The Prison of my Mind

On my walk home I pass by a local dog kennel & cattery that houses pets while their owners go off and enjoy themselves elsewhere. It’s a depressing-looking place – as most ‘prisons’ tend to be – with concrete floors, high metal fences and inmates sharing communal spaces. Today as I went past there appeared to be a gang-bang in progress and everyone turned to look and bark at me, including the main offender in mid-thrust, as I walked by. It was a disturbing sight and I felt sorry for the small, white fluffy terrier that was quite literally being made into a bitch by all the bigger dogs.

Master and I often go for drives through the Swan Valley, our local wine-growing district that is about 20 minutes drive away. On the way there we pass by a very different sort of a prison – the local women’s prison – and I have to say that I drool every single time we go by. There is something about all that barbed wire and the thought of cells that gets me all hot and bothered. Master knows what a special place in my heart prisons hold and he will generally comment with a glint of humour in his eyes,

“That just makes you all wet, doesn’t it?”

I’ve had prison fantasies for as long as I can remember and love anything to do with them: shackles, cells, prison outfits, etc. I’m sure other kids used to make houses and shops from their lego sets, but I used to make prisons. I’d build a long room and divide it into tiny cells and put beds in them. I’d also take the hair off my lego men so they looked suitably ‘prisoner-ish’ and act out little scenes with the guards.

I’ve never actually been locked up in a cell for an indiscretion (because we all know I’m a good little girl) or even for fun, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience. Maybe it’s in my convict blood or something, but I just find the thought titillating. So much so that I’ve even thought of visiting the ‘Lock-up Restaurant’ in Tokyo when we’re there next year as you get to eat your meal in a ‘cell’.


While I thought the atmosphere and the fact that they handcuff you and lead you to your cell was kind of cool, I’m not too sure about having my drinks served as a chemistry set.


I think I prefer my prisons without the ghoulish, Dr Jekyl & Mr. Hyde overtones.

I realise the reality of prisons is quite nasty and it’s far removed from my romantic fantasies. Considering that I get bored in my cage after about an hour, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be locked up in a cell for days and days and…mmm…excuse me while I go and get a towel to lay across my seat.

Locked up for days and days…that’s just such a delicious thought.


6 thoughts on “The Prison of my Mind

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  1. oooo I would love to have a cage of my own! As much as I fear being locked in a small room again, completely helpless and bound by the whim and will of another being….its also a bit of a turn on. I’m a fear junkie I think. I loveI fear and I think the thought of having my own mind used against me is just hawt! Think I can do some subtle hinting and get a cage of me own?

    I have to admit I am loving the thought of being chained to my bed at night as well….how does one go about mentioning and getting such things implemented???

    1. i get chained to bed every night. It’s not a cute little chain, either ~ it’s the kind you would get at the hardware store to lock up your bike, with a big ol “Master” padlock. i just love it. Generally get about an hour a day of chain time, too, sometimes when Daddy needs to go to the store and can’t keep an eye on me, or something like that. (i know, i know, you’re never spozed to be locked up and unattended… oh well, we do it all the time.)

      He’s still in the process of building the cage… i so cannot wait. Can’t wait. Can. Not. Wait.

    2. A cage is fine, but if it was a sealed box or something I’d start to freak because I have a thing about having my breathing restricted.

      I think I’d like being chained at night better if he was the one doing the chaining and if I didn’t wake up all the time with chain embedded in different parts of my body. I think if you can attach it to the wall above where you sleep it’s better.

      Why don’t you climb inside George’s home next time it gets cleaned and try it out? 🙂 (Or maybe it’s too small, it’s hard to tell from the pics)

  2. I’ve had prison fantasies for a very long time too and mine are as much about being locked up (love the thought of being caged) as the gang bang possibilities! Getting turned on passing a prison is one thing though, when we first got the giant crate for our great dane, that turned me on for a couple of months! 😛

  3. I’m sure M wouldn’t let you get bored, he’d have you making licence plates so he could have some income coming in. LOL

  4. for kitten we bought a collapsible show dog cage with 2 doors one on back one on side its 42 inches long and about 36 inches tall made of strong steel wire cost about $145.

    On the bottom of the cage put some pieces of foam with water proofing bottom so it doesn’t get mould from any condensation with the steel cage floor

    when people come over they think its for the standard poodle, he has never been inside i tin his life

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