I’ma gonna git domestic on yer asses

Master and I have been busy the past few days doing a couple of projects. He’s building me a St. Andrew’s cross:

partially completed cross

After this photo was taken he added some hinges, a back brace, some eyelets and did some recessing and other wood-working shit that I don’t know the name of and now it’s mostly complete except he mumbled something about needing to do some routering.

Apparently after completely it though, Master decided that he wasn’t overly happy with the end result and has proclaimed it a ‘prototype’. Apparently he wants something more ‘robust’. Why he needs something more ‘robust’ and the implications for me, are things that are likely to keep me awake for the next couple of nights.

While Master has been making his cross, I’ve been busily making babies!

Propagating seeds in egg cartons:

egg carton babies

I’m seriously getting into this whole gardening thing!


Do you think I have too many packets of seeds? Lol.

The herbs and lettuces I planted a few weeks ago have been simply roaring along.  Coriander anyone? baby coriander

I’ve also got lemon basil, sage, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley and chives.

If lettuce is more your thing, how about some gourmet or cos lettuce?



The other night I actually started harvesting some of my lettuce babies and had them in a salad. I felt a bit guilty, but alongside the chicken roasted in the turbo oven, they were scrummy!

chicken and salad

Now, normally I’m not the gardening-type. Previously, the only time I ever ‘gardened’ is when the weeds were so thick that the poodle pup couldn’t find a space clear enough to lift his leg. But I’m really getting into this growing-things-to-eat deal. Maybe it speaks to my love of frugality – although I think we’ve spent more on seeds, potting mix, fertilizer, insecticide and other assorted goodies than we would spend on actually buying vegetables in a six month period, but hey, at least it’s a wholesome hobby and keeps me away from playing WoW!

Yesterday I actually spent FIVE HOURS clearing a patch in the garden so I could replant my lettuces as they were getting too big for the pots. I’ve also decided to clear a patch on the other side of the house to plant my corn and onions and some of the tomatoes. I can’t wait until I can harvest some of these goodies!!

Somebody kill me now before I get too damn domestic and start talking about knitting!


7 thoughts on “I’ma gonna git domestic on yer asses

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  1. I’m jealous of your delicious baby lettuces. So far my desire to grow our own food has been overruled by my absolute terror of finding spiders in the garden.

    1. This season I think I’m scared of finding a snake. The one that went on the rampage through out backyard last season was never found and I’m just wondering if it is still out there somewhere.

      1. Snakes don’t bother me. Of course, the most terrifying species I’m likely to find in my garden is a garter snake, so I don’t have much to fear on that front.

    1. I used to crochet and cross-stitch in my butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth days.

      Thank god, I’m beginning to feel my enthusiasm wane!

  2. Hehe well if it’s domesticated stuff then I am joining you have spent all afternoon baking neenish tarts for the kiddies for the week and about to get stuck into planting sunflowers and herbs for the garden. That picture of the chicken and lettuce has made me uber hungry 😀

    1. I had never even heard of or seen neenish tarts until I was thumbing throuh one of M’s cookbooks a while ago and came across the recipe. Did I miss out on someting, or have I been living under a rock?

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