Honesty is the best policy

Because I was tagged by Sephani, here are ten things that you didn’t know about me, but perhaps really didn’t need to know…

1)  I occasionally like to flash a boob over a cappuccino in a Dome coffee shop (it would definitely be a Starbucks if Western Australia had them…)

boob flash

Would you like some expressed milk in that?

2) I’m very politically incorrect and believe that (a) an unchecked immigration policy is ruinning Australia, (b) premature babies should not be saved and (c) bogans who have never worked a day in their life should not receive social welfare payments. I also laugh at ethnic and Michael Jackson jokes. If I lived in the US I’d probably be called Sue-Ann, have no front teeth and a bumper sticker that says, “Honk if you love red-necks”.

3) I do not have the black thumb of death with plants that I thought I did. Look!


Those are my watercress babies that I planted last weekend!!! Squee!! The lettuce has also sprouted but I’m still waiting for some movement on everything else.

4) These days I read more food porn blogs than bdsm-related ones. I just find food so much more satisfying and simpler. I’m seriously thinking about taking some cake-decorating or bread-making classes and have been trolling the internet for information.

5) I haven’t changed my bed sheets in about a month. I change Master’s every few days but never get around to doing mine. Ha! Think about that next time you want to lick me people! (not mentioning any names…)

6) We went out with my boss and his wife for dinner and I let loose with wild abandon and had a ridiculous meal that, by my estimate, with wine included, contained something like 2000cals. There was roasted duck, deep-fried spicy squid, king prawns and the food just kept on coming. When everything arrived the table was groaning:


Even though I’d had more than enough, we went for cake and coffee where I ordered the biggest, sweetest, most calorie-laded cake there – the chocolate nut tart –  and ordered extra cream and ice cream on the side.

choc nut pie

It was so sweet and heavy that it quite literally made me feel ill afterwards. I’m guessing something like 2000cals in this baby. It was HUGE! I probably would of felt slightly better about it if it had been scrummy. But it wasn’t. All my brain registered was ‘SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR!’

7) I get ridiculously caught up in finding bargains and frequently buy out of date stuff just because it’s cheap. After leaving the supermarket I also spend a good 10 minutes checking the receipt to make sure we were charged what we should of been. I’ve dragged Master back with me to the service desk on many occasions over a one or two dollar overcharge. I’ve gotten to the point that I feel ridiculously guilty over any purchase I make. OCD anyone?

8 ) I have been known to go to McDonalds, up-size a meal and then order…a diet coke.

9) I’ve never really spat in anything I’ve served Master.  Really.

10) I used to cry when I lost at monopoly or at any game in fact. I’m a poor loser and will steal money out of the bank when no-one is looking.

10 thoughts on “Honesty is the best policy

Add yours

  1. I am as political incorrect as it can be.

    for example, do you know why an Australian brain is $1000 a piece and chinese brain iis $1 a piece?

    do you know what is a chinese knight?

  2. According to my unabridged dictionary, a “bogan” is a Canadian term for a narrow stretch of water. Clearly this is not what you are referring to. I had to do some online research to figure out that it’s similar in tone to “redneck” or “chav” but with a somewhat different set of stereotypes.

      1. Nope. (Checking again) Ah, TV show. I was expecting that to be a blog or something. You know, since I haven’t watched TV in nearly a decade, and TV virtually never came up in conversation even when I was watching it… If I looked at a list of everything that’s on right now, there would probably be absolutely nothing that on that list that I had ever heard of. Except maybe some of those “eternal” American soap operas and/or late-night shows, but I never watched any of those anyway.

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