Thoughts for the day

  • Wrinkles on the tops of your toes are a sign that you’re no longer twenty one and perhaps your breasts have headed south
  • Wearing three layers of clothing so you don’t freeze your ass off on the ridiculously-air-contioned bus is great – wearing three layers of clothing anywhere outside the bus is just ridiculous, when it’s this hot
  • Having to do “Security Compliance Training” at work when the most ‘secret’ thing you have access to is the locked restroom, is a joke
  • Even if you have four-day weekends, the weekend is never long enough
  • Drinking coffee at nine o’clock at night is a death sentence for sleep (you would think that after thirty two years I would of learned this by now)
  • Buying a ‘firm’ pillow for ‘side-sleepers’ is good in theory when you are a side-sleeper, but when you keep waking up on your back, maybe you need to accept the fact that you’re not a side-sleeper
  • The house smells much less like a stable now that I’ve moved chaffie (our new hemp rope addition) out of the lounge room
  • 121 strokes seems to be a lot of strokes when racked up as punishment, but requiring me to be in his bed before 9am on my days off in order not to get punishment strokes is like asking a woman in the throes of PMS to ‘chill out’ i.e. stoopid

Thoughts later in the day…

  • Trying to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush that has gone flat is really, really hard
  • Growing veggies is great when they grow, but a total bitch when they die on you
  • There are only ten days difference between a mangey unattractive poodle and a fluffy white cute poodle
  • Why the hell do I have to lick Master’s bum?
  • Now that I’m pms-ing who else in the blog community is synced up with me?
  • Once again, why the hell do I have to lick Master’s bum?

7 thoughts on “Thoughts for the day

Add yours

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a ‘middle-of-the-day’ person. I hate early morning and after dark, but all the time in between is great 🙂

  1. 9:00am? That’s what we call “sleeping in” around here. 😀

    The much bigger issue is staying awake on the couch when told “I need you to be present with me”. Especially when that command comes before 7:00am, and you were up three times in six hours during the night to deal with various children.

    And now you know why tea is featured so heavily in my FFF posts.

  2. All those thoughts went through your mind but not one which was how l may best serve and please my Lord and Master and make him happier about owning a delicious bootie slave girlie, at least l know where in your list of priorities l sit

    1. Of course sweetie…but you forgot to mention that two of my thoughts centred on you and why I have to lick your arse. You got two thoughts, where everything else only got one.

  3. I get your point that if we wake up on our backs then maybe we aren’t side sleepers, but I just CANNOT fall asleep on my back.

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