Diet time

A few people have been asking me recently how I’ve managed to lose the weight so here’s a bit of a run-down. This entry is totally skippable if you haven’t the slightest interest in food & diet…there’s also no porn or nakedness involved…so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It’s been exactly 6 months since I started my lifestyle change. I don’t really want to call it a ‘diet’ because then that makes it sound like it has an end point, whereas I’m hoping to make it more of a sustainable eating adjustment (you’ll notice I have used the word ‘diet’ in the title, but that’s only because I’m all about the snappy post titles).

After blazing through the first 18kgs or so and getting rewarded each and every week with a change in the number on the scales with very little effort, I’m now in that icky up-and-down stage where it’s a huge struggle to see any down-ward change. I’m also getting increasingly OCD about food, which is not very good I know, but I guess it’s a natural by-product of scrutinising what goes in and out of your body 110% of the time. Case in point, I’ve been having back and forth conversations in my mind for the past 12hrs about whether I should eat a muffin or not. I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about the muffin. I woke up thinking about the muffin, and now I’m still thinking about it. It’s no wonder I’m in a non-sexual phase at the moment, because there is nothing happening inside my brain except thinking about muffins – and I don’t mean that in a sexual way!! Lol.

I’d like to be one of those people who just thinks of food as fuel and gets on with their life. I’m amazed by people who ‘forget to eat’. How the hell can you forget to eat lunch or dinner or something? Unfortunately, I’m not a person who only eats to live; food has always been very central in my life and now is no exception.

For six months I’ve been controlling my calories and exercising when I’ve felt like it. I keep a food and exercise journal and weigh just about everything. I haven’t put any foods on the forbidden list so if I have something ‘norti’ I just have an amount that fits within my calorie allowance. Pretty much it’s just about portion control and making sure I don’t go overboard with fat or carb counts. I record my weight and measurements each Saturday morning and that’s about it.

This morning I reached a weight that I haven’t been since I was 16 years old and it was quite a surreal experience. Growing up I was a fat kid that got called the lovely nickname of ‘Fats’ and I remember vividly in fourth grade learning about bar graphs in maths class. We weighed everyone in the class and plotted the weights on a graph. Everyone was around the 40-45kg mark and then there was me stuck right out in 60kg land. I think that’s the kind of thing that sticks with you forever. When I was 15, I had a huge growth spurt and suddenly the weight melted off me as I got taller. I ended up being 54kg and for the first time ever managed to finish the running course in PE class, but of course I didn’t stay that weight very long as my eating habits hadn’t changed.

In the intervening years I’ve yoyo-ed up and down, hitting an all time high after spending my first 12 months in Japan – close to 90kg. My lowest weight had been just before I got married 6 years ago – 58kgs. Now I’m under that.

Master has christened my goal weight of 55kg as my ‘slave weight’. He is taking absolutely no responsibility for that target whatsoever, simply saying that I’ve set my own goal and now I have to stick to it. He says he wants me to stay within 2-3kgs of that weight forever and ever. Personally I’m wondering how the man who asks me constantly whether I want to go for all-you-can-eat buffets/ice-cream/muffins/yummy scrummy food of every description is intending to keep me at that weight…lol. I know he’s only trying to be kind and wants to spoil me, but I think I can do without the extra temptation kthanx!

I find exercise to be a real chore. When you control your calories, strictly speaking, you don’t really need to exercise, but exercising allows you to eat a bit more as you’re only worried about net calories (food calories minus exercise calories) and we all know we’re supposed to be doing 30mins of activity a day, right? When I started my eating adjustment I rarely exercised because I found it made me insatiably hungry and angry (I resented feeling like I *had to* exercise when I was already eating much less than usual). I’m exercising more now because my weight-loss has slowed right down and also because I’m trying to tone up a bit more.

When I was in Japan I had AMAZING instructors at my gym. The routines were complicated and challenging and for me, Miss A+++ , I wanted to go to every single class just so that I could prove I could do them. I got to the stage where I was doing upwards of 15 classes a week (yes, slightly obsessive I know, but some of the instructors were damn hot eye candy too!)  Some of the routines you spent a whole month learning because they were that long and involved and the feeling at the end when you could finally do them was indescribable. I had been doing aerobics for several years in Australia before I ever went to the gym in the Japan, but in the beginning there were classes that I had to walk out of after 5mins because they were so far out of my league. I loved the fact that my brain and body were getting a work out at the same time and I’ve tried numerous gyms since I’ve been back in Australia, but sadly nothing ever compares and I get bored after a couple of weeks.

