I’m famous

Apparently when I arrived at the airport on Monday night, a local radio announcer witnessed my arrival and on the radio the next morning decided to talk about the bizarro chick in the what-the-fuck-is-that? outfit walking through the domestic airport. Apparently they were debating the reasons why I was wearing what I was and why some ‘guy’ was furiously taking photos. After some debate, they couldn’t decide on a reason and asked the ‘bizarro chick’ to call in and satiate their curiousity if she was listening.

At the time, Master and I were listening to the radio as he took me to the train station so I could get to work. Unfortunately, we were listening to 94.5 instead of 92.9 *smacks head*. Wtf were we doing listening to the other station??

Could you imagine what the domly one would of done if we’d be driving along and suddenly their conversation turned to me? I shudder to think. I also shuddered when I came home today and found Master about to send an email to the station saying that he had details and they should call him for information. Fortunately he thought better of it and the email was summarily deleted.

So if we weren’t listening, how did I find out about it?

Master posted some of the slut cop pics to Fetlife and a friend commented that they already knew about the outfit before they saw the pics. I was curious as to how they knew as I’d not told or shown anyone my outfit except my 86 year old grandmother who was highly amused by it. It was then that the story about the radio came out.

Lol. I know I should probably be horrified or something, but all I can think of is how funny it is.

So if there are any Perthites out there who heard the Em & Sam Mac brekky show on Tuesday and heard them discuss yours truly give me details! Please?


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  1. LOL – what a story. I happen to have relatives through marriage who live in the near vicinity of Perth. Perhaps I could drop a reference to it in the annual Christmas card and see what they say.

    Welcome home!


    1. Instead of six degrees of separation, Perth seems to only have about two. There were probably people at the airport who know your relatives, who you know you, who know me…

      Thanks for the welcome back!

  2. Hi sweetie that’s hilarious…I have a contact at the station…will see if I can get the podcast for you 🙂 Glad you had a good break and got back safe…should see you at the next EI party … it’s been so long since we have been out and about…will be good to catch up with everyone.

    ciao bella xxx Ms Blair

  3. LOL so it WAS true. That is so cool, would have been great to listen to it. Do they have a play back type of thing on their web site where you can listen to their show after it’s finished? Kind of like an archives thing?

  4. The radio guy was just clueless. I hear about things like that happening occasionally, and even before I was paying much attention to the BDSM world it was reasonably obvious what they were doing. The most daring case I’ve heard of occurred in France, where the master had his slave fill up the car with gas (self-service station) and pay for it while she was wearing nothing except high heels.

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