Today in summary

Big-ass cappuccino & major indecision about what to have for breakfast.

Angst (thirty minutes spent deciding what slut wear to wear).

Drive with Master into town (copious amounts of car-spotting game played on the way).

Master goes for job interview.

Girlie shopping (Japanese groceries, clothes, shoes, bags).

Master getting irate (see above).

Disappointing lunch.

Getting sucked into the land that time forgot at the licensing office trying to change my driver’s license over.

*head desk* (finding out I have to go back to the licensing office next week).

Boy shopping (xbox games, food).

Master having fun (see above).

Drive with Master home (more car-spotting and I was on fire!)

Hallelujah! (my feet after taking off slut boots at home)

Playing with my garden babies.

Really fucking loud sounds of things being blown up (Master playing Call of Duty).

WoW ( I need to complete 114 more quests to learn the Deathchill cloak…)

Dinner (yummy).

Bath (wet).


WoW (did I mention I need to complete 114 more quests???)

Boots in Master’s bed, back-scratching & ravishing.

Book (attempt #347 of trying to get into Kushiel’s Dart – I have a feeling it’s not as good as everyone says it is).

Bed chain.



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  1. Kushiel’s Dart isn’t as good as everyone says it is. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it’s not actually a very GOOD book. Just fun

    1. I keep getting bogged down in all the political stuff. I bought it when it first came out and got 100 pages into it and got bored. Then a while later tried again and got bored again. Maybe third time’s a charm?

  2. I have to agree. I just finished it, and although there is a bit from the first chapter of Kushiel’s Chosen at the end, I don’t think I will bother reading any more in the series. Why? Perhaps not enough description of the good stuff. No “good parts” actually.

    Have you read Carrie’s Story by Mollie Weatherfield? It was my introduction into the world of slavery.

    1. Carrie’s story? Nope. I haven’t even heard of it (maybe because I’m such a bad slave…hehehe.)

      I’m tempted to skim through to just read the juicy stuff – but by no ‘good parts’ do you mean there isn’t any juicy stuff, because that would be sad beyond belief.

      1. Well, I guess that when she visits a client to get beaten or whatever, I want details of the beating. There’s innuendo aplenty, and we get the idea that she likes it, but details, details! (I’d prefer not to know about what the flechettes did, though. Skinning alive is not my cup of tea.) I skipped over all the political intrigue stuff.


        1. Details!! There are no details??!!! Damn…maybe I should stop reading now…again…maybe that’s why I stopped reading on the first two occasions.

    1. Mostly just window shopping though. I’m pleased to say I only made one super frugal purchase – although I was sooooooo tempted to buy more. Harbourtown is a clearance outlet place and I could (have gone) go crazy there.

  3. There are no details. The books are average. Not sure what all the fuss is about. I had to read them all as I’m all OCD when it comes to finishing books or series of books. Sadly, I’m not fussy enough when I choose books.

    1. I normally like to read through an finish a series once I start one too! That’s what happened to me with the Sword of Truth series and even though I thought the last 3 (4??) books were really boring, I had to buy them and read them.

      I’ve been looking for a good series to get my teeth into for ages (I only read fantasy) and I honestly can’t say that there’s been anything good since Dragonlance or maybe the Belgariad & Mallorean. It’s really quite sad.

  4. Kushels Dart is lame dull, muck like watching paint dry.

    All the “good parts” are over before the book is half finished. None of the others in the series improved one iota. In fact they failed in the worst way.

    Might as well go back to reading the Capture of sleeping beauty.


  5. Hello! I was just going to be a lurker today, but then I noticed “WoW,” and then my nerdiness kicked in and I have to ask…what server? Because I play WoW also, on Nathrezim =)

    1. Lol…generally mentioning WoW makes some people de-lurk 😉

      I play on Stonemaul in the US. It’s a long story about how I ended there, but I’ve never bothered to change.

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