Another milestone

Well, I’ve now been a slave for longer than I was a married woman (technically I was with my ex for ten years but we were only married for three of those years). I announced this startling fact to Master last night and asked him in my cutest, please-don’t-beat-me-for-being-a-smart-ass voice whether he felt privileged at ‘lasting longer’ than my husband and instead of being pinched, slapped around or licked he simply said:

‘I do.’

So, for all those people who have the impression that he’s some hard-ass dom who doesn’t give a shit (*whistles innocently at where people could of possibly gotten that idea*..) I’d like to say he’s a very nice guy – quirky, and quite intimidating until you get to know him, but a really loving and caring man.

While I was at home, I trawled through my photo collection intending to bring back as many snaps as I could to show Master. Of the hundreds of photos I have, approximately half of them were taken at my wedding, so I had a ‘nice’ trip down memory lane as I flicked through the pages.

I had one of those ridiculous weddings that at the time I thought was great, but in hindsight I wonder why the hell we did it all. Among the more interesting things was a guy who ran into the assembled guests pretending to be a newspaper guy and who handed out a fake ‘breaking news’ edition of the newspaper that was all about the happy couple and how they met (we’d found a company on the internet that did that sort of stuff) and instead of a champagne tower we had a ‘chemical reaction tower’ that turned blue and glowed in the dark when we poured the reagent (cleverly disguised in a champagne bottle) into it. There was also a church, a boat, a limousine, two buses, two restaurants, an interpreter, an MC, a hair & makeup chick and a photographer who both followed me around all day and the chef who created the official dinner for the Sydney Olympic games involved. We spent an insane amount of money and did everything as originally and to our hearts content as we could. And why did we go to such lengths to celebrate our marriage?

 Because we were in love and thought we’d be together forever and ever.

Three years later almost to the day, I had a collar around my neck and was being bull-whipped while my ex was in hospital suffering a breakdown caused by the blonde-haired girl from across the seas breaking his heart and ruining his life.

So yeah. Nothing is for ever.

Master and I have a very realistic view on life. We know nothing lasts forever and that people change. We know that a nineteen year age gap is going to cause problems somewhere along the line and so we’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing you can do is live in the here and now and enjoy what you have while you can.

Because you never know when your chemical reaction tower, instead of turning a brilliant blue, is simply going to go up in smoke.


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  1. Thanks for writing this. Often I find myself worrying about the future of my relationship and getting so caught up (and bummed) with that. It is nice to be reminded to live for today and peacefully accept the fact that everything has an end.

    Nothing gold can stay…

    1. Yep, I think it’s living in denial to live without accepting the fact that things will end and to ‘prepare’ yourself for it as best you can. I guess it sounds a bit morbid in some ways but I think it’s necessary.

  2. Cool, I’d love a chemical reaction tower. Sounds like the wedding was a hoot. 🙂

    You’ve probably mentioned this before but I don’t remember. Do you ever hear from your ex since you left him? Or was there any contact after you’d left him?

    1. I heard from him every month or so straight after I left and now it’s just birthday and xmas cards and the the occasional email that we exchange about what is happening with our lives. I’d say that we are still friends though and I’d kind of like to have a chat with him over coffee or something.

      My family is always asking me how he is like I still live with the guy or something!

        1. Well, I’d like to, but M is saying that if we do meet up, I have to be naked, booted and on a leash so that kind of put that idea right out the window…

  3. Just to clarify for your devoted readers, l wasn’t administering the bull whip, three years almost to the day of your marriage, that was your first owner and Master, not that makes a difference to me, slaves have past lives too.

  4. there never was a doubt in my mind about how kind and caring your Master is…i have said it before, your committment and feelings for each other shines through brilliantly.

  5. for all those people who have the impression that he’s some hard-ass dom who doesn’t give a shit

    Meh… imo most good Masters have to come across this way some (most?) of the time. Who knows what *really* lurks in their ebil masterminding brains?

    Daddy and i are 22 years apart in age, so i sure know about some of the things that come up there… for us, tho, it’s mostly just silly, unimportant stuff, like what kind of music we each appreciate. Oddly enough, i’d say my take on relationships is more old-fashioned than His, if you can believe it!! i’m also smarter (hehe!) and more experienced than Him in some surprising ways, so that’s been a real surprise, to realize that i can be more mature than Him in certain aspects of my personality. But then He’s light years ahead of me in others, so it all balances out. Mostly i’d say the age difference works to our advantage.

    1. I agree – I think you have to project a certain image whether you’re Master or slave.

      I guess with a 22yr gap, you experience all the difference I do – movies, music, historical events – pretty much a whole different generation! People say I am ‘mature’ for my age, so Master and I tend to balance each other out too! 😉

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