this kid came up to me and asked me for $2. I said, ‘Sorry, no’. So what does the kid do? Spits on me, tries to kick me, then hops on the train behind me. Considering this kid would have only been maybe 9 or 10 years old, I hate to think what he’s going to be like in a few years time.

Normally the public transport system in Perth is pretty good. It’s clean and is generally on time, but there are an inordinate number of people who ask you for money when you’re just standing there minding your own business. The funniest time was when I had this guy ask me for a dollar because he was ‘a dollar short for the fare’. I said no, so then he hops on the bus behind me, hands over a five dollar note for the $2.40 fare, takes his change and then sits two rows behind me.  I wonder if I’m sending out ‘easy target’ vibes or something.

Then this morning I went to the supermarket just down the road to get some milk for breakfast and I saw they had red Mars bars on special for 99c. Red mars bars are my treat of choice at the moment as they have half the fat & only 146cal. So I bought one and my 2 litres of milk and when I got home discovered that my mars bar had been crushed into oblivion. It wouldn’t be a big thing if I wasn’t totally OCD about eating any chocolate bar in layers, but I can’t stand to eat it any other way – first chocolate off the ends, then chocolate off the sides, then chocolate off the bottom, then nougat, then caramel then chocolate on top- so my excitement level at having a treat has nose-dived into near-nothingness.

I’ve told Master about my recent bad karma and his slightly amused response is,

‘Well, you should of come to Melbourne.’

Somehow I doubt my karma would of been any better regardless of where I was. In fact, if I had of gone with him, the plane would of been at least 2 hrs late, it would of rained everyday and we probably would of had to do a commando roll off the bed when his parents unexpectedly came home in the middle of a ravishing session like they did last time. No, when a girlie’s got bad karma, a girlie’s got bad karma.

I’m thinking about laying low this weekend and not exposing myself to any possible bad karma situations. Originally I was thinking about catching the bus into town and having a look around but even that sounds too dangerous at this stage. Maybe I should just kitten-proof the house by removing all sharp edges and covering the power points instead.


9 thoughts on “Bad karma time

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  1. L think you should go nto town and have coffee with the girls and pass your bad luckk onto someone else with the coffee and doughnuts

    1. Sometimes…but usually it’s because I’ve forgotten that I’ve banged into something and not that I haven’t noticed 🙂

      But I do find myself sore in different places for absolutely no reason…bizarre.

  2. OMG I would so go off my rocker if someone spat on me. That’s probably the worst thing someone could do to me and the consequences sure wouldn’t be pretty.

    Why do you walk 2 hours to get home? Is that part of your exercise or are you on a bus fare budget this month? hehehe

    PMSL@ commando roll.

    1. I’m doing an exercise/bus fare budget thing 🙂

      I go as far as I can go on a one zone fare and then walk the rest of the way home. I save a massive $3 a week!!! Lol…

      Two hours works out to be about 10kms and that’s a distance that makes me feel like I’ve exercised but doesn’t leave me totally buggered. It also gets me home about 6pm just as it’s getting dark and in time for dinner!

      1. Good on you doing all that walking, in my P.F days I used to go for 15km strolls just for the hell of it. Not now, maybe 15 metres if I’m lucky. LOL

        That $3/week would add up, that’s $156/year. Imagine, that would probably be two nights out for dinner, a phone bill, electricity bill. Oh the list could go on. But I won’t, unless of course you want me to. *giggles*

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