I’m also an on-the-way-home exerciser. After I get home, I don’t want to get off my stewie-shaped ass, so doing something straight after work is the only way. Recently I’ve been hoping off the bus and walking the rest of the way home. It saves a little bit of money and I have a purpose for doing it, which works for me. When I don’t do that, I do interval training on my stationary bike at home for 30-60mins.

I’ll be hitting my slave weight soon and that will open another huge can of worms – maintenance. I’ll be spending some time slowly upping my calorie intake until I work out what my maintenance calorie level is (an amount where I don’t lose or gain weight) then it will just be a problem of me sticking to that and hopefully keeping up the exercise.  Losing weight (and gaining!!) is something I’ve had lots of practise at, but maintenance has always been a problem. Maybe the challenge of it will ignite the Miss A+++ personality in me and there will be hope yet.


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  1. sweetie its a carrot muffin a delicious morsel of calorie temptation and you either have to eat it or keep it as a prisoner in the freezer so it doesn’t unleash the calorie demons within you.

    I am so proud that you have managed your own food without going anal over what to eat and you have taken a balanced approach of reducating yourself over food rather than being a lettuce bunny.

    It’s your weight that you set for yourself my intention is that you should stay around that goal in the future and not slacken off as l have said you are a gorgeous woman at any weight in my eyes.

    1. Mmm…the carrot muffin was the victor this morning as I scoffed it for breakfast. OMG it was truly orgasmic. I remember now why I used to want a carrot muffin every single weekend. I noticed pineapple is one of the ingredients along with coconut & walnuts…if I’d had a camera I would of taken food porn shots. Its 6 mths in the freezer didn’t seem to affect it adversely at all.

      I think I’ve gone a bit anal over food, but this time I’ve sort of confronted my issues head on and talked about my binging and stuff so it’s been a bit more about dealing with my issues than just doing whatever it takes to lose weight and sweeping my issues under the carpet which I’ve done before. I think being conscious of food is good too because I used to often eat because I was bored or because there was food there instead of eating because I was hungry.

  2. Congrats~what a great story for me to wake up to! I am also on a diet but very strict as to what i can eat set by my Master. He has set a goal for me too that i hope by Nov i can reach. Yes it is a lifestyle change….and for once i would love just to eat something just because i want it without dissecting it and determining the caloric count. LOL WAY TO GO!


    1. Thanks!

      I’ve done lots of strict diets but they’ve never worked for me (well, they worked great but then when I stopped, I gained all the weight back again) because I like food too much! After denying myself something for too long I just go on a big binge, so I incorporate little bits of what I enjoy like chocolate & ice cream. That keeps me sane and makes it more do-able for me. I want to continue my eating habits forever, so sustainability is my focus.

  3. Master and I both want to get back into shape but I’m not sure how to figure out the whole “Whats the ideal caloric intake for each of us” thing. How do you figure that out? We do go for 30-45min walks every night, some days more if we’re walking around town so the exercise is covered….just need to figure out food intake I guess…

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you don’t need to lose anymore…tone sure but remember that muscle weights more than fat so if your gaining muscle weight you may want to reconfigure your slave weight!! *hugs* your look ravishing! good job 🙂

    1. You can google lots of info about recommended calorie intake or join one of the sites like sparkpeople or calorieking. I started out on 1360 a day and as I lost weight it dropped to 1200 (because of course, you don’t need as many when you weigh 20kgs less…lol) That is net calories of course so if I do say 300cal worth of exercise I eat up to 300cal extra. Everyone is a little bit different and our bodies work differently so you sometimes have to experiment with what works for you.

      Walking is good but it really does come down to food intake at the end of the day. It’s quite amazing how many calories are in things. 600cal in a muffin, 800 in a small square of lasagna, cheese on toast is like 500cal. Even those little splashes of milk in your tea and coffee add up. A 30min walk burns maybe 150cal if you’re walking at a not-too-slow pace. So you can walk your butt off to try and burn more calories, but you’re better off not putting the stuff in your mouth to begin with! Well, that’s what I’ve discovered anyway…lol.

  4. ooo danke! The site was very helpful in figuring out caloric intake for both Master and me. He saw me looking at it and asked “You going on a diet?”

    to which I could only reply, “Didn’t You say You wanted to diet too?”

    *GRINS* poor bugger, He is an avid coffee drinker and that’s gonna fuck Him up but at least He drinks it black!

    I think for the first month we’ll try the 1lb a week cut back and see how that goes! Wish us luck!

    1. I need coffee and tea – like it’s a food group for me. As long as you get skim milk, it’s not too bad.

      You go girl! Just keep it do-able and keep positive, k? 🙂

      1. Well I’ve signed up on SparkPeople to track my progress and Master wants me to track His. He says He trusts me to take care of it for Him…bah!

        Thanks for the help, someone to motivate and pep is always helpful!!

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