Great unexpectations

Around 3pm on Saturday afternoon, Master was naked on the lounge watching war shit and I was writing a blog wearing my poodle pup washing clothes, my green fluffy slippers and had matted bed-hair when the door bell rang. Thinking it was yet another visit from Jehovah's witnesses/Christian do-gooders/kids forced to sell raffle tickets by their parents/the next door... Continue Reading →


The back door

I'm a big girl and I'm not afraid to say it: I love butt sex. But let me point out something very important here - butt sex and butt plugs are very different. I hate butt plugs. They both happen in the same place, so what's so different about it?,  I hear you say. Well, in... Continue Reading →

I’m not a masochist but…

...I can't stop thinking about nasty things being done to me and it drives me insane! I don't like pain. I don't like losing control. I don't like being humiliated. I don't like being scared. I don't like doing things I don't want to do, but rarely a day goes by that I don't have all... Continue Reading →

Work/life/slavery balance

During a lull in work yesterday my boss asked me how my work-life balance was going. I don't know whether it's as much of a trendy concept outside of Japan, but all you read about in the Japanese media are stories about how to perfect your work/life balance and things to do to enrich your life out... Continue Reading →

Thoughts for the day

Wrinkles on the tops of your toes are a sign that you're no longer twenty one and perhaps your breasts have headed south Wearing three layers of clothing so you don't freeze your ass off on the ridiculously-air-contioned bus is great - wearing three layers of clothing anywhere outside the bus is just ridiculous, when it's... Continue Reading →

Getting ropey

Master purchased some new rope to add to our rope collection so this is what we have in the way of rope at the moment: Going right to left, we've got some stretchy red stuff (5m) purchased from sax leather, some plain hemp (5m x 2) purchased from Osada Steve on ebay, some red nylon (3m) gotten from... Continue Reading →

That orgasm denial thing

You may or may not know, but while I was at home visiting my family, Master decided to change a few of the rules around here. As a result, my lolly-jar system (where I'd win chunks of releases and would then mark them off a chart on the refrigerator as I used them) has been replaced... Continue Reading →

Today in summary

Big-ass cappuccino & major indecision about what to have for breakfast. Angst (thirty minutes spent deciding what slut wear to wear). Drive with Master into town (copious amounts of car-spotting game played on the way). Master goes for job interview. Girlie shopping (Japanese groceries, clothes, shoes, bags). Master getting irate (see above). Disappointing lunch. Getting sucked into... Continue Reading →

Portents of doom

Don't you just hate it when other people make you feel inadequate? Generally speaking, I only feel inadequate when I'm reading someone else's blog about how motherhood makes them feel complete or how there's nothing in the world they'd rather do than serve their master, but on Monday I was made to feel totally inadequate by my... Continue Reading →

Food for a fortnight

In an effort to make myself accountable for what I eat,  I've decided to keep a photo log of everything I eat for the next fortnight. I'm naming it 'Food for a Fortnight' or FFF for short. I figure that if I have to go find the camera, take a picture, upload the pic to... Continue Reading →

Tickle me emo

Well, I finally succumbed and finally watched Twilight last night. Now that most of the hype has settled down and with the second movie release on the horizon, I thought it finally would be safe. But just for the record, let me stipulate that I didn't in any way pay to see it, because, well, I... Continue Reading →

I shouldn’t leave my day job

After pouring energy into my garden babies for most of the week, I've been giving my other baby some much-needed attention for the past couple of days - no, not Master, the poodle pup 😉 Every time I looked at him in his big shaggy woollen coat, it made me hot just looking at him, so I... Continue Reading →

Another milestone

Well, I've now been a slave for longer than I was a married woman (technically I was with my ex for ten years but we were only married for three of those years). I announced this startling fact to Master last night and asked him in my cutest, please-don't-beat-me-for-being-a-smart-ass voice whether he felt privileged at 'lasting... Continue Reading →

Hypothetically speaking

I asked Master THE QUESTION tonight. The one that every slave at one time or another wants desperately to ask and always thinks about, but very rarely puts into words: 'What would happen if I didn't want to be a slave anymore?' I already knew the answer, but I just wanted to see whether the answer... Continue Reading →

Mystery Shopper Malady

My UBO (use by others) appointment that was scheduled to occur at 11am this morning was cancelled. I didn't know this fact until about 9am this morning when I enquired what time I needed to be ready by and Master informed me that our mystery shopper had 6pm last night. Why it took Master 15hrs to tell... Continue Reading →

I’m feeling ranty

1. Why do people feel the need to say negative things about my weight? Growing up as a fat kid I had my fair share of being teased mercilessly and in my pubescent years I truly enjoyed being given well-thought-out nicknames like, "Fats". Fast-forward 20 years and I thought being on the other end of the... Continue Reading →

I’ma gonna git domestic on yer asses

Master and I have been busy the past few days doing a couple of projects. He's building me a St. Andrew's cross: After this photo was taken he added some hinges, a back brace, some eyelets and did some recessing and other wood-working shit that I don't know the name of and now it's mostly complete except he mumbled something about needing... Continue Reading →

I’m famous

Apparently when I arrived at the airport on Monday night, a local radio announcer witnessed my arrival and on the radio the next morning decided to talk about the bizarro chick in the what-the-fuck-is-that? outfit walking through the domestic airport. Apparently they were debating the reasons why I was wearing what I was and why some... Continue Reading →

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