Winding down

My 'holiday' is fast coming to a close and in typical why-the-fuck-didn't-I-discover-this-earlier? fashion, with two days to go, I stumbled across the most AMAZING organic sourdough bakery and THE cheesecake that I have been searching for for the last...ummm...32 years. The bread was chewy, dense and baked to perfection in their brick hearth. It was filled... Continue Reading →



I spent most of today digging through the boxes of my stuff that I have littered around my grandmother's house. It's a bit like an emotional graveyard with boxes of things representing every single facet of my life; from piles of notes I passed to friends in high school to pamphlets and memorabilia from Japan. There were even... Continue Reading →

Small town slavegirl

Everything moves slowly in the country except the time I spend here for some reason. Cars seem to crawl along, conversations drag out for several hours, but it seems like I've just arrived and already three days have passed. The flight over was OMG tiring. Master dropped me off at the airport and as I'd already checked... Continue Reading →

I’m off

From tonight I'm heading home to spend some time with my family so posts will be far and few between over the next week and a half or so. My hometown is some far-off place in the mountains on the other side of Australia where country music is king and internet is scarce. At least... Continue Reading →


I started out this thing called slavery thinking that once that collar went around my neck, I really wasn't going to be 'free' anymore. I imagined my every movement being controlled and having very little time or privacy to myself. In my preparations for 'becoming a slave' I remember going out and buying a new... Continue Reading →

The Chipping List

I think there are a few defining moments in everyone's life and in the life of a slavegirl there are also moments which are indelibly marked on your memory as being instrumental in changing you forever. In my case, the moments are not necessarily the ouchiest ones but most of them are 'firsts' and they are... Continue Reading →

I think I have an addiction

Yes, yet another pair of boots have entered the building: I officially name these 'biker chick boots' and I think this brings my boot tally to...ummm...27 pairs? To be honest I lost count somewhere around 22... Along with the boots I bought several dresses, corset tops, belts and a jacket which in total came to the lovely... Continue Reading →

No longer who I was

From today I no longer have a Japanese surname. Yes, I finally got my new passport after numerous interviews, phone calls and a couple of written statutory declarations. Due to both my marriage and divorce never being recorded in Australia, explaining why I had a Japanese surname on my old passport turned into a huge... Continue Reading →

Love Our Lurkers IV

Apparently today is the fourth annual ’love our lurkers' day also known as "LOL" and I've decided to take part because I am infinitely curious about who reads my blog. I was invited to take part by the lovely Hermione of Hermione's Heart and Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts is hosting the event. Over on... Continue Reading →

Masters as pleasers

After much rumination and deep-thinking I think I've grasped a concept that has eluded me for many years: Masters aren't necessarily doms. I had the light-bulb moment this morning when I sat down to tell Master my great idea for getting us out of the 'social rut' we've been in. You see, every morning he... Continue Reading →

Housemates, girlfriends, slaves

I take on numerous roles in my day-to-day life, from surly public transport passenger in the morning, to Master's ravishing partner at night. In the hours between I'll also dabble in such roles as: invoice-making bitch, exercise-junkie with bad fashion sense and dishwasher-stacker. The role that is the only inter-connecting thread between this multitude of... Continue Reading →

Out of control

So yesterday I totally caved on my diet and had the hugest binge. My stomach is physically sore this morning like I've been punched a few dozen times after being stretched so much from the sheer amount of food that I consumed. It's been many, many months since I had my last binge and the whole thing... Continue Reading →

Pushing the limits

The whole thing about being a slave (by my definition) is that you're not supposed to have limits - you're not supposed to be able to say 'no' to anything. In my mind, that is the whole point of being a slave and what separates you from the players, bottoms and submissives - he says and... Continue Reading →

The Prison of my Mind

On my walk home I pass by a local dog kennel & cattery that houses pets while their owners go off and enjoy themselves elsewhere. It's a depressing-looking place - as most 'prisons' tend to be - with concrete floors, high metal fences and inmates sharing communal spaces. Today as I went past there appeared to be a gang-bang in... Continue Reading →

Honesty is the best policy

Because I was tagged by Sephani, here are ten things that you didn't know about me, but perhaps really didn't need to know... 1)  I occasionally like to flash a boob over a cappuccino in a Dome coffee shop (it would definitely be a Starbucks if Western Australia had them...) Would you like some expressed... Continue Reading →

The Club

When I first moved to be with Master, he used to have a lady come in once a week and clean the house for a couple of hours. That arrangement had been in place because his last partner had been working full-time and she had wanted to spend her weekends doing something other than cleaning. Of course,... Continue Reading →

It’s that time again!

After consuming a piece of pecan, almond & walnut tart the size of my ass AND scoffing it with cream and ice cream when we went out for dinner last night, I've been on such a sugar high that I went to bed at 5am, woke up at 8am and during those insomnia-filled hours around my three-hour 'nap', I managed to go... Continue Reading →

It’s a kind of magic

Walking across the bridge from the train station to my office this morning, I caught sight of a cyclist who had stopped in the middle of the bridge and was peering avidly down into the water.  Generally speaking, seeing someone standing on a bridge looking into the water in Perth means one of two things: (a)... Continue Reading →

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