The one where I’m trying to decide whether having to go to a play party dressed as a geek pushes my humiliation button

Yesterday Master purchased a football guernsey in his team’s colours and a matching beanie & scarf for me. The football gear coupled with a pair of slut boots is supposed to be my ‘outfit’ for the play party tonight.

I put on the ensemble yesterday and he snapped a few pictures saying that it was a good outfit for a ‘bogan slut’ like me and he’s hopeful that fans of other football teams will scorn me (to say nothing of the fact that I support a totally different team and putting on his team’s colours is like staking a sparkling one through the heart…)

Now, generally speaking at these play parties, everyone is all dressed up in their leathers, corsets and goth-est looking best and every now and then I arrive in something that is completely inappropriate like the ‘belinda the builder’ outfit and the ‘bogan footie slut’ that I’m going as tonight. I generally feel totally ridiculous as my outfits are like some bad in-joke that only Master thinks is funny and people who don’t know what he is like, just think I’m some bizarro geek.

I realise he gets some sort of twisted pleasure out of seeing me utterly uncomfortable in a social situation, but what I’m trying to decide is whether being humiliated like that – in a non-sexual way – contributes anything towards the pushing of my humiliation button.

I’ve been paraded around naked in rooms full of clothed people drinking coffee, lead around on a leash crawling on my hands and knees and inserted a pocket rocket in front of an assembled crowd and in some strange way those things pushed my humiliation button. I got some sort of pleasure in knowing that I was being humiliated in public.

The couple of times I’ve worn the strange outfits, I’ve felt nothing but a longing for the earth to swallow me up. Seriously, that long walk up the driveway to the front door, where everyone is standing out the front checking out who is coming in, is quite literally my green mile i.e. dead woman walking.

Thinking about those types of humiliation and the ‘other’ type of humiliation, the only thing I can think that is different is the fact that the ‘normal’ types of humiliation are almost expected in a bdsm setting, whereas the strange-outfit humiliation is not. Instead of the ‘knowing’ looks you get from people watching the expected variety, you get the puzzled, ‘Wtf is this chick wearing?’ looks that really make you feel like shit.

So in conclusion, I’ve decided it doesn’t push my button and I’m hoping that Master gets his dose of sick, twisted pleasure out it and removes it quickly so he can give me a nice bruise-inducing beating.


11 thoughts on “The one where I’m trying to decide whether having to go to a play party dressed as a geek pushes my humiliation button

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  1. im sure you will look lovelt lol and who cares what people think, i like that you are out of the *norm*. see you tonight at least you will be warm.

    1. I might be a bit warmer if it had sleeves and I was wearing something underneath! I’m thinking a long, black coat is in order…

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t make you wear Ugg boots to go with the jersey.

    I’m wondering if after all this time people aren’t accustomed to you turning up in unusual outfits and are actually looking forward to seeing what M will come up with next. I know I would be, as an observer that is…. 🙂

    Wait until he sends you down the local BP wearing ummmmmm not much. That’s what happened to me one night. PMSL
    My bare arse with bruises all over it in the BP buying something. I think I had collar and cuffs on. If I can find the piccie I’ll show you.

    Another time I was sent down wearing daggy clothes but with pegs on my nipples and a spreader bar holding up arms up like that Secretary movie.

    That BP used to see weird shit all the time, they didn’t even blink an eye when I was in there. hehehe

    1. I’m laughing at the poor BP dudes having to cope with your ‘weird shit’ ! Me wanna see pics!!!

      Yeah, I’m sure there is some sort of expectation that I’ll be there in another strange outfit 🙂

      I did suggest ugg boots, but apparently they’re not really ‘boots’ so got vetoed.

  3. I’m not naughty!! *waves back to carina* 🙂

    Hey kitten, I found out last night that beanies are kinky. Have you seen the front page of Fetlife? LOL

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