I’m off

From tonight I’m heading home to spend some time with my family so posts will be far and few between over the next week and a half or so. My hometown is some far-off place in the mountains on the other side of Australia where country music is king and internet is scarce. At least one of my new outfits included a boot-scootin-hoe-down type of outfit so I’m going to fit right in.

Speaking of far-flung places, Master and I watched the movie ‘New in Town’ on the weekend and it was set in the dead of winter in some tiny place in rural Minnesota. So to all you Minnesotans out there, do all people have a funny accent, have surnames that sound like Schllooomerhaussen and is the first day of ice fishing really a state holiday? Inquiring minds want to know.

And if the answer to all my questions is ‘yes’, I’ll start to feel slightly better about my rural hometown simply because it doesn’t get buried in 12 feet of snow.

You’ll have to amuse yourselves in my absence so make sure there’s lots of juicy stuff for me to read when I get back, ‘k?


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  1. Sorry I won’t have any juicy stories for you. Although I could probably make something up. LOL

    Enjoy the time with your family. 🙂

  2. have a wonderful time with your family! we will miss you bunches… tell us everything when you get back..

  3. My ex was from Minnesota and I had the *joy* of accompanying him up there a few times to see family. Yes, they all talk with strange accents though Wisconsin is far more pronounced (we went there too, the family spread). It was settled by mainly German immigrants so yeah, they all have Floofinheimer last names, drink loads of beer/cheese/strudel. As for ice fishing? pretty much most of the north that surrounds any good fishing lake that freezes over is big on ice fishing though fuck me if I can see the fun in it. Not only is it bored but now its cold as fuck!

    I’ll miss you but I hope you have lots of fun and come back with some stories of your own to tell!! *hugs* Go boot-scoot your heart out 😛

    1. I don’t tend to trust movie portrayals as according to the movies, every Australian walks around with a big knife and wears a hat with crocodile teeth in it, and every Japanese is an bonsai-loving geisha.

      I really don’t know how people live in cold-as-fuck places.

  4. Well kitten was dropped off at Perth airport at 10.15 pm, so it’s official she has gone on holidays to see her family and won’t be home till 2nd November at about 10 pm.

  5. Kitten,
    I’m a long time reader and lurker, but I just had to answer your Minnesota questions…

    As a girl who lived in Minnesota for 20+ years, yes they do talk with an accent, however, it is not as pronounced as it was in New In Town… you would have to go way up north, closer to the Canadian boarder to get that accent. Also, in some areas, the Seasonal Opening of the Ice Fishing season is considered a “holiday”. Not all towns do this, but the more prominent towns of the way up the north do. Also, most of the last names will be of the German, Polish, and Swedish decent.. which will explain the Ludafisk (it’s a gross, smelly, stinky fish that tastes terrible) festivals held each year in the fall.

    1. That’s properly spelled “lutefisk”. I know this because I used to live somewhere that had a significant Norwegian population, and even a church of Odin. I’ve never had any personally, but making fun of the taste of lutefisk was apparently a local humor staple. Also, in case it’s not obvious, it’s not a specific kind of fish but a method of preparation. Which apparently uses lye at some point in the process.

      1. Nightfall,
        It was not obvious as I made it a point to stay as far away from the festivals and any home that prepared fish in such a way as I could because the smell alone made me sick. I also made it a point to never learn about it, never eat it, and never learn why it was considered such a delicatessen in the area I lived in.

        1. Thanks for the info Wenchy & Nighfall!

          I just found the whole culture of the area so interesting, it was just not what I expected for the States (although, I realise it’s a big place and there are lots of different people) It was a bit like the first time I found out about the Amish (is it wrong that I’m really, really attracted to their lifestyle??)

  6. Enjoy your vacation! Lutefisk tasts HORRIBLE…my grandmother made it every year for our Yule celebration (I’m swedish, but 2nd gen born in USA)…don’t know the how of it, but the yuk of it has stuck with me for many a long, long year. So although I miss Grammie, I do not miss her fish! First time I ever saw the Jelly Candy called Swedish Fish, I nearly fell over…who the hell would make a candy out of Lutefish? I wondered. Um. Dumb. Not fish. Is candy. (hee hee)


    1. Fish candy?? That does sound so wrong. But then again, am I wrong for munching on dried squid that smells like something has died?

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