The back door

I’m a big girl and I’m not afraid to say it:

I love butt sex.

But let me point out something very important here – butt sex and butt plugs are very different.

I hate butt plugs.

They both happen in the same place, so what’s so different about it?,  I hear you say. Well, in response I have three things to say:

Firstly, if you have to ask the question, you’ve obviously never experienced just how uncomfortable a butt plug up your ass can be.

Secondly, having a big lump of something that just sits up your ass and makes you feel like you need to do a poop is just not good.

Thirdly, there is such a delicious feeling of disconnection with butt sex that you never get with a butt plug and it makes me feel totally base and nothing more than a hole.

In summary, butt sex is hawt.

I was thinking about this last night during our interrogation/word porn session. Master often likes to get me to admit that I like being fucked up the bum. He knows it’s hard for me to say and I think he finds it amusing to make me say I’m a dirty slut who enjoys being fucked up the ass, when I like to think of myself as nothing more than a ‘nice girl’.

Then I got to thinking what it was about butt sex that I really liked. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten an orgasm out of it and quite often it can be painful, but I’d much rather be fucked up the back door than my cunt any day. So what makes it good?

So then I started thinking about the interaction you get when you’re facing someone – you see their face, you talk, you kiss, there’s all sorts of stuff happening to make you feel like a person having sex, as opposed to a hole being used. There’s also an expectation that you have to reciprocate by doing all the above, instead of just laying back, closing your eyes and thinking of England.

In comparison, with but sex, generally you’re just hanging on for the ride – or trying to stop your head getting pounded into the head-board and not be suffocated by the pillows at the same time.

This kind of makes me sound like I’m a selfish fuck who doesn’t want to do anything for their partner, doesn’t it? The only thing I can say is that when your kink is non-participation i.e. being forced to do stuff, it’s hard to enjoy anything more than being used like a hole.

I don’t know what it is about butt plugs, but I just don’t feel that the other person gets any enjoyment out of them (well, they might, but it’s not direct, ya’know?) So if they’re not getting any enjoyment out of it, why the hell do I have a big inert mass up my back door that I’m not enjoying either?

This post has been brought to you by the letters ‘P’, ‘L’ ,’U’, ‘G’ and the mathematical variable  ‘Y?’


22 thoughts on “The back door

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  1. ok, here is my re-butt-le (hehe, get it? lol)

    i think different people enjoy different things – i know i enjoy butt plugs, but im a guy so it might be different for me. i like the fact that i can wear them under my clothes and people wont know, and they just make me feel like such a pawn to my Mistress’s will. So butt plugs get a big +1 from me.

    having said that though i haven’t had Mistress take to me with a strap on yet so i can’t compare it to a butt fuck, and even that is gonna be different for me as well. So again, each to their own. Point is you’re having fun and thats all that counts! 🙂

    1. I loved the rebuttle 🙂

      I would imagine that a strap on would be like being fucked with a butt plug and in my books that would be ouchie. But then again, guys have different nerve endings and things down there, so it might be more pleasurable for you.

    1. Well, we’re still a part of the Commonwealth and old Betty is still our official head of state, so I believe thinking of England is still the correct thing to be doing 😉

  2. Occasionally I get the feeling that you’re my Australian other half, you know?

    I love teh buttsecks, but detest anything else happening in and around the vicinity of my ass. Especially other human body parts. Why in the seven hells would someone willingly put their face or hands there? It’s unhygienic!

    I do definitely enjoy that “dirty girl” feeling from being fucked in the ass, too. Christ knows I enjoy feeling like a big ol’ slut.

    1. i need to ask Biddable, if its unhygenic to put a mouth or hands there then wouldnt it be just as unhygenic to have a cock there? it really makes no sense to me.

      1. Oh, I agree that it’s unhygienic for a cock, too. I guess the difference to me is that a cock isn’t used for eating, unlike mouths and hands.

        To be honest, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to me, either.

  3. Do you ever cry from butt sex? Master thinks that is teh hawt. Slamming my asshole while I’m so objectified I lose it and sob. I don’t cry from the pain; well, maybe once in awhile I cry from the pain. Mostly though, i love a good ass-fucking. And not because it makes me cum either, it’s just hot to be used as you point out in this piece.

    And I’ll have to agree with you as well, that I really, really hate butt plugs. We have this curved number that I swear rips stuff up inside of me when he fucks me in the ass with it. I go berserk from fear of that thing; which just makes him use it all the more on me. He’s ebil that way. *nods*

    1. Sob? No, unless it really, really hurts. But I definitely ‘haz a sad’ from being objectified (but in a good way, I like to play the martyr 🙂 )

      Sobbing from any pain is really hawt to watch. Sobbing myself though is just ugly.

    1. I’m glad you think it could be enjoyable. I’ve never met a man yet who was totally turned on by my non-participation though.

  4. See, I hate buttplugs. I have one, I loathe it. I don’t like utilizing one, and protest to the nth degree if Master says I’m going to use it.

    But the idea of being made to wear one is hawt. I often window how for buttplugs, regardless of how much I hate them, because I fantasize about him making me wear it in public, or something. I’m weird.

    1. In public? Yeah, that’s weird 😉

      I had to do it once and it fell out after I’d taken 5 steps from the car park. Maybe I need to clench more…lol.

      I don’t find having to wear one or the wearing hawt and I would quite literally hand over my first-born to get out of wearing one.

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