Getting ropey

Master purchased some new rope to add to our rope collection so this is what we have in the way of rope at the moment:

Going right to left, we’ve got some stretchy red stuff (5m) purchased from sax leather, some plain hemp (5m x 2) purchased from Osada Steve on ebay, some red nylon (3m) gotten from who knows where, thick black nylon (2m)  gained from a five-finger discount from Master’s work and the new hemp (10m) purchased from the UK on ebay.

Here is a close-up of the new rope:

My thoughts on it? Well, it smells like chaff.

Every time I get near it I feel like I’m in a stable and I keep look ing over my shoulder for a horse. And if you look closely, it looks like there are bits of chaff scattered throughout the rope itself. It was purchased as ‘hemp rope’ and I’m pretty sure it’s made of hemp because I don’t think you can make rope from horse feed, but I’ve nick-named it chaffie anyway.

We wanted some longer rope to do some kikou (tortoiseshell) ties as the five metre stuff just wasn’t quite long enough (although it might possibly be long enough now as there is less of me for it to have to go around…) This is a pic from when there was more of me – with bonus hairy mons:

Kikkou -with hair

I’ve been having a poke around on the internet for Shibari shows that we could go and see while we’re in Tokyo next year. More than anything, I’d love to be tied up by one of the Shibari pros just to experience it, but it seems a lot of them won’t work with shirouto (novices) or gaijin (non-Japanese) and I’m both, so my prospects there are bleak. I’m also not the most flexible person in the world so that’s also a big negative, as usually you’ve got to be able to suck your own toes while they’re tied together behind your neck and play the violin with the one finger you’ve got free at the same time.

But I’m thinking a show or even a tutorial (although they seem to be pricey) would at least be possible. After some discussions with Master I’ve finally got my head around the fact that he doesn’t want to go and see fifty million temples or shrines while we are in Japan. He wants to experience some unique things and eat some scrummy food. With that in mind, I’ve now changed our trip from a sight-seeing one to an eating trip. We’re going to eat our way around Japan and maybe look at some things while we’re on our way to go wherever we need to go in search of damn-good food.

In terms of unique experiences, I’m thinking kinky love hotel and shibari show. Maybe we’ll also stop by a maid cafe or an ear-cleaning salon just for some innocent fun. My head is absolutely bursting with possibilities though and there’s still 4 months to go before we leave! And how the hell am I, as Miss World Indecisiveness 2006- 2009 ever going to whittle down my thoughts into a two-week  itinerary??? AHHHH!


16 thoughts on “Getting ropey

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  1. First of all, I will say it is reassuring to have photographic evidence of someone else who has to shave their upper thighs. Seriously, what kind of bullshit it that?

    I think hitting up a maid cafe would be a definite treat.

  2. Can I ask that if you do rope work and show piccies that all the rope used is the same colour? I love looking at rope work but as soon as different colours are used throughout I start having to blow into a paper bag. PMSL

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww to the ear cleaning salon, I’m not sure I can eat my eggs now. *cries*

    However the love hotel and maid cafe get two thumbs up from me. 🙂 Because we all know how important (NOT) my thumbs up are hey. LOL

    1. Are you like, OCD in a ropely way? I think I’d like to get some purple or turquoise rope next.

      And your thumbs are SOOOOO important to me…really 😉

      1. I’m a bit OCD with some things. When I hang on my clothes on the line whatever is being hung up has to have the same coloured pegs ie: tshirt, must have two pegs of the same colour. I also have to use all of the same colour up before I start on another colour. I also can’t hang things up in odd numbers, it must end in evens. LOL

        Different coloured rope on the one person is just so wrong.

        1. Now I know that, I’m so going to post heaps of pics with me in a whole range of rope colours and mis-matched bits here there and everywhere 🙂

          1. OMG nooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t go doing that. *blows into paper bag*

            I hope you get a good old fashioned licking for being so mean. PMSL
            And I don’t mean a licking with the cane, I mean with a tongue and hopefully lots and lots of tongues. So there. 😛 😛 😛 😛

            1. *sends over a box of paper bags ’cause FG is gonna need them”

              EWWWWW…lots of tongues??? That just totally grosses me out.

              *decides to keep bags for herself as thinking about lots of tongues has given her a pacic attack*

              1. How about those gross ox tongues in the meat section of the supermarkets? Has M ever caressed your naked body with one of them? Or stuck it in your vagina? Yes I said vagina.

                Actually, you know who looks like they have an ox tongue hanging out of their vagina? NANNA

    1. Wear it under your clothing? Sure – if it’s done properly and doesn’t fall off as soon as you take a step 😉 I’ve heard of lots of people going to McDonalds or the hardware store in them.

  3. Not sure whether this would be of any use but there’s a bondage performer who visits Sydney often called Satomi. She lives in Japan (don’t know if she’s in Tokyo or Osaka or both). I was thinking she may be able to point you in the direction of shibari. She’s very lovely and approachable – French but she’s done some kind of geisha training. You could look her up under ‘tokyo doll’ if interested.

    1. Thanks for the info! I’ve got a friend here who is trying to set up a workshop with her in Perth, but fees and photograph rights seem to be a bit of an issue and it’s dragged on for monthsi

      I’m still yet to actually have a good look around on the web for info so I’m sure there are a few places that will let foreigners in.

  4. That was a great photo of you in rope bondage. Do you still have a hairy mons or are you shaved bare most of the time? And are the rings still causing you problems or have you adjusted to him.

    Ad anything new on the orgasm denial front. I keep thinking he’ll eventually decide he’s better off having you juicy all the time.


    1. Umm..yes, no, yes, no,no. 🙂

      Mons is hairy when I’m not out naked in public because I can’t shave it (freaks me out) and I need a certain amount of re-growth to use removal cream.

      Rings cause me problems all the time. I’ve got something growing on one at the moment and it hurts like anything.

      Nothing new on orgasm front. I think he’s waiting until I beg for one.

  5. you can beg it won’t change my view on when you get a release and so far you aren’t doing anything to demonstrate you have earned the right to enjoy a release as the form says you get a release for a reason not as a right or as pleasure

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