Love Our Lurkers IV

Apparently today is the fourth annual ’love our lurkers’ day also known as “LOL” and I’ve decided to take part because I am infinitely curious about who reads my blog.

I was invited to take part by the lovely Hermione of Hermione’s Heart and Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts is hosting the event. Over on Bonnie’s blog is a list of bloggers participating and a summary of how many lurkers have ‘de-lurked’ over the years.

So, if you read my blog on a regular basis and you’ve never left a comment before, or even if this is the first time you’ve stopped by, please take part!

I’d love to know where you’re from as well so please let me know in your comment (as I’m challenged in the IT department and can’t figure out how to add map widgets…)

Comment away people!!

Oh, and if you have your own blog, why not ‘out’ your lurkers with a LOL day post? If you contact Bonnie she will add your blog to her list of participants.


43 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers IV

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  1. Hi,

    Have met you on fetlife. I have been reading your blog on and off for the last three years.

    My M is a pleaser too, so in reality, is he really an M? We struggle with this on a regular basis, going away from it , coming back to it, and whatever else follows. We have been together for ove thirty years, so at the very least, it keeps life interesting.

    1. Hi irene *waves*

      I think if you have a relationship for so long you do move away from it and then come back again to again, just like anything else. The curse of the ebb and flow!!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Long time lurker here – I live in North America, but I’m an expat from Europe. Love your open, unique take on the fetish lifestyle. I’m sick of “life style” couples that actually just try to play 24/7 and magically find they can’t keep it going forever.

  3. Hi! I’ve followed you for some time, and actually went back and read everything you’ve blogged. I like your style. 🙂

    I’m from Sweden (you know, way up north in Europe), and I’m often sorry my own blog is in Swedish, and it’s to much work to write it in my crappy english. So I can’t share my own writing, even though I get so much pleasure out of reading yours.

    Anyway, I live with my wife in a D/s-relationship, I’m a submissive and a masochist, and the biggest thing right now is that we now have a two month old daughter.

    1. Hi Cecilia! *waves*

      Oh, no, you didn’t actually go back to my earlier embarassing blogs did you?? Lol.

      Congratulations on the addition to your family 🙂

      1. Of course I did. 🙂 I wanted the whole story, and you didn’t have any handy abbreviated version in the side bar. At first, I didn’t even get where you were living.

        You could have, you know, like: “I’m this and that old, I’m from Australia but lived ten years in Japan with my husband, got divorced and moved back to live with my first master, he was lousy, I dumped him, now I live with my new Master, he is not lousy (not so much, anyway).” Something like that. Or maybe that’s cheating? 😉

        And thanks for the congrats!

        1. I thought I had most of that info on the ‘about’ tab at the top…and I’m pretty sure I had the same info on my profile over on lj.

          Come on, admit it, you just wanted to read every single one of my blog posts…lol.

  4. Hi!

    I’m not a lurker, but a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts. Especially the food porn.
    LOL day is so much fun! I hope more of your regular readers who are also bloggers will take up the challenge.

    Oh, and I’m in Canada.


    1. Hi Hermione! *waves*

      Thanks for the invite to participate in LOL day. It was great that so many people participated.


  5. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for a little more than a year now. I always WANT to post comments, but then feel awkward, so I don’t. I love your insights, you’re amazingly good at looking into yourself and examining your own motives, and I’ve been constantly impressed by that. Also, by your food porn. Oh, and I go to school in Baltimore, but I’m from Ireland.


    1. Hi Molly! *waves* Thanks for de-lurking!

      Any time you want to post a comment, go ahead! Really…even just a ‘Hi’ is nice to receive 🙂

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, but honestly cannot remember if I have ever left a comment or not. Maybe I need another cup of coffee to jar my memory. Either way, I am either “de-lurking” or posting again..but I will always be back to read. Thanks.

  7. Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for … oh a while now, from before you changed to wordpress I believe. I have a terribly memory, so I apologize if I am misremembering. This was the first blog of this nature I started reading, and I have since added (and dropped) a number of other blogs. This is definitely one of my favorites, and I appreciate all the writing you do in it.

