The one where I lament my lack of marks and wonder how you can politely turn down an offer to be fucked

I’d rate the ouchiness factor of my administrations from The Tormentor & Master’s beating on Saturday at a respectable 7/10, however my pretty trophy rating is a measly 4/10. FYI, a 10/10 on my ouchiness factor is something that makes you cry, big, snotty blubbery tears and your brain is screaming, “I can’t fucking take this any more!!!!” You know, one of those times when, if you had a safeword, you would of opened up a vein with a fingernail, written it on a placard with your blood & waved it in your domly one’s face.  A 10/10 on my pretty trophy rating are big, deep bruises that take a good 10 days before fading to yellow and getting so itchy that you have to shove your hand down your pants at work just to give them a scratch and you don’t care who sees you.

I just HATE it when something hurts and you’ve got nothing much to show for it.Does anyone know anything that gives you fabulous swirly bruises in shades of black and blue, but that doesn’t hurt at all?? Because I need it NOW! Seriously…N.O.W.

I’m a bit tender in places, and I keep looking in case a bruise has magically appeared in the last 20 minutes, but alas…no. This is about all I’ve got to show for the evening’s entertainment:


Something interesting that happened after the party was that I got a message from one of the attendees. I opened up the message on Saturday morning and firstly, almost peed myself & then I promptly snorted my coffee across my keyboard. Obviously it was an email written in the depths of drunken-ness, but it conveyed a wish to play with me and was followed up with a not-so-drunk e-mail a few hours later enquiring as to how one goes about setting up a playdate.

I’ve written before about my Mystery Shopper experiences, where Master organized a couple of strangers to come and play with me. They were interesting experiences and it has always been his intention to have me used by others, but the one thing that is different about those and this time is that I actually know this person and will probably see this person again in the future at any local events. I think it would create some uncomfortable moments around the nibblies table:



“So…umm…yeah, I’ve had my cock in you.”

“Yes, yes you have.”

“By the way, this dip is great. You should try some.”

I just don’t know how it would work. I mean there is a certain plus side to being fucked/played with by people you know because, well, you know them. You know how they play and you know they’re not some random freak who just wants to get off. But as mentioned above, I think it also creates some issues on a social level i.e. don’t shit where you eat.

So what does everyone think? Should Use By Others (UBO) be kept strictly to strangers, or can it work with people you know???

Edited to add: 

This post is just theoretical musing on my part without regard to what protocol should be followed or the fact that it’s not up to me anyway. Whatever, if anything, happened it would be up to Master, of course, and he has pretty stringent standards for who is allowed to participate in UBO, so it’s highly unlikely that this particular gentleman would ever get a playdate.


15 thoughts on “The one where I lament my lack of marks and wonder how you can politely turn down an offer to be fucked

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  1. i think the pluses and minuses kind of equal out so is pretty much a matter of preference. That said, were it me, i wouldn’t even contemplate the dillweed who messaged you as i consider it a huge disrespect to your owner that he went directly to you, seeing fit to totally bypass your Master as if youre not really owned and the decision not his. I could see even cutting him some slack had he sent the 1st drunken email to you but then once sober redirected his inquirey, along with his apology fot the 1st one, to your Master. Just seems to me a total disregard to him as an Owner as well as a Man.

    1. I’m not actually considering anything with this dude, but just theoretically, I think it’s strange to play/fuck with someone you know. But maybe that’s just me 🙂

  2. As a grade A tart, I’ve had my share of experiences dealing with sleeping/playing with people I know. I’ve never had an uncomfortable issue unless it was the other person getting weird, but that just lead to me to fine tune my pickings better. I prefer to sleep with someone I know. I cannot sleep with strangers….it just feels awkward to me! I can’t do one night stands UNLESS its with someone I know but usually if I picked them to fuck…I wanna do it more than once lol. I think it adds a new level to any friendship and I’ve always been a firm believer that you can be JUST friends and have a lil kink or fuck on the side. I have found a lot of people don’t think that way but this makes me sad 😦 sex is for doing because it feels good….so why not share with friends? I kinda wish Master would do UBO with me but who knows….maybe later in the relationship when things are more solid 🙂

    1. ‘grade A tart’…lol. Yes, I’d have to agree with that description 😉

      But see, the thing is, I’m talking about non-connective play & fucking, not a making love with a fuck buddy situation. I don’t know…I think it’s a bit different head-space-wise.

      I also find anything ‘sexual’ with someone I know to be really bizarre and uncomfortable. There was this one time where a dom friend was looking for someone to suck the tits of his sub and I got out of that room like my ass was on fire and I was getting an extinguisher. That is just so not me. Lol…

      1. LOL lady I wouldn’t know the meaning of “making love” if it came all over my face….or does that not happen during those situations?

        I guess I’m just all around frisky and if there is something naughty and sexual to be done you can bet your favorite piercing that I’ll be there raising my hand going “ooo ME ME ME ME ME!! Pick me!”

        I prefer my mates to be people I know and if that isn’t the case with you then i would suggest making a strong case to your Master to turn this one down politely, hell be straight up honest with the fellow if you think it will make it go smoother!!

        1. Now, I know you’re a grade A tart and all, so you using the word ‘love-making’ really threw me, okay?

          And I may be wrong, but I don’t think cuming all over your face is a part of ‘love-making’…lol.

    1. Of course, it’s totally up to Master. I was just thinking about the implications of playing with someone that you are going to meet with in the future.

  3. i know something that will give you marks for at least 4 weeks and maybe longer, i am making enquiries into getting my hands on something that i would love to share with you, but as you slave and me non top 🙂 will talk with your Master about this because lots of marking is involved.

    1. But the fifty million dollar question is….does it hurt??? Lol..

      The only thing I can think of that fits this bill is cell-popping…did I guess right???

  4. nope its not cell popping and i believe it hurts like hell… want to come to hell with me? i will be feeling it too and of course, your Master will be asked for the relevant permissions and will need to lend a hand lol.

    1. Ummm…you want me to do something that hurts like hell and feel slightly better about it because it will be hurting you too?? Lol…

      And you’re going to ask permission from a man who is eagering wanting to brand my inner thigh with a branding iron?



  5. I want to know what it is! Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    As an aside, I was LOL’ing re: your possible snack side conversation.

    Oh yes, keep the mystery shoppers a mystery. Much better that way as you’ll always be wondering was it you, you or you who had your doodly bit up my vagina?

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