The one where I start out with nothing to say and I end up getting all philosophical on your ass

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been hit with a tranquilizer gun these last few nights, so come 9pm I’ve been in bed…fast asleep. Yes, I’m officially on senior citizens time and this has cut quite sharply into my blog posts as I usually put my electric blanket on, get all comfy in a warm bed and get my creative juices flowing between the hours of 9-11pm.

There’s not much to report here anyway other than there is talk about us moving from Perth, possibly to Brisbane or Melbourne in the near future. Having never lived in either place, I can’t really say which city I’d prefer to live in, but they’ve both got their good & bad points. More than that though I’m a little stressed at the thought of moving…again…because as we all know, moving is a complete mindfuck,  and leaving yet another job without even spending a year there.

It’s not that I’m particularly enamoured with my job (generally I’m bored to tears) but they’ve been very accommodating when I’ve changed my work days and hours and things and all these little bits of jobs I’ve been doing just aren’t adding up to any real chunks of experience that look good on a resume. At the moment my resume looks very much like one belonging to a typical Gen Y who can’t make a commitment and has no idea what they want to do with their life (which is 100% due to my inability to stick with anything and because everything I decide to do turns out to be really crap.)

But then again, I’m a slave who isn’t supposed to be worried about stuff like that, aren’t I?

In slavey news I’ve had my mind buzzing with thoughts of what the difference between a consensual slave and a slave is in the bdsm sense. Master says to me all the time that I’m past the point of being able to choose not to be a slave anymore, effectually making me more of a slave than a consensual slave. Thinking of it that way, I become a bit blurry on what the difference between a sub and a slave is, as I’ve always defined a slave as someone without rights and choices. But if you make a distinction between a slave and a consensual slave, saying that a consensual slave still has the choice to be a slave, doesn’t that in effect make them a sub? Now I think I’m confusing myself….

Personally, I’ve always been of the opinion that in most modern, democratic countries in the 21st century true slavery does not exist in the bdsm sense. Yes, there are human traffickers and sex slaves and child slavery and all sorts of other sad and nasty realities in the world, but for the average bdsm practitioner, slavery, by definition is consensual.

So comes the question, can a Master take away your right to not be a slave thereby not making it consensual? Can they say one day, ‘From now on, you’re really a slave, you will be sold when I’m done with you and I’ll do whatever the hell I want until then, so suck it up buttercup’! ?

My answer is no. Confining someone against their will is a crime. Kidnapping a girl, keeping her in a tent in your backyard for years and fathering children with her will see you spending the rest of your life in jail. Theoretically, even consensual slavery could see you end up in jail (as having the other person’s consent to beat their ass is not a defense) but generally you don’t end up in jail because the other person *wants* to be there and therefore won’t call the police while you’re taking a whizz in the toilet.

There is, however, that tiny little problem of being ‘broken’ so much that you feel that leaving is no longer an option even though you may want to and in fact, you probably don’t even realise that you do want to leave because, as mentioned,  it’s not even on the menu anymore. I suppose this scenario is one in which I would call the person a ‘slave’ as opposed to a ‘consensual slave’. This would take some serious mental conditioning and cutting off from the outside world to be even slightly possible though, and in most cases I would say it’s edging into ‘crime’ territory.

Thoughts anyone?


12 thoughts on “The one where I start out with nothing to say and I end up getting all philosophical on your ass

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  1. That is a hard one. I consider myself to be a slave, not consensual, but only because there is something in me that cannot be anything else. I crave Masters touch, His domination and without it I am totally lost. I look to Him for all decisions (major ones, I can decide when to eat and such on my own lol)

    Just before I sat down to go blog surfing I’d gotten out of the shower after shaving per Masters orders and was thinking “hmm I really need a trim, my hair is getting frizzy even when wet…I know there’s a shop right down the street…I could go while Master is at work…but I should ask first…but it needs doing asap…but He might want me to go elsewhere…” and back and forth I go. Everything having to do with me physically is Master’s domain. I am His just as much as His computer and clothing are His, to use at His pleasure however He deems fit.

    Did I willingly get into this relationship? Yes, of course. I recognize the slave in me, and after long suffering years, finally accepted her. She is who I am…who I always will be. The thought of not having Master in my life is one I have such a hard time thinking of, I get mild panic attacks just contemplating it.

    Yet I wouldn’t consider myself broken either. Then again I could be deluding myself lol. I still have a bratty side (I prefer to call it playful!) though I think I would cut her out if it was a choice between staying bratty and losing Master.

    I guess in the end it comes down to would you be happy as anything other than a slave? If your happiness is conditional upon being owned…then I think we’ve past consensual.

    1. I always feel it’s a bit of a ‘the grass is greener’ situation though because when I wasn’t a slave, it was all I thought I wanted to ever be and now that I am a slave, I’m not so sure. I can’t imagine myself as anything else but a slave, but at the same time I wonder if I’m missing out on something by not being anything else.

      I like your idea about happiness being conditional on being owned, but again it makes me think whether that really is the case, or whether I just *think* that’s how it is…

      I think I’m putting myself to sleep by making my brain hurt…lol.

      1. …if I’m missing out on something by not being anything else.

        What “anything else” would you be? You mean like a plain old vanilla girlfriend or wife? Circus performer? Accountant?


  2. That’s pretty much how I’ve seen it. I’d love to see any M-type forcefully try and keep an s-type against her will in the name of M/s.

    As it is, slavery is what we make of it.

    1. No electric blanket??? Damn that’s harsh! I’m actually wondering how I’m ever going to stay up on Saturday night for the play party. I think maybe a 4hr afternoon nap will be in order!

  3. Bloody hell you have an electric blanket over there at this time of the year?!?!?! Heh bloody wuss 😛 I think once you get to that point of understanding where you are at with the whole ‘slave’ mindset and you have made the decision to stay then it becomes somethings else much deeper mentally. Yes most could walk away if they wanted to but the conscious decision to stay and immerse oneself in that relationship style is because only you know what you need to be happy. Beyond that I think it becomes something off the scale. Trying to define it ends up many times in a brain puddle for me.

    1. Yeah, I’m a wuss!!! Any temperature in single digits definitely needs an electric blanket!!!

      You’re right, I think the mental state does morph into something else. I’m constantly trying to define it or at least wrap my head around it, but everytime I think I’ve got it, it slips tantalisingly out of reach again.

      *goes off to get a mop for the brain puddle*

  4. “There’s not much to report here anyway other than there is talk about us moving from Perth, possibly to Brisbane or Melbourne in the near future. Having never lived in either place, I can’t really say which city I’d prefer to live in, but they’ve both got their good & bad points.”

    Let me agree with you. Moving does suck. It sucks big time.

    And as someone who just recently moved away from Brisbane, let me just state, it’s a nice place to live, the weather is good most of the year round except for summer when it’s too damn hot, and strangely winter seems cold when it’s only a mere 12 degrees. And the traffic will make you want to kill people. I had to drive all over the place in Brisbane daily, and yeah, traffic was the bane of my life.

    No idea about Melbourne, but it’s probably as cold as Tassie and hotter than Tassie in Summer 😛

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