    1. Hi LK! *waves*

      So you’ve been reading since lj It’s a sad fact that blogs come and go and I’ve had to delete quite a few from my list too.

      Thanks for de-lurking 🙂

  8. Hi!

    Let’s see, I’m from Austria and I’ve started to read your journal when I started to “discover” the submissive side of myself. So one and a half years ago maybe. I always enjoy your blogs because they are to the point and without the lovey dovey fluffy icing of myth to go with it. I read lots of slave blogs (most of which are dead now) and I had huge issues feeling as I was the only slave that sometimes felt like hitting her Mistress over the head for the things she did (in that “I like to think about doing it, but wouldnt dare and then spend three days thinking about if I am really a slave having these thoughs” kind of way).

    I never was much into pain, or most of the sexual things you write about, so I’m not just here to get off 😉 I think I learned a lot from you, even if I dont agree on everything, reading your blogs made me think about things I havent even considered. I’m very thankful that you are such a steady blogger, I dont have the courage most of the time (all of the time) to comment but I guess this was the perfect opportunity to thank you and tell you how much this blog helped and opened my field of perspective.

    I do have a blog and I’m not sure if I should share it or not, for I’m most likely the type of slave you’ll rant and roll your eyes about. *giggles*
    Anyways, a big huge thank you your way and I hope you’ll blog for a very long time!

    1. Hi Pink Slave! *waves*

      I had a good laugh about this part of your comment:

      “I had huge issues feeling as I was the only slave that sometimes felt like hitting her Mistress over the head for the things she did (in that “I like to think about doing it, but wouldnt dare and then spend three days thinking about if I am really a slave having these thoughs” kind of way). ”

      No, you’re definitely not alone with anger issues towards dominants 🙂

      I’m glad you decided to de-lurk this time and I’m always happy to discover new blogs so if you want to share your blog I’d be happy.

      1. I linked my blog as website if you want to read it. It’s a daily journal I keep and it probably doesnt make much sense if you havent read it from the beginning but anyways, here you go : )

        1. Thanks for the link! You’ve got a very *pink site* and no, I didn’t roll my eyes at all! As you said, I’ll have to go back and read some earlier entries so I know what’s going on 🙂

  9. i *thibk* i’ve commented before – maybe…but have been reading you a wee while now…found you through kaya a few years ago.

    i like your questioning of life, and the way in which you frame those questions. I enjoy the way you write. fascinated by the Japan link – i have a Japan link too in a way.

    as long as you write, i’ll read 🙂

    congrats on the diet btw – you look totally AMAZING!!! and as someone who has been both a size 16 and a size 6 (currently) i know how much work it takes, so GOOD FOR YOU GRRRRRRRRRRRL 🙂

    1. Hi weirdgirl! *waves*

      Funnily enough kaya and I started blogging around the same time. I think kaya’s was the first kinky blog I started reading.

      What’s your Japan link??? I’m also fascinated by people with Japan links.

  10. I live in the Pacific Northwest and have been enjoying your blog for the last year or so. I am a fetishist with a particular love of latex and piercing and bondage. Total enclosure, mummification and complete immobility are my bdsm preferences.

    But, alas, I am no longer a practitioner because my mate is no longer interested in carnal pursuits — especially kinky ones. She indulged me for several years but has had her fill, I guess. As I am not interested in playing with anybody other than my beloved, I now have to get my kicks by living vicariously through wonderful, sharing people like you and your Master.

    Thank you for helping me keep that tiny candle of pervy joy burning in my heart. Your stories and pictures are much appreciated. Thank you both.

    1. Hi boonfark! *waves*

      Mmmm…complete immobility…sounds lovely.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer getting your itch scratched but I’m glad I can give you a little bit of pervy joy 🙂 Thanks for de-lurking.

  11. Hello. Ubu here. England based, but originally from elsewhere. Female. 30s. I read your thoughts off and on, along with others of the same kind. I feel for you both, in essence, as it’s clear your D/s life, such as it is, is dysfunctional, and that you are in the throes of it becoming evermore vanilla, with some episodic kink thrown in; with all the angst and internal debating which that brings. You express the latter well at times, I’d say; and that has its uses. But I do detect a kind of depressiveness in you which, I assume, stems from your seemingly bitter disappointment. The distractions you’ve both introduced – video games, food etc. – are matched, in my view, by the lengths you both personally go to ‘talk away’ your disappointments; putting the failure of your D/s relation down to the usual things of … everyone ends up vanilla, there are no real D/s relationships, we’re realists, the rest are fantasists etc. I have to say those posts irk me as much as I find them empty of ideas, too filled with nihilistic self-obsession, and claim your own experience as a marker of general trends. No, there are successful D/s relationships; built upon progress, fun, and experiment. It is just that yours is not one of them. You are in that glut of those who tried, or thought they tried, but failed, and are living with that failure. Inevitably, those with similar experiences gather around you; and, in sharing your defeats, you think your blog is representative of some mass of people. It really is not. It is nothing more than your indulgence, and should not be taken as anything authentically intellectual or useful to the scene.


    1. Ubu, go back to lurking.
      Look, I’ve made some comments on this that were inadvertently hurtful. Your comment seems intentionally hurtful and incredibly arrogant / condescending / judgmental. She has made it really clear that this is not a forum for debating her choices. This is her world and her world view. She doesn’t want to be told what others perceive as the flaws in her world or her world view. I didn’t understand that at first but I “get it” now. She’s inviting us in to her world but she’s not inviting her blog visitors to dump on her.

  12. Hello from Canada. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now; I really enjoy your writing style and your honesty and frankness. I’m female, 57 yrs., I “dabbled” in the bdsm lifestyle for a little while as there is something there that had (and still does…) fascinated me. I consider myself submissive,
    Had an online relationship for a few years, which included some pain factors – but over time, realized this was just not ‘me’. Hubby knew about it, and was more of a voyeur.
    In any case, I still enjoy reading and all the best to you and Master. You seem to have a great relationship!

    1. Hi ariane! *waves*

      I think quite a few people have that spark of curiousity and dabble in bdsm and sometimes it has to be through on-line because of their situation i.e. partners who aren’t into it. I’d always had the spark and needed to know once and for all if bdsm was what I wanted.

      Thanks for de-lurking!

  13. Hey from Kentucky, I’ve been reading you for ages. Love your posts, a good deal make me think. I enjoy sending them along to my Master as well.

  14. Hey there cutie! I used to follow you back in sweet sweet lj days as well, and I followed you over here. I think I found you through a friend or Kaya. Who knows. I’ve read tons and tons of your stuff and love all of it, I especially enjoyed the pantry challenge though, that was a blast to read about. Is it bad that I like the non kink stuff on the kink blog? I like the kink stuff to!

    Haha *waves* I’m here I’ll try to comment more but I’m bad about it :/

    1. Hi Ellen! *waves*

      Ahh…the sweet lj days bring back memories.

      I actually enjoy the non-kink stuff too! Lol…I feel there’s less pressure (less of an expectation?) with it, so it’s much easier to write. A kink post will take me 1-2 hrs at least, but I could churn out a pantry challenge in 20mins!

      I’m terrible at commenting on other people’s blogs, so I totally understand.

      Thanks for de-lurking!

  15. Hello k
    I live in the county of surrey some twenty miles or so from central london with my wife . I woul like to take this opportunity to stand in line with your supporters ,we,think your blog is brilliant. I don’t have a blog ,how ever i have read yours.from day one and like all who admiire your journal we wish you and your master all the very best of good luck’ ben

    1. Hi ben! *waves*

      You’ve also been reading from day one? Wow…that’s exactly 728 posts you’ve read! I think that actually deserves some kind of award…lol.

      Thank you for reading and de-lurking 🙂